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what’s up makeup minions i’m kim witte from Witte Artistry and welcome back to my youtube channel if you are new here please hit the subscribe button below to become part of the Witte Artistry family I am doing mama imelda from the new Disney Coco movie because it looks absolutely adorable let’s begin if you would like behind-the-scenes access and special perks feel free to support me on patreon alright starting off this tutorial right we’re going to use my handy-dandy eyebrow pencil to just kind of draw the entire shape and form of imelda so she has this purple dress with all these ruffles and stuff so I’m just drawing the edges of that making sure I mark all my bones because she is a skeleton I used my own bone structure by kind of puffing out my shoulders just to find my collarbones as reference and then draw her little necklace moving on to block out my eyebrows since she definitely does not have any I am coating it with washable Elmer’s glue and then smearing it upwards and outwards till the hairs lay flat and then drawing the shape of the skull moving on to her purple dress I am just using Wolfe purple body paint and I’m going to be coating all of my arms in all of those ruffled areas that I marked out earlier and I’m mixing a blue and a purple because her dress is kind of modeled and splotched so I’m just layering some lighter bluey purples over that and then mixing together yellow and orange to create her little sequiny decorative dots that go around the collar of her dress don’t really know what else to call them really to be honest then just outline them with purple and fill in all the cracks mix together a lighter version of that blue purple and I’m going to be doing the same thing by texturing up the dress really just to give it some dimension now it’s time for all dem bones so I am just using a white body paint and a brush and going in all of the bones and completely filling in all of that surface with white to give her dress some dimension I’m mixing a purple with a black to create a darker shade of purple and I’m going to be underlining all of the ruffles and then sort of creating the deep ridges of the ruffles then with my Marin clown white which is like my favorite thing to layer over body pain because it creates a really nicely faded smooth gradient from a highlight to a shadow with black I’m going to outline my eye sockets and just completely fill them in with black – my eyelids because even though she is a skeleton she still has eyeballs that have eyelids with purple eyeshadow on I don’t ask me the physics of that but it’s true so using my serpentina kat von d palette I’m using the dark purple shade and generously coating my eyelids in that color with black body paint I’m going to be filling in the beads of her necklace they basically look like black shiny pearls holding up like this purple gem in the center that has a gold accents ain’t no paint dress no dress i mixing together white and brown body paint to create sort of like earrings i don’t really know how their earrings but there’s kind of attached to her cheekbones somehow and then I’m using my mehron cream white to add subtle highlights onto the orbs of the necklace and then black to outline every single bone on my body then with a brown and yellow I’m adding a little bit of dimension to the bones just kind of where all the shadows are cast and just adding a little bit of staining because she is an older lady I think and her bones aren’t exactly pristine or bleached and I’m just filling in my chin area and my nose with black together some purple and white and I’m going to be adding a little bit more highlight accents onto the geode this is my personal favorite part of the whole makeup definitely follow a reference image every rock looks different just look up like a purple geode or a gem and I’m just kind of creating highlights in the middle and shadows where the rock kinda cracks or is divided in sections and then I’m outlining the edges of my bones in a darker Brown just to add more dimension and making sure I fill in my face I always leave my lips for last because I get hungry to get a lovely like lilac color wow that was really hard to say lovely lilac color lovely luscious lilacs I am adding her little patterns she has above her skull because she is like a sugar skull and then I’m also dots underneath her eye sockets and she has these like filigree decorations and gold and orange on her cheeks so I’m just following a reference image and drawing those in add a little highlight to the edge of the necklace and then use a gray color to create her little swirly dues that are hot in her forehead I really have no idea what else to call them other than swirly dues and then you look fabulous a dark purple go back in to your little eyebrow things and add dots into the center of the pattern then outline the edges of the light purple with dark purple time to give yo jewelry some more dimension I’m mixing a yellow and a brown and I’m going in the inner edges of the earrings just to kind of make it look like it’s actually a hoop and that the cheekbones are actually casting a shadow onto these weird floating earrings and then add a highlight using my BH Cosmetics a hundred and twenty color eye shadow palette I am using the grey to create some dimension underneath the eye sockets where there’s sort of like a Ridge and then also underneath my collarbones and anywhere on my ribs that casts a shadow especially on my spine since it is further back than my sternum it’s in a gray body paint I am creating the shadows that would be cast from the clothing onto the bones so just put this on the edge of the bones and sort of feather it inward towards the sternum and then I’m also adding a little bit more shading on the bones with the same color and then adding a little bit of highlights using my lilac color again I’m adding a little bit of a highlight on the edge of the dress and some little accents on the center and then adding a white highlight on all of the little yellow dots then using black to really define the edges in the cash shadow from the clothing to the bones ooh so defined do the same thing on the ruffles of the dress then around the outline of my face since I will be putting on a black wig mama Imelda has huge eyelashes so I’m using my Marc Jacobs oMG lash to give us some more luscious lashes as best as I can without stabbing my eyeball and then using some red body paint to do her lips I would have used lipstick but I didn’t have anything that was this exact shade so I just said whatever I’ll use body being I had so much fun with this illusion because I’ve never made something that makes my face look that skinny then I put on a wig cap and stuff all my hair inside of it and then I throw on a wig from star style wigs it’s like a long one that’s nice and black and Imelda has like two grain strands up in her hair so I just added some white body paint to that and you aren’t done you so much for watching guys I really appreciate it please hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already to join my family I really hope you like this tutorial and I am excited to see the new Koko movie because it looks adorable see you next Saturday


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