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Mascara Thickening & Lengthening Gel With 3D Fiber Lash Mascara For Natural Lashes Eyelash Extensions


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New Technology in our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Gel and fibers. Increases the length and thickness of your lashes while looking natural and beautiful. It has the look of eyelash extensions without the heavy feel. Look more amazing by adding this to your morning routine. It is easy to apply. Just Apply the Mascara Gel, then the Fibers, and last the Mascara Gel again to seal in the Fibers. It’s that easy and you will be amazed how much thicker and longer your lashes look. You will think you just got lash extensions in a matter of Minuets. It is very natural looking and if you want a more va va voom look just reapply steps 1-3 again until you achieve your desired look. It is sweat free, smudge free and waterproof! Your lashes will never feel heavy or clumpy. It stays on all day until your normal nightly face wash routine. Made from 100% Natural Green Tea Fibers, safe, non-toxic ingredients and a non-irritating formula. Transform your lashes and turn heads with your new look! 3 Easy Steps: Step 1 Apply a generous coat of Mascara Sealing Gel from the base to the top of your eyelashes. Step 2 While Mascara Sealing Gel is still WET, gently apply the Fibers from mid-lash to the ends of your lashes. Be careful not to apply excess fibers or to get the fibers to close to your eyes. Step 3 Allow 30 seconds for Fibers to adhere to your lashes, then re-apply the Mascara Sealing Gel to seal the natural fibers in place. Make sure you apply a generous amount of Mascara Sealing Gel to prevent Fibers from flaking off during the day. (Recommended 10-15 strokes to get maximum boldness).400% Increase in Lashes. Have Natural Full Thick Lashes in Minuets
New Gel Technology with Longer Fibers and Curved Flexible Mascara Sealing Gel Brush Heads
3 Easy Steps To Achieving Longer, Fuller, and Thicker Lashes
Our Mascara Gel Sealer Seals the Fibers in Place
Made from safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients


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