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(हेलो आई मेकअप कैसे करें) Step-By-Step Halo Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners (Hindi)

(हेलो आई मेकअप कैसे करें) Step-By-Step Halo Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial for Beginners (Hindi)

Hi everyone welcome to my channel if you’re new here my name is Smitha In today’s video I’m going to show you step-by-step halo eyeshadow tutorial In this technique you can use transition shades and pop of color Today I will teach you both And the reason they called it halo eyes is because it gives your lid rounded halo effect And it makes your eyes appear bigger Let’s begin this tutorial, if you’re new here please take a moment to subscribe I’ll be using the crystal eyeshadow palette from focallure You can use any eyeshadow palette that you have But before I start with I make up I will fill in my eyebrows And for this I am using an eyebrow pencil, this is precisely my brows from benefit cosmetics in 4.

5 And to clean up underneath the brows I am going to use a concealer This is Milani concealer in 135 This will cover your redness, dark patches, discoloration Next I’m taking a light color eyeshadow to set only above the crease to make the blending easy I’m also using sticky tape in the corners to get straight edges Let’s begin with the halo Eye For transition I’m going with the lightest neutral color in the pallet called rose agate You can use any light color eyeshadow I will apply this in the outer and inner corners and soften it.

And the brush that I’m using is a large blending brush from colourpop Next time taking a deeper Shade called rhodochrosite. I’m going to repeat the previous step of applying it in the corners But I’m not going to spread it out as much as I did with the transition shade And the brush that I’m using is a small focallure blending brush To deepen the corners further I am taking a darker color called lepidolite I’m going to repeat the previous steps of using it in the corners but I’m not going to spread it too much I’m going to keep it contained within the corners For this I’m using a very small focallure blending brush For the step you can also use a black eyeshadow, because this palette does not have a black eyeshadow I’m using a deep brown For the gap in the center of the lid you can use any color eyeshadow Like your outfit color or earrings color Today I’m going to be using the color of my earrings which is blue From the endless possibilities palette I’m taking mermaid tears I’m going to use it in the center of the lid and Blend out the edges The brush that I’m using is a flat shader brush from Hip dot.

You can also use your finger And to give it an extra pop, I will use a glitter eyeshadow right in the center This is turquoise from the crystal palette I will apply it right in the center with a small flat shader brush from colourpop Glitter gives a beautiful effect, if you don’t have a glitter eyeshadow you can also use loose glitter or a glitter liner waterline I will be using Maybelline gel liner this is waterproof and smudge proof You can also use kajal or an eyepencil To soften the lower lash line I’m first using rose agate, I will smoke it out with a small blending brush To deep in this I’m taking this darker brown shade called lepidolite I’ll smoke this out right underneath the waterline with a pencil brush And for eyeliner I am using the focallure black eyeliner pen I’m also going to extend it in the inner corner By doing so your eyes will look like extended cat eyes.

I’m going to be using the starlight highlighter from focallure to highlight my brow bones And then I’m going to finish up with some mascara and false lashes For mascara I’m using the mega length mascara from wet and wild and for lashes I’m going to be using Eden from Karity With blue eyeshadows any nude or light color lipsticks look beautiful Today I’m using a soft Barbie doll pink nude lipstick from Jordana The name of this lipstick is crème brûlée And I’m going to clean up the borders with some concealer Here’s the completed look, I hope you like it Please comment below and let me know If you enjoyed this tutorial please don’t forget to like share and subscribe You’ll find all the products information in the description box below


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