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Beard Brush for Men – With Wild Boar Bristles for Easy Grooming – Facial Care Hair Comb for Beards & Mustache Conditioning, Styling & Maintenance – Distributes Products & Natural Wax


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Keep your beard looking sleek with Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush.

This beard brush uses only the highest quality materials to ensure you get results. This includes bristles from Black Wild Boars to offer a sturdy but effective combing action.

Made from Boar Bristle – This Smooth Viking Beard Brush uses bristles from 100 percent real Black Wild Boars to ensure you receive great results when it comes to shaping, styling and simply grooming your facial hair. This brush contains no extra synthetic filler bristles that could detach while brushing your dry beard, or irritate the skin underneath. Whether your facial hair is short medium or long in length, this brush will have you looking your best with an elegant men’s beard others envy.
Easily Smooth & Styles Hair for a Striking Look – This dual action brush makes it easy to set the beard style you want with it’s easy to handle handmade genuine wood head . This classic tool combs your facial hair & stimulates the skin underneath while shaping your beard. By reaching the skin, this barber quality pro hairbrush encourages natural oil distribution to keep your beard feeling and looking healthy when it might otherwise tend to look dull and lifeless.
Made with Tough Bristles to Untangle – The bristles on Smooth Viking’s Beard Brush are firm enough to tackle even the toughest of curly knots or tangles in your facial hair. With this comb, you don’t have to worry about getting tough and uncomfortable knots that require constant detangling or having a beard that looks unkempt and messy. It’s perfect for men that want to grow a nice looking thick goatee or perfectly round beard.
Clears Residue & Dandruff – You don’t want to be caught in public looking like a scrub with crumbs, dirt or anything else stuck in your moustache or beard, and with this brush you wont get wide eyed looks of disgust. The hard bristles also massage the skin on your face and clear away any dandruff or flaking that could be caused by dryness or irritation. When it comes to facial hair accessories that work, premium wooden bore brushes like this are essential for any man that wants a nice beard.
A Cruelty Free Beard Club – Guys home here in the USA and away on military travel alike all can benefit from this personalized brush along with the rest of our collection of conditioning and straightening beard products. Rest assured our brushes are not tested on cats or dogs and are completely safe for men with white thin (or thinning hair). Not only that but the ergonomic design fits the palm of your hand rather comfortably.


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