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Hello, ths is Eve I used to post a make-up video of all TWICE on the make-up channel. In the comment section, next is the BLACKPINK makeup video I received a request to give it to you I’m going to start making make-up videos for all of BLACKPINK from today I would like to record until it is completed I’m not familiar with K-POP at all Even at twice, the group name BLACKPINK I knew it for the first time in the comments from everyone I get comments in various languages ​​from many countries I was curious and watched some music videos Other than that, BLACKPINK’s I don’t know much about it Today, first of all, I will investigate various things about flap pink people.

Then I would like to decide what kind of video to make Now specifically I was investigating when to imitate makeup and costumes I think everyone is watching music videos a lot With impressive scenes and thumbnails in music videos I was looking into something that would be easy to understand and show the faces of the four people up.

There aren’t many such things The only color contact lens ad photo I’ve looked at Because it was easy to understand and the bust up showed 4 people I thought I’d imitate it So I’m thinking of making the costumes and accessories I’m wearing at that time I’m going to order the missing material now Until the costume materials arrive I’m making accessories First of all, since you can see your hands, you can easily apply nail polish before starting.

When your nails are dry, prepare for shooting First I will make it from Jisso’s earrings I will make it while looking at my hand through the monitor and checking if it is properly reflected This is difficult because there are times when you can’t get a sense of distance.

But if you look directly at your hand Because it is out of the angle of view or out of focus I will concentrate on making so as not to fail Take a clay mold with dental impression material Pour uv resin there and let it cure If you remove it from the mold and cut the burr Stick both together I will polish while adjusting the shape Make the upper part out of clay and put gold leaf on it to make it look like metal The part of the butterfly on it Apply UV resin to copy paper I put gold leaf there If you connect everything, you’re done Clean up and finish today Today I will make Lisa’s hexagonal earrings Cut the plastic plate into pierced earrings Apply black colored UV resin Paste the silver foil on it I will shape it while scraping the edge of the protruding UV resin Put the pierced parts on the back and paint the surroundings black It is completed when the cut tip is rounded.

Next, I will make Jenny’s earrings Pour UV resin into the silicone mold After coloring, remove air bubbles with a heat gun and then cure. Remove from the mold and cut into a square I’m going to polish this continuation in the bath tonight This is the end of today A year later Hello from making a previous accessories It’s been almost a year So I would like to proceed a little more from today First of all, I haven’t edited the video that made that accessory Start by editing The reason why there was such a gap After making that accessory Knowing that the idol group Arashi has opened the YOUTUBE channel With that as a trigger, a series of making up for all of this idol group Rather than being a series of K-POP I said that the desire to do Japanese idol groups became bigger I thought I’d do Arashi first I was making Arashi’s make-up video and making Then I got away from the feeling of making this BLACKPINK make-up video.

If I was taking some world makeup A game called Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been released I was impressed by the high quality So the main character behind this, this paster, has Making a Buster Sword I was making Cloud cosplay videos This time I did the cloud cosplay with my hair The hairstyle is unique Only the sideburns are long and the others are short After shooting the cosplay video I cut it to the same length as the whole It has become quite short overall I wanted to shoot the next make-up video after it grew a little During this period of growing hair I thought it was a good time to make BLACKPINK accessories and costumes.

Decided to resume The video hasn’t progressed in the last year BGM is advancing To Mr. Ichiro who always makes BGM I asked you to compose this time as well As always, without telling the details Video content This time we will do black pink Then just tell me the total length of the video I wanted him to make the rest, so I wanted him to make it.

I asked you not to make a detailed request The song is already complete This time it arrived because it was a rap song I wanted you to sing the rap with the lyrics in Korean I asked for a translation This time I asked for the translation of the K-POP style BGM lyrics of world make-up To Korean and vocalist Yayoo Please translate the lyrics Because the lyrics are also completed Today I will edit while remembering the song This time, BGM is 4 minutes There are 4 people makeup tutorials I want to pack the completed video I think I only use a few videos of accessories and costume making.

I have to actually edit the video of the makeup tutorial I don’t know the exact length For now, just cut out the images that can be used and connect them. In the end, I will bring only what I use from here I’ve cut all the existing images From tomorrow, the continuation of accessory making I would like to proceed with costume making Next day I will start making it again from today You can see your hands, so first clean your nails.

I watched BLACKPINK’s video a year ago Then with the recommended function of YOUTUBE BLACKPINK is often displayed I’ve been watching BLACKPINK videos for a year I have an image in me So this time I tried to make the image of myself as a nail pattern It will be removed immediately, so you can easily apply it with acrylic paint and acrylic gel top.

When the nail is complete, set the camera Let’s start with the continuation of Jenny’s accessories After that, I polished the resin in the bath Proceed from the continuation I will line up the rhinestones around Complete with pierced parts on the back Next, I will make Lisa’s costume Make a star and a moon with a sequin string Paste it on the clothes Rose’s costume is also shaped with glue gun It’s omission, but I only wear it once, so this is the end I still have time today, so I will record a BGM tentative song Without any knowledge of Korean pronunciation It ’s my first Korean rap I think it sounds pretty weird I asked Mr.

