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Aloe Toner with MSM, DMAE and Lavender for Sensitive Skin by About Face Organics | Paraben & Cruelty Free | 4 Ounces


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About Face Organics is carefully designed for sensitive, mature, distressed or chaotic skin and uses high quality ingredients in beneficial amounts to make a real difference. We know sensitive skin! A few, simple, well documented ingredients are all you need on your face. Use this perfect toner to prepare your skin to receive enhanced benefits from your serum and moisturizer. Or, if you have oily skin you may use this alone to keep your face fresh and bacteria free. Oily skin can get away with just a serum and no moisturizer.

Directions: Shake well before use as there are no binders to keep the product suspended. Squeeze small amount onto cotton pad and wipe gently all over face. You may also squeeze directly onto hands and pat or splash onto face.

Ingredients: -Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Lavandula x Intermedia (Organic Lavender ‘Super’) Extract, Plant Based Glycerin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)This Lavender Astringent has a soothing aloe vera base and high organic content of 92%. MSM, a nutrient found in most superfoods for great skin, has a softening, deeply penetrating effect on the skin when applied topically. It has the unique ability to penetrate several skin layers and therefore provides a more deeply hydrating and smoothing effect for longer periods of time. A powerful anti-oxidant, DMAE fights free radical damage and prevents new damage from forming.
REDUCES INFLAMMATION, REDNESS AND BALANCES SKIN’S NATURAL PH. MSM has an anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing effect, useful for skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. It has been used with great success to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by melasma, scarring, freckles, age spots and sun damage. DMAE has a clinically documented skin firming effect, improving skin’s tensile strength, meaning it actually tightens the FACIAL MUSCLES holding up your skin, not just the skin itself.
ORGANIC LAVENDER SUPER EXTRACT improves blood circulation, helps to regulate the overproduction of sebum and balance underproduction of sebum, and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, keeping skin clean and protected.
PREPARES, PLUMPS AND HYDRATES SKIN. MSM helps make the skin cells more permeable, and therefore more absorbent and receptive to plumping and hydration. This means that if it is an ingredient in your toner, it can help the next ingredients in your serum and moisturizer gain entry to the skin cells in order to hydrate them more effectively. Why doesn’t every company put this ingredient in their product?
100% VEGAN, 92% ORGANIC AND SAFE PRODUCT, MADE IN THE USA. Unlike other toners this facial toner is free of water, alcohol, parabens, glycols, synthetics, fillers, GMO’s, gluten and soy. With our unique blend of 92% organic ingredients, and complete lack of toxic chemicals, our products are simply good for your skin and body. Adheres to the strict Whole Foods Premium List and USDA organic standards.


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