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RUIMIO Eyebrow Shaper 4Pk & Eyebrow Stencil 9Pk


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RUIMIO Eyebrow Razor
Eyebrow razors are the gentlest, most pain-free way to shape and define your eyebrows, and the method that’s easiest on your skin. Although the concept may seem intimidating at first, it’s really quite easy when you have the right tools.

4 Eyebrow Razor
And these RUIMIO eyebrow razors are the best of their kind. With their long, gracefully curved handles, they give you the precise and delicate control you need. The blades are made from finest stainless steel, and they have a unique polymer coating that covers all but the very edge of the blade to provide safe, controlled shaving.

9 Sets Different Styles Eyebrow Stencil
Also included in your purchase is a set of nine different eyebrow stencils, which can be used when applying powder to your eyebrows. Many women do this before using their eyebrow razor; first darken the ideal shape of your eyebrow with powder or pencil, and then, using a very light touch, shave the hairs that are outside that shape. Some women like to apply a skin moisturizer to the eyebrow area before shaving to soften the hairs. You can find many videos and articles about using eyebrow razors on the web.The gentle, pain-free way to shape and define your eyebrows! No more plucking, waxing or threading, all of which hurt and irritate your skin.
Precision-engineered stainless steel blades with a unique polymer coating for maximum safety and precise shaving action. Gracefully curved handles fit your hand and give you the best control and accuracy
Four eyebrow razors, two long and two short, to fit different angles of your face. Nine different eyebrow stencils are also included. Each razor comes with a blade cover so you can safely take it with you anywhere.
Great for removing other fine hair anywhere on your face; helps makeup go on more smoothly and gives you a perfectly groomed look
Unconditional money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately refund your purchase price.


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