Home Makeup Tutorials 같은 팔레트로 유쌍 vs 무쌍 메이크업?! (어두운피부/봄브라이트톤)(+에뛰드 샌드힐) | 민스코 Minsco

같은 팔레트로 유쌍 vs 무쌍 메이크업?! (어두운피부/봄브라이트톤)(+에뛰드 샌드힐) | 민스코 Minsco

같은 팔레트로 유쌍 vs 무쌍 메이크업?! (어두운피부/봄브라이트톤)(+에뛰드 샌드힐) | 민스코 Minsco

Hello, it’s Minsco here. Eune here! I don’t know if you are aware but I am mentoring for a beauty creator program called Beautizen run by Etude. I do a lot of things, right? So I am filming this video today with Eune who has won the monthly mission at Beautizen.

Eune, could you please introduce yourself? Hi, I am Eune and I make content about beauty and daily life. I am a Beautuber wannabe. I thought a lot about what content I should make with Eune. And we do have a huge difference.

I definitely do not have double eyelids, and Eune does have them. So I wondered how each of our make-up would turn out, and how it’s different the way we use the same eye shadow palette. And I am using the Sand Hill palette from Etude today which has been requested a lot but I haven’t got to review.

But the funny thing is that before I met Eune, I asked for her skin tone and the personal color. Please tell us. I use #26 shade and I’m a bright spring. It’s the same as me. Even the relatively darker skin tone is similar that I couldn’t wait to do the make-up looks together.

So we’d like to start the single eyelid & double eyelids make-up together using this Sand Hill palette. Shall we get started? Go go! This is the Play Color Eyes Sand Hill palette from Etude. For the Play Color Eyes 9 colors collection, I’ve introduced the Maple Road of the maple burgundy tone and the Muhly Romance that feels like a muhly field at sunset.

And I haven’t shown you guys the best palette for daily use, which is this Sand Hill palette that shines like sand. This looks more lightly coral when applied than what it looks. It consists of different glitter colors like the sand under sunlight and soft coral brown colors that aren’t too yellowish.

When we think of a brown palette, many might think that it’s an autumn warm tone palette But this has some coral colors in it that it seems like it will be useful for those who are spring warm to autumn warm tones.

There are different types of this brown palettes at Etude Let me show you the comparison of a few. It’s quite similar to the Bake House with the colors, and the whole feeling. For the Bake House, the brightness between the colors are not significant and it feels rather soft but it was missing a point color that can smudge the eyeliner For the Sand Hill, there is a bigger gap between the colors in their brightness.

I like the fact that you can complete the make-up with one palette. If you tend to use darker colors than these I’d recommend the Maple Road or the Leather Shop. Now we’ve talked about the Sand Hill a little bit Let me show you how we do our make-up on different shapes of the eyes using this one palette.

I’m a bright spring myself that I am really excited. Let’s get started. Go go! So who should go first? You might feel a little uncomfortable, so let me show you how I do it first. That’s great. Right, okay! Again, go go! I’ve already done the base make-up, my eyebrows, and contouring as well So I will go straight into the eye make-up.

I’m a little nervous because there are 3 people in front me watching including Eune. Here we go. I’ve already tried this palette earlier. This color is like coral but feels calm and lively at the same time than it looks it has that subtle touch.

So I am using this as base. Like this? What are you using as base, Eune? I was going to use that, too. You know with a palette, you can make all sorts of combinations. I am looking forward to Eune’s combinations.

Let me apply some on the under eye as well. And then… There are so many colors that I love in this palette This color has that gold dust-like touch that really shines in sand Let me use this one. I’m going to apply all the way to the center of the lid.

For me, it’s really important to apply eye shadow on the tip of the eye I’m going to use the same color and get it on the edge of the brush like this and apply it from the tip towards the center of my eye.

This is a shimmery color that’s like gold brown I’m going to use my finger to apply this on the tip of the eyes. I think it lasts longer and more pigmented when applied with hand. I am putting it around the tip diagonally.

