Home Makeup Tutorials 아이브로우,쿠션만 들고와! 눈이 두 배 되는 고퀄리티 애교살 그리기👀

아이브로우,쿠션만 들고와! 눈이 두 배 되는 고퀄리티 애교살 그리기👀

아이브로우,쿠션만 들고와! 눈이 두 배 되는 고퀄리티 애교살 그리기👀

Hi, it’s Riley! There’s a great way to make your eyes twice bigger, only by contouring your aegyosal (under eye bag) I’ll show you how you can easily create fuller aegyosal without using multiple tools.

Shall we start? Let’s start with natural aegyosal Prepare a cushion first. Grab some on a puff and neaten up your eye area Grab it on a very small brush Place it on the center of aegyosal and blend it out to both sides.

If you apply it with a brush , you can volumize your aegyosal better than applying a thin coat with a puff. My aegyosal already looks fuller, doesn’t it? Now grab a brow pencil that you usually use Don’t do a straight line from the front.

Start from where your pupil is, when you look up straight. Then gently spread it out to the front and back. Now you see a shadow. 🙂 I’m going to gently blend it out with a small brush Hold the brush down flat, start from the center and gently blend it out to both sides.

Don’t rub hard. Relax your hand. Now I’m going to hold the brush up to use the wide side of the brush. Blend out the shadow line towards the highest point of the aegyosal. That will make the shadow look a lot more natural.

Now I’m going to grab the same cushion foundation on the same small brush and clean up the harsh edge of the shadow line under the aegyosal This will emphasize my aegyosal even more. Use the leftover to lightly cover the dark That will make your eyes look cleaner.

That’s how you get natural aegyosal! It looks so real, doesn’t it? Now, I’ll show you how to make it last longer. I’ll add a bit of an accent as well I brought a palette that I use a lot these days.

I’m going to use a milky base shadow. Use any ivory color shadow that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. I grabbed the shadow on a flat shadow brush and mattified my aegyosal by setting the grease from the cushion.

This is to keep the makeup longer. You can use any powder you have. Just avoid touching the shadow line under the aegyosal! Next, I’m going to lightly contour the back of the lower lashline. Contouring this area will bring the focus to the front of the aegyosal Which will make the aegyosal look even fuller.

I’m going to lightly dust it all the way to the center with whatever that’s left on the brush. I’m going to add some glitter as an accent. Grab small glitters on the tip of a small brush and dab it along the lash line.

Don’t bring it all the way to the back. Stop at the center and lightly blend it out to the back This way, your aegyosal makeup will last longer with extra oomph! That’s it for today’s aegyosal tutorial.

Now that we don’t get to wear much makeup, I think hard to plan a video that can be useful for you. so I thought, I’d show you how to contour your aegyosal. I do this when I go out without makeup.

If you have any questions,leave me a comment. I’ll reply there. Don’t forget to click thumbs up and leave me a comment if this video was helpful! Have a good day. I love you all !! X) Bye~ ♡


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