Yayoo who translated it I’d like you to teach me a pronunciation that is too strange I don’t think it’s possible to pronounce it perfectly this time. I hope I can convey the K-POP feel throughout the video as much as possible.

I want to try Korean rap think I’ll be doing makeup one by one from tomorrow I will try again the nail that I dropped once Only Lisa can see her hand The last thing to do with a different nail The other three can’t see their hands I’m going to make up with this same nail as last time Makeup for 3 people is done by 1 person a day I think it will take 3 days I want to make gel nails with strength that will not come off for 3 days This time I started with base gel without sanding If it comes off on the way I’d like to somehow keep it for 3 days with an intermediate adhesive I’m going to make up today First of all, block the light from the outside entering the room When light is leaking, due to the weather and the movement of the sun Because fishing changes frequently I shoot only with the light I made, not with natural light This is broken and I’m doing it directly by hand Then set the desk and equipment The lighting this time is one tungsten light I decided to use double tracing paper Recently, the number of people who use tungsten has decreased.

It cannot be emitted with fluorescent or LED lighting I like it and use it a lot because it makes the picture natural and soft. Set the camera and set the mirror If you attach a mirror to this iPad stand I like it because it is convenient because I can freely change the height and angle.

I also set cosmetics I’m going to make up mainly with handmade cosmetics this time as well. I also use handmade brushes Fine-tune the angle Lower it a little so that the clothes are not reflected Roll up your arms and then start making up This time, I’m imitating my face based on the photo of the color contact lens advertisement.

Even if you don’t use the product of the advertisement I thought it would be the same eye color in the end I used what I had The contents of the things used this time and the makeup will be summarized in the main part Finally, I’m going to do Lisa’s makeup Do the same nails This pattern will be removed as soon as this makeup is finished Easily finish with just top gel on acrylic paint When you have nails, take a picture of your makeup I also want to edit it immediately after shooting, It looks more objective if you leave it overnight or more Don’t look at the footage I took today Record BGM After taking the tentative song last time Have Yayu check the pronunciation I was told something strange I will record carefully what I was taught I’m editing the video today Take this time and look at the video objectively If you haven’t crossed a certain line within yourself, you may start over.

First of all, proceed with editing while paying attention to whether this can be done or not This environment where you can start over at your own convenience I always feel that I am very happy Until now as 1 make-up staff and 1 photographer I’ve been hired by someone to work I have had the experience of forcibly releasing what I made within a given time.

It’s not just me, but also the subject and other staff Even if you are not satisfied with your work I’ve always seen that I have to force it to be completed But a lot of staff are working together Because each job is done while calculating profits and budgeting from it Most of the things that everyone can’t redo at their own discretion I’ve been working, so if I didn’t cross a certain line within myself like this Being able to make the decision to start over I am very happy and thank you for this environment.

So thank you for always watching the video If you care about all the details of makeup and editing I’ll try again and again and I won’t be able to make videos forever It is strict to me and I have decided to release a video when I cross a certain line Both the videos released so far and this video There are many parts I want to redo It might look more similar if I make a few more times Because there is no end to doing such a thing I decide a certain line in myself and publish it Because there are many small reflection points I think every time I try to make the next one This time, if you line up four people without having to start over It turns out that it is BLACKPINK’s cosplay I think I was able to reach the level I’m going to go as it is without trying again If you can edit the contents of the makeup This time I made this video Because there was a request from everyone With the meaning of thank you for your request Post a lot of captures of your comments I wanted to start the video after putting a heart mark at the end Look at the comments so far I will capture The thumbnail of the comment from everyone is a face photo There seems to be a real name I will apply a mosaic one by one Also, I want to change the atmosphere of BGM where I make this comment.

I want you to add about 10 seconds at the beginning I would like to ask Mr. Ichiro When I was editing, the accompaniment of bgm was returned, so Put out for mixing and mastering Always any genre of music The song will be finished as you imagined in an instant I want to make videos of various genres It’s been very helpful After that, until the BGM returns from mastering I would like to edit the video of this making and wait A few days later The BGM is completed Write it out and make a final check for any mistakes The most difficult thing about this makeup was It was Jenny’s eyes There was a comment that Lisa seemed to be particularly difficult.

For a deeply carved face, just write a shadow It’s rather easy for me to make Jenny’s eyes The depth of the double line is shallow Wrinkle several layers with double tape to reproduce this eye area Raise your eyebrows the last time you pose I tried to make the double wrinkles as shallow as possible.

So calculate the final height of the eyebrows I have to write I think it was a new challenge for me And this time on the upper lip of Jenny and Lisa I wrote the front teeth Even if my mouth relaxes my upper lip Because the front teeth are not shaped to come out naturally This is also the first time It was a challenge to see what it would look like when I wrote it.

At first glance, it looks like a tooth I think it became It was good Now that it’s complete, let’s make a temporary release 0: 21: 17.474,0: 21: 20.066 To the three people who made BGM After checking for credit mistakes Publish Thank you for watching until the end making Black pink makeup BGM “Ideal Suite” Composition / Arrangement: Ichiro Yamaguchi Shooting / Editing: AmaterasuEVE


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