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☆ Princess Peach Halloween Makeup Tutorial ☆

☆ Princess Peach Halloween Makeup Tutorial ☆

it’s me peace today I’m gonna show you how to do your makeup like me so that you can get a hot stud like Mario my outfit today is inspired by Bab star because my dress is in another castle that’s the note we’re starting off with a fresh face I’m gonna be putting in some blue circle lenses so that I can match each is blue eyes next I’m going to take some concealer and put that all over my face take away any imperfections in my skin which there are a lot of don’t worry we all have them don’t forget to do your neck so that it can also match your face and you don’t look all mismatched so I’ve got very black eyebrows so I’m going to cover them in blue with the glue stick so that I can make them blonde late cover them generously with glue and now I’m going to let them dry while I go on to do other things like applying falsies I’m really new to this myself so I kind of applied them off-camera next I started to apply my eyeliner hoping to cover up that glue they got all over my eyelids because I really don’t know what I’m doing this is probably my second time putting on eyelashes but I wanted to try so I could show you guys and practice makes perfect next I took some black eyeliner and I started to line my bottom lashes after this that’s with my NYX jumbo eye pencil and white and lined my inner waterline next I applied my Revlon Super Lustrous shine lipstick in the colour lover’s quarrel all of my lips to get that nice peachy color do you see what I did there here with an angled brush I am going to finally start to fill in my eyebrows I apply the foundation and earlier all over your eyebrows to cover some of the black up next go back to that angled brush and start to apply an eyeshadow that you think will match your blonde wig best I chose a sort of medium brown color but you do what you gotta do to make sure that your eyebrows are on fleek or whatever the kids are saying nowadays I don’t know your young hipster lingo next I’m gonna find the pinkish blush that I can find and put that all over my cheeks so that I can look super kawaii desu you I’m even gonna put a little bit on my nose so that it can help add to the cutesy effect and just like that you have transformed into Princess Peach hopefully we’ll be able to see Mario Luigi and Yoshi all together and the Mushroom Kingdom really soon bye hey guys it is Donna I am bringing you another makeup tutorial today it is my own version of Princess Peach kind of the makeup still works for her normal dress version anyway I am wearing this to Florida Super Con 2015 I’m only going to Sunday today I don’t know when this video will be up anyway so I’m gonna vlog my experience there too so I hope you enjoy coming along with me I also hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial don’t forget to like it if you liked the video subscribe if you like my charming personality and I will see you guys next time thanks so much for watching and keep in touch


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