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【BH Makeup Channel】EP82 Golden Star Makeup Tutorial

【BH Makeup Channel】EP82 Golden Star Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m HANA, this is BAOZI For today’s episode We are doing a golden star makeup look This look is PIKA PIKA, very bling In order to show you guys the obvious difference between before and after makeup We did a comparison this time So if you want to know how is the makeup done Keep watching Firstly, use this primer from CPB for an overall brightening of the face To save the dark and dull skin For base makeup, I am using my recent favourite Dior Le Cushion Teint De Rose cushion foundation The coverage is crazy And you can keep building up till you achieve the coverage that you want The only flaw is that because my friend gave it to me so he chose the lightest shade It’s too light You can see the coverage on acne scars is really good Because it’s too light, I have to apply on my neck too Next up is concealing, using HONEY from NARS To conceal the dark eye circles Because it’s a orange toned concealer, so it’s really good for concealing dark eye circles Then we mix these two shades from Kryolan For brightening Mostly on parts that you think is a bit sunken For example my laugh lines, cheeks and forehead To make our face visually fuller For setting the makeup, I am using the powder pact from CT I don’t know why this feels a bit black But maybe it looks more natural Then we are using the brow gel from Kat Von D Draw out a clean brow shape When I draw my brows, I always draw two strokes vertically at the head For browcara I am still using the one from KISS ME For eyeshadow, of course we have to use the Kingyo Hanabi eyeshadow palette Firstly, we are using the shade 「Fireworks」 This shade is really pretty, seriously It’s a bronze colour with a lot of golden glitter When you apply this shade you must use your fingers Then only there will be the Bling Bling golden sparkle Next we will use 「Gentle」, a peachy orange colour to blend in at the eye socket To make the whole eye makeup slight orange toned Next is 「Words」, which is a chocolate colour, and apply it on the outer ⅓ corner of the eye Apply at the bottom too As you can see every time after I apply one eyeshadow I always use a blending brush and blend it So that the eye makeup looks more clean If not there will be a obvious border between each shades and it will look very dirty Lastly use the darkest shade in the palette 「Night」 Still overlaying at the outer ⅓ corner of the eye But the range is smaller than 「Words」 Stick on a double eyelid tape once we are done with the eyeshadow Next we will use 「Breath」 to brighten the inner eye corner Remember to blend Here’s the highlight of the whole makeup This is the golden glitter from MAC Firstly apply glue on the places where you want to stick on the glitter Mainly on the middle of the eyelid Then at the bottom of the eye draw out a shape like tears are running For the other eye also use the glue to outline the shape then stick on the glitter Next we will use the eyeliner pencil from VNK on the waterline Lengthen the tail Then use the liquid eyeliner from Flow Fushi to deepen the eyeliner Next is mascara, curl your eyelashes before applying, I didn’t record that part For the bottom eyelashes use the mascara directly at the bottom of the eye Because for the outer eye corner we are gonna apply false eyelashes For the top false eyelashes we chose this one, it goes well with the eye makeup Wait for the glue to dry then use the eyelash curler to curl it lightly For the bottom false eyelashes we are using Flower Knows No.

8 bottom false eyelashes Trim it into this shape and then stick at the outer ⅓ eye corner So the whole eye makeup is done here Next we are using Flower Knows newest product Classical Cat Highlight and Contour palette First do the side contour This will make the whole face appears smaller and you must apply at the double chin area Next use this brush for nose contour The main point here is to make the nose tip appear smaller and more delicate Then highlight this part This will make the whole nose look more delicate Also highlight the laugh lines So at least when you look to the front the laugh lines are less visible Next is blush We are using the Flower Knows Cat Pâtissier blush, the Red Velvet Triangle shade This shade is more reddish so remember to blend it out After that we will use the Orange Sandwich Biscuit shade Use this to surround the earlier brush and blend it widely There you have a very nice gradient blush effect For highlight, we are using the constellation collection from the Colorpop x Kathleen Lights series It’s definitely a dewy highlighter If you don’t want it to be too exaggerated You can use your fingers like me For the lips, first I’ll use a lip liner to outline my lips Because my lips are too thin It makes me look very cold So I’m gonna make it more plump Then use this pink lipstick from Flower Knows Kingyo Hanabi series 「Wish」 This lipstick is really pretty To have the sparkly effect we overlay it with Fenty Beauty lip gloss Mainly apply it at the middle of the lips Lastly stick on a small star at the outer eye corner If you want to do this makeup for anime convention You can totally apply some highlighter on your body I am using this one from Fenty Beauty Honestly I don’t really wanna show my whole shoulder Because it’s too broad But to show the effect I’ll have to make some sacrifices Then the whole makeup is done here Alright, now it’s my turn The primer I’m using is this one from CPB, it’s very good in brightening skin tone For foundation we are also using Dior Le Cushion Teint De Rose cushion foundation This is the best product I’ve ever used This cushion foundation is really suitable to apply with pressing motion For concealer we are using Kryolan The product that we use constantly First conceal our beard stubs, lacrimal groove and marks from removing mole Then use the lighter shade to brighten our nose For setting makeup we are using the CT powder pact Use a big brush For brows we are still using the eyebrow pencil from Flower Knows, and draw a daily eyebrow shape It doesn’t have to be very thick Then use the browcara from KISS ME, to colour our eyebrows For contour we are using the Highlight and Contour palette from Flower Knows It’s on sale now Contour our face For eye makeup we are still using the Kingyo Hanabi palette First use 「Fireworks」 and apply widely on the eye, don’t forget the bottom eyeshadow too Then use a orange toned colour to darken our outer eye corner Next grab a big puffy blending brush Blend the base colour Then grab this brush to darken the outer eye corner Next use a brow brush to draw the eyeliner We are gonna use other eyeliner products Lastly use 「Dazzle」, dip on the eyelid and fake eye bags with your fingers Apply some under the eye too Then stick on the little diamond, on the eyelids too Cool right Lastly use the Orange Sandwich Biscuit blush and draw a cute small blush For highlight we are using the Colorpop highlighter Brush it above the cheekbones And the nose bridge, Cupid’s bow For lipstick we are using a more nude orange colour It matches really well with today’s look Finally apply some Fenty Beauty lip gloss Alright my makeup tutorial ends here See you in the next episode


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