The thing about a single eye lid is that it’s easier to apply with fingers because it’s wide here. And this eyeshadow palette is very easy to blend the colors. So even if I use my fingers to apply, it goes on well smoothly.

For the under eye, I assume many will use this brightest color. But for me, there is this shimmery orange coral color. I will use this on the under eye to get a touch of autumn. It applies well like this looking like a subtle peach tone.

And earlier For highlighter, I am going to use this color and use it to brighten the front of my eyes. Everyone is just looking at me doing makeup. It feels like I’m doing a live video. The gold glitter in the middle may look too flashy but it’s not.

So I am going to put some on starting from the middle. It feels like sand glittering under the sunlight. For eyeliner, I am going to use ETUDE HOUSE drawing eyes slim pencil liner #2 Dark brown. I’ve said this before but you can’t really see the eyeliner even if you do the front if you have monolids.

So I tend to focus on the tail. I don’t do thick eyeliners these days and focus on contouring and adding depth to my eyes so I only do the tails. I made them look straight today. As EUNHYE said before, there’s a color I can use to blend the eyeliner so this palette is great for monolids.

I am going to use the darkest color to blend the eyeliner. I am going to start right above the eyeliner and apply it all the way across my eyes as if I’m adding more depth to them. As I do that, I am also going to elongate the tails.

I am going to mix the dark color with the glittery brown color to do the triangular zone. I’ll apply it right below my under lashes too. I am done once I curl my eyelashes and do the mascara. There’s a really famous mascara from ETUDE HOUSE.

I’ll use their curl fix mascara. Once, I used this mascara and cried a lot when I went to the movies with my current husband/old boyfriend and it didn’t smudge at all. So I used this a lot in the past.

Do you see the difference? I’ll do the under lashes too. It makes your lashes look longer and it curls them well too. EUNHYE, if you had to choose only drawing eyeliner vs only doing mascara, what would you choose? I’ll choose eyeliner.

Really? So different! I can give up eyeliner but I cannot give up mascara. I have an eyeliner method that makes my eyes look completely different Really? Are you going to show us later? – Of course. – Spoiler alert! What if I don’t look that different.

I am done with the mascara. I think it’ll look better with some more contouring so I’ll add some more. I am going to use this glittery color again and add some more color. The eyeshadows don’t get cakey even if I add it so I really like that.

All done! Tadaa! I am done with the eye makeup. I became a completely different person, right? Yeah, a little bit… What do I do. So I am done with my monolid makeup. Now, EUNHYE’s turn. I am looking forward to it because she said she’ll be sharing an eyeliner tip.

Well, let’s see. But before that! Show us your pouch, EUNHYE. Well… I brought mine like this. Because I had so much stuff and it didn’t fit in a pouch so I brought it here like this. She also brought brushes.

She said she doesn’t have a brush pouch so I decided to give her one. Isn’t it so hip? Such a hip pouch. I have another pouch! Let’s get started with EUNHYE’s makeup. You can do it! – You can do it! – Go go! I’ll get started as a representative of double eyelids! So cute! I’ll also start with sandbag color as my base.

This has a hint of coral so… I’ll just go ahead and do it. EUNHYE is just starting out so she’s nervous. Please support her. She also prepared her own mirror. Isn’t it also so hip? She’s applying it all over her eyes.

Unlike Minsco, my eyes look stuffy when I use dark colors for my triangular zone. Yes, that’s the case for some people. But I don’t look too bad if I fill it out with brighter colors. So you add depth under your eyes rather than your triangular zone? Yeah and I like elongating my eyebags.

Got it! I think her makeup will be very different from mine. So I’m done with the base and I’ll use the main color following the eyelid line. I am going to mix these two colors. A different combination from mine.

Well, you used this first and then this later so it’ll be similar… I think the color will be similar but you’re mixing them. Right, I like getting things done in one go If there are too many steps, it’s hard to edit.

