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COVERPROOF Faultless 24+ Breakthrough Foundation for Medium Skin


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Cover proof renders imperfections invisible to transform the look and feel of your skin. The revolutionary Tri-Plex long wear formula works on three interconnecting levels to deliver long-wear performance that’s ultra comfortable and exceptionally nourishing: Tri-Plex [1]: a high performance breathable film-former in combination with treated pigment provides tremendous 24+ hour long wear coverage and enables the transfer proof and smudge proof attributes of COVERPROOF. Tri-Plex [2]: typically, long wear/non transfer makeup are uncomfortable on the skin. Many utilize “softeners” to offset discomfort, but these “softeners” ultimately break down the makeup and compromise the long wear attributes. COVERPROOF negates discomfort by uniquely combining two polymers which form a flexible matrix that literally moves with the skin, making COVERPROOF the most comfortable, long wear foundation on the market. As an added benefit, these polymers work in synergy with Tri-Plex [1] to enhance the long wear capabilities of COVERPROOF as compared to “softeners” which break down long wear potential. Lastly, Tri-Plex [2] has “gripping” capabilities which will help enhance the staying power of any color applied over COVERPROOF. Tri-Plex [3]: COVERPROOF uses a third polymer,, to provide a natural glow and flawless finish uncommon in most long wear makeup. Most long wear makeup are formulated with light diffusers, which are large particles, and ultimately contribute toward an unnatural look and finish. Utilizes micro particles to achieve a natural appearance to the skin with a healthy glow. In addition, allows COVERPROOF to be completely waterproof as well as transfer proof. Additionally, COVERPROOF contains a multi-vitamin complex (vitamin a, c, & e) for optimum skin health and sodium hyaluronate for optimum skin hydration.Faultless 24+ hour wear/ non transfer foundation
Contains a multi-vitamin complex (vitamin a, c, & e) for optimum skin health
Contains sodium hyaluronate for optimum skin hydration
Provides natural glow and flawless finish
Breathable foundation


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