Home Makeup Tutorials 【鬼滅の刃メイク】Kimetsu no Yaiba Shinobu Makeup!

【鬼滅の刃メイク】Kimetsu no Yaiba Shinobu Makeup!

【鬼滅の刃メイク】Kimetsu no Yaiba Shinobu Makeup!

hi guys today we are recreating a look from  kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer we are going to be   recreating shinobu kochou she has pretty simple makeup on so i hit up one of my close friends coco and was like   can you design a look for us to recreate here  and this is what she came up with i don’t have   a single artistic bone in my body so i don’t have  any confidence to do this by myself so i have kaia   here to help me today and we are going to try  our best to recreate coco’s beautiful look um   follow her tik tok twitter things like that  all those will be in the description as well   let’s get into this then


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