.. So realistic. It’s too much work… That’s true. The color looks nice mixed together. I like this copper brown color. And something glittery. Those colors are easy to blend and adds depth to the eyes It’s very shimmery and it spreads out well – I think this color alone is a little too bright for me – Ah, that’s why you mixed the colors.

Yeah, I wanted the color to be darker and muted. People with double eyelids usually add the second contour following the double eyelid line. – Yeah, that’s right. – Just a little above the double eyelid Yes, yes.

People with monolids don’t have that guideline but people with double eyelids do so that’s a perk. Yeah to a certain degree. Next, I am going to use this color for my eyebags. Don’t you think this color really changes the look? Yeah, I don’t like using just bright colors but something shimmery and closer to my skin tone.

You really apply it all the way! Yeah, all the way across my eyes. I like wide eyes and my eyes aren’t. What are you talking about? Your eyes are really wide. No, not really. So I did some research and usually, our eyebags end midway.

If you extend it all the way, your eyes naturally look wider. Ah ha So I never skip this process. I go over my eyebags – and all the way across – To the side I am going to extend my eyebags with this burning sand color.

I like making my eyebags pop so when I use a contour color, I tend to put too much. If you use a shadow more red or more yellow than your skin tone, you can make your eyebags pop but don’t go overboard with the shadows.

You do makeup so differently than I do. It’s so fun to watch. You contour your eyebags from the back. I tend to mess it up if I do it from the middle. I don’t have any eyebags but EUNHYE has nice plump eyebags so she tends to highlight the back Tadaa, I now have eyebags! Tadaa! EUNHYE, I think your eyes are perfect for color makeup.

My eyes are like that too. Just going to pop in. There are eyes that just show every color so clearly. I think EUNHYE has eyes like that. I personally really like them. I am going to add some depth to the tail of my eyes with Salty Beach color.

I understand why you look different before and after makeup. You do a lot of contouring to the side. Yeah. She’s passionately adding depth to the tail of her eyes. I didn’t really use this color as much.

I think this color tones down the redness a lot. The colors are a little different from the makeup I’ve done. Next, I’m going to use this color You just want to wrap up with this color, right? – You just want to put some in the middle – It’s that type of color.

Right. I’m going to put some on. Looks good! This is how it feels to see it from the side. You can see the colors as they are getting added. I also really like big glitter so I am going to use a separate glitter.

This is different from me too. I don’t like big glitters. – I discovered this item – Really? This doesn’t come up much even when I search for it. It’s ETUDE mirror holic RD302 The color looks a little different once you apply it.

It’s more of gold and peach color? It’s so pretty! I wasn’t planning on it but she’s telling me it looks good so – Are you putting some on your eyelids? – Yeah, just a little bit. You shouldn’t open your eyes until the glitter dries.

Because it’s going to be stuck between your eyelids. Wow, that’s another big difference. I don’t have that problem. I need to wait like this until it dries. I think it’s all dry so I’ll move on to the eyeliner.

I am going to use ETUDE HOUSE brush liner. She never skips the hands. It’s her first time doing it too. It is. My camera doesn’t get in focus even when I do it so I don’t do it. I am just going to fill the waterline.

I heard if you do the eyeliner wrong, it makes your eyes look stuffy if you have double eyelids. Yeah, unless you have really thick eyelids… So you stick to the waterline mostly? Yeah. I filmed a separate video for doing the eyeliner.

I’ll put it up on (i) button. Really? Thank you. Many of my subscribers with cockle eyes left comments saying they loved my eyeliner method. But you don’t have cockle eyes. I do. Slightly. Very slightly.

You really look like WOORI, the model. I think I know what you’re going to use next. Let me guess. Hold up the palette, please. You’re going to use this, right? Yes. I am going to use the darkest color and just gently tap the back of my eyes but not too much.

– Just this part… – You really only just do it where the eyelid finishes. Yeah and just the back too. I am going to use a small flat brush and use the same color to blend the eyeliner. You’re blending the front waterline, right? Yes.

I can also make it longer with this color and it’ll still look natural. Compared to the eyelids, my under eyes seem a little bland. So I am going to add some more colors to my eyebags. I am going to use the color I used before.

