Home Makeup Tutorials 印尼人说中文 | 新年彩妆 | Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial

印尼人说中文 | 新年彩妆 | Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial

印尼人说中文 | 新年彩妆 | Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial

Hi all! Today, I will create a video using Mandarin First of all, I will introduce myself My name is Molita, my surname is Lin my Chinese name is Ting Yi, but just call me Molita what should I say? I’m Indonesian-born Chinese My parents live in Indonesia, I also spent my childhood in Indonesia My parents speak Hokkien, My parents’ mother of tongue is Hokkien I can speak Mandarin because I learnt it when I was in school I like watching Taiwanese Drama and my friends were all speaking Mandarin I also liked to watch Crayon Sinchan in Mandarin version so, I learnt Mandarin from those sources I can only listen to daily Mandarin CNY will be coming soon, so I’ll make makeup tutorial for CNY so difficult Sorry if it’s a bit weird hearing me speaking Mandarin Indonesian tend to speak mandarin and mix them with other languages in one sentence, there will be Mandarin, Bahasa, and English all is mixed, like Rujak (Indonesian Salad) okay, without further ado, let’s get started first, I will use Moonshot Multi Protection Multi Fixer SPF50 In my opinion, this is like 2 in 1, sunscreen and primer This product helps our makeup to last longer *sorry, I made a mistake* I don’t know what’s primer in Mandarin, but you know what I mean I only use this much I’ll sit closer.

Then, I apply this to my face I’ll blend it with my finger after primer, I’ll use foundation from Shiseido Shiseido Syncro Lasting Liquid Foundation shade Golden 2 I like this foundation as the coverage is medium the result is not too oily and not too dry, it’s in between the result is not heavy, more like natural during CNY, we will drop by to our friends’ and relative’s home and I don’t want to use makeup that changes my look when we meet our relatives and use such heavy makeup, they will say, wow, you look pretty now wow, you look different when you use makeup wow, this and that I want to avoid those chit-chat I usually blend foundation with Beauty Blender as this foundation is so liquid, I’ll blend with finger first then I’ll use beauty blender to dab in to make it more flawless *I’m thinking, what’s flawless in Mandarin* Next, I’ll use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer shade Custard *what’s concealer in mandarin, wish it was true* I’ll use this to cover my severe dark circle then, I’ll blend using beauty blender if you think that I use high-end product you must not use the similar product that I use today just use the product you have at home I want my video to be more variative, there are high-end and drugstore product *sorry, error* I just learn a new technique to draw eyebrows bushy eyebrow and I’ll tell you how to draw it the technique is quite complicated I’ll use Maybelline Fashion Brow Ultra Fluffy first, I’ll draw line below my eyebrows then, draw on top of your eyebrow, but be careful otherwise, it will be too dark, just draw on the edge, don’t draw the front one use your spooley to brush the your eyebrows next, use mascara and brush your eyebrows upward I like the 1/3 (front) part of my eyebrows go upward, the back one no needed because, for me, if they all go upward, it will look weird and fierce now, I feel this is not too neat, I’ll take eyebrow pomade from Benefit i’ll use angled brush to take the product I’ll fill in and make my eyebrows neater now, I want to use palette from Hourglass there are 6 colors, 2 powders, 1 highlighter, 1 bronzer, and 2 blushes I like this as they have all I need and the packaging is also pretty the color is also good, but this is a bit expensive but I really love this product I’ll take these 2 colors and use this under eye where I apply my concealer as to set the concealer today, I’ll not use too much eyeshadow, as I want to put the focus on my fake lashes because I like thick and curly eyelashes and I want the look to be natural, so I don’t want to use too much eyeshadow I’ll take this color and use on my eyelids this color is a bit shimmery but it’s not exaggerated and still looks natural next, I’ll curl my lashes next, I’ll use eyeliner from Excel, Japan brand this product is waterproof, it won’t smear the pencil is not too rough, applying it slowly already makes the color pigmented the product is not too expensive, that’s also why I like this product i’ll draw half of it, the edge one will be drawn later next, I’ll use Mascara from Heroine Make, this is also brand from Japan this product is superb next, I’ll use my favorite eyelashes from Japan I already throw away the box, so I forget the brand of this product If your eyes are not really large and the eyelid is not too thick I recommend you to try this type of fake lashes the result will be really natural and not too much people will ask whether it’s your own lashes or not 1, 2, 3! this makes my eyes look different, doesn’t it? even though this is the short one, when it is used, it will look curly and natural this is my favorite next, I’ll use my favorite eyeliner from Maybelline, Hyper Sharp I’ll draw winged liner as to make my eyes look bigger, wider, and cute then, I’ll take bronzer to contour my face as to make it look more pointy even though the color is light, it’s still pigmented I’ll use it a bit on my hairline as to make my forehead look smaller next, I’ll use angled brush to contour my nose I’ll use it from the tip of my nose then, blend it upward, downward, and sideway then, I’ll use blush on my cheek next, I’ll use highlighter from Fenty Beauty shade Hustle Baby the color is like this, I’ll use this brush and apply it on cheekbone and apply it to eyebrow bone, just a bit, not to make it too blinding last, to my nose bone for lips, as for CNY, we drop by someone’s house and try the food they provide I don’t like using lipsick that smears easily as it is not convenient to touch up after eating first product I’ll use is lipbalm from NARS just apply it on lips, this NARS lip balm gives color I’ll wipe it with tissue as to make it not too oily you can use any lipstick you like today, I’ll make liptint as I think this will stay longer today, I’ll use product from Tony Moly the color is not too much and fierce I’ll just apply on my lips I’ll take tissue to wipe the liptint I just use now, I’ll use more for my above lip wipe it again with this technique, this will last longer, even though you eat then, I’ll use this lipbalm for my above lips this year, I’ll not wear red clothes on first day of CNY instead, I’ll use red lipstick as to cherish CNY but if you use red clothes and use this makeup, it still looks good at last, if you want your makeup to last longer, you may use setting spray I use Urban Decay All Nighter Cherry Scented Long Lasting Setting Spray friends, this is the makeup and hairdo that I make for CNY this look is cute, calm, natural, and not too much this is the look everyone likes *sorry, I’m too confident* hope you like my video today sorry if my Mandarin is wrong or weird I rarely speak 100% mandarin and making this video is really hard don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel I want to say happy new year and gong xi fa cai give me red envelope! I should be the one giving you red envelope okay, bye bye!


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