Home Makeup Tutorials Έκανε το VOICEOVER | Brown Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Έκανε το VOICEOVER | Brown Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Έκανε το VOICEOVER | Brown Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Hello! I an Katherine and you are listening to Stylianna! Today we’re doing a makeup tutorial and we’re starting with the foundation. We’re pytting it all over the face with some hair too Hairs must be painted It’s very important! We’re placing it in dots to become like a Dalmatian dog.

. We’re taking the sponge and we’re gonna apply it by dabbing it dab dab dab.. Perfect! We’re taking the same foundation, but this time we pretend it to be a concealer. We’re applying it under the eyes to hide the dark circles from the drinking and the nights out Very nice! We’re using the hands as they are the perfect tool to accomplish the perfect makeup.

The germs on our hands make a huge difference. We will continue with the beaut blender Time has come for the brows! We’re taking this product with this angled brush and we’re gonna create the perfect brows.

We usually do a single brow, but this time we’re doing the nike’s mark upside down. We’re creating eyebrows like we have imagined even if they don’t exist, decceiving even ourselves We continue with this brush to erase everything we’ve done to our eyebrows till now, because it is not look like we have applied anytyhing.

We’re taking this orange-brown colour We’re taking the slightest amount and we’re shaking the brush to take this all off We’re applying it with smooth moves on the eyelid to create a really natural orange eye We’re using the hands again, cause we said that germs on the hands make the difference and we’re doing the same thing on the other eyelid, cause it would be weird to do just one of them.

Then, we’re taking this colour that is exact the same with our copmlexity, cause it should not look like we have put another eyeshadow colour. And we’re applying it in a place we don’t care where it is, cause it won’t be visible.

We’re applying it on both eyes anyways. It’s time to take a brown colour called “Bloody Mary” and apply it on the center of the lid. It’s bloody mary’s favorite eyeshadow and that’s why we’re using it.

We’re placing on both of the lids and we will start blending it so it won’t look like we have more than one eyeshadow on the eye. Katherine, focus! Focus! Katherine.. Now it’s time to take a very similar brown colour but from another pallete and place it on the exact same spot “bloody mary” is For no reason.

. It makes no difference, but we like it and we’re gonna do it! No, not again! No! Concentrate! And…yes. We’re gonna apply another same brown eyeshadow We will apply it above the lashes to create an invisible eyeliner We pay attention to the details, even if nothing is visible.

We do the same on the other eye too. And we’re taking a black eyeshadow to emphasize the invisible eyeliner we created with the brown one. we watch it from different shots Rumor has it that Katherine is still working with this eyeliner.

We’re taking our beloved “bloody mary” and we’re placing it on the lower lid It’s very important to try damage our eyes at this time and then we’re taking another brown-orange colour to place it on the lower lid too.

Remember we applied concealer for the dark circles? We make the netural to make them orange afterwards. That’s logic! We’re applying some concealer again! We erase, we colour and we erase again… We erase the eyebrows too, some of the eyeshadow.

.. We’re applying some eyeshadow again uder the brows… And now, we’re taking this, that looks like a lipstick but it’s not It will help us define the non-existent edges on our face and after applying it all over the face, we’re taking the sponge to erase it.

It should not look like we have applied it. We make sure we’ve erased every dot we designed on our face. On the chin too… This time we’re taking a lipstick and we’re applying it for blush, cause that is what we do in the village! We erase this one too so it looks like we never put something there We’re using something that looks like a lipgloss, but it’s not a lipgloss It’s highlighter! To shine and be visible from space! We’re taking this powder in skin colour we’re taking the slightest amount and we are shaking the brush so it has not a single molecule of it and we’re applying on the face thinking we make a difference but doing nothing.

we’re taing another highlighter to shine even more. we continue with more highlighter and it’s time for mascara We’re applying mascara to the lashes we are applying lots of layers on both of the eyes Another layer! Another layer! we’re applying as many layers needed to make our lashes look like cockroach legs And it;s time for lips! we’re taking a lip pencil and we’re doing the outline.

The lip pencile has to be a totally different colour from the lipstick we’re gonna use and we make sure to overline our lips of course And we’re taking the red lipstich. as we said, totally different from the outline and we’re applying it on the lips we’re applying it very carefully.

it has to take at least 2 hours And finally, after about 1 and a half day we’re done! Here’s the final result


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