Are you starting with Do you use the fixer first? I use a fixer. I’ve used this since 10 years ago. This has been a popular item since I was an undergraduate. Putting the fixer on before the mascara gives more volume and helps stabilize the curls.

When using with a fixer, it’d be better to use the Long and Curl rather than the Lash Perm Curl Fix I used to put it on neatly. -Yes, that’s right. -Right. This one’s really dramatic. Can you see? It’s no joke, it’s so dramatic.

On the under, I’ll do it just on the center part. Doing it just on the center makes the center of your eyes stand out. As if emphasizing your pupils, I would say. She said she will retouch her eyelashes because making her eyes bigger made her eyelashes looks short.

I’m just going to draw with the darkest color. That way, it will match the shadow gradation. Do you usually use reddish colors often, Eune? I tend to use them. But, I like shadows with a bit of yellow in them.

-You would’ve loved Leather Shop -Oh, that’s right. I love Leather Shop! I shot videos for it twice. Like so, we finished makeup for mono and double eyelids with the same palette. Then, should we try casually putting on cheek and lip items? Alright, great.

We’re going to do the cheeks now. Did you bring stuff for your cheeks Eune? This! This is new, so I haven’t tried it yet. Eune gets to try using it first. It’s the Light color of the Glittery Snow Face Palette.

Eune is going to use this one. Mine’s this one! You can buy this at OliveYoung. I’ll try the Toffee color of the Etude Heart Cookie Blusher today. The color looks like this. I should’ve used that one.

-Are you envious? -Yes, I am. Doesn’t it look soft now? I keep becoming envious. I put it on like this. I put it on here. Now, we’ll go on to the lips. I have the Mood Matte Lipstick which you can get at OliveYoung.

I liked its texture. There’s a total of 10 colors so, I’m going to apply all of them, and then we’ll both choose the colors that we like. Since we’re both ‘Spring Bright.’ I applied from No.1 to No.10.

So pretty, isn’t it? I don’t have No.6 here. No.6 is missing, but the rest from No.1 to No.10 are all here. I’ll try choosing my pick from here. Let’s pick at once on one, two, three. One, two, three! -I knew this would happen.

-Oh my gosh. I told you we had similar tastes! Then, try choosing another color to go with it. One, two, three! We’re divided here. We’ll then try putting them on like this. I’m going to put this No.2 Butter and Better at the lip line as a base to let the color die a bit.

Do you put on the base first too, Eune? Yes. I’m going to slightly apply it towards the lip line as the base. I’ll put it on the center like this and then tap near the line area. No.10 is the Double Espresso color.

I’ll put this one on like this. Is it not my type of color? It’s my color as well. This color is so pretty. Mine became a little lighter mixing in with the base color, compared to its original deep feeling.

It’s prettier mixing this way. Mine was a base of a more nude kind with some white mixed. But, Eune’s was a base with a more deep feeling to it. So, applying over it changes how the color looks. It suits you so well right now.

I want to do it like this too, right now. Can I use the highlighter that you used, Eune? Yes, sure. This is what Eune put on a while ago. I’ll put on the highlighter included in the Glittery Snow Face Light.

Putting some on my hand… This one also has a calm glow. This one has a calm glow that isn’t excessive, yet can be noticed pretty well. Then, I’m done. -Done! So today, we tried mono and double eyelid makeup with Eune with the Etude Sand Hill Palette that you guys were so curious about.

I enjoyed showing you some new tips different from my usual ones, so I’m wondering how you guys thought about it. Also, Eune joined me today, so I’m wondering how it was filming with another creator. Did you have fun? Minsco leaded well like a big sister, so I think I was able to get through it somehow.

If you visit Eune’s channel, there are eye line tips you’ve never seen before for cockle-like eyes, so don’t forget to visit Eune’s channel and root for her. Thank you so much for staying tuned to the end of the video today.

Spend a happy day and have a great day tomorrow, too. See you next time, bye!


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