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숙취/Igari Makeup Tutorial

숙취/Igari Makeup Tutorial

Hiii! So this is my suk-chi / igari style makeup a lot of you requested this from my last videos my eyeliner and my mascara videos so I thought I would do it for you. A lot of you really liked this look so I’m really glad you thought it was cute! even one of you said I look like a fairy and I was like that’s soooo sweet! So, yeah! I hope you enjoy this video and learn some tips from it! So I have on everything besides eye makeup and my blush and eyeliner and everything like that so I’m just going to apply a shimmery colour all over my lid I’m gonna use this colour in the Shine Easy Glam it’s not really pigmented.

.. but I just want something nice and shimmery on my lid. and the blush that I used was not exactly a blush I used the colour pop, um, Super..shock Pressed Pigment in Animal, and I also used the um, Tonymoly Cheektone Powder in PO7 Orange Shower so I’m putting this one on first and I’m just using my fingers because I think this applies best with fingers.

And I’m gonna start by just putting it at the edge of my eye like this. So I’m putting it where you would usually highlight like you would highlight right here, probably. I dunno, but.. I’m putting it right here I’m gonna blend it out quite a bit Now I’m applying it quite liberally just so like, it’s almost going into my hairline I want it to like, fade out really nicely like concentrate it right near my eye, but like fade it super seamlessly.

I’m applying a little bit on my lids like right at the edge and on like, the lid but I’m not going too far with that. Then now that I have this colour on it’s super pretty, I love it I’m gonna put this on top of it.

Um, I used a blush brush when I used this before but I don’t have a brush on my right now so I’m just gonna use my fingers. Sooo! After that if you wanna just lighten up a little bit because… I don’t know.

. I’m gonna use this powder puff that I used to set my foundation and I’m just gonna pat over it lightly So I’m gonna apply my liner and do my mascara and everything, just like normal. Okay, so this is the finished look for my suk chi or igari makeup.

I didn’t really.. consider this to be like the suk chi or igari makeup just because like, I kind of just did it but now that I’m looking back I was probably inspired by that trend. Uh I hope you enjoyed this video, a lot of you requested it so, yeah! If you have any more requests like me know and I’ll get to it as soon as possible And yeah, I’ll see you in my next video.



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