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에스쁘아 리얼 아이팔레트 모브미로 5가지 메이크업

에스쁘아 리얼 아이팔레트 모브미로 5가지 메이크업

Hello! It’s ANNA. My personal color is Summer-Cool-Light tone. So I’m using Espoir Mavuo Me really well. I am a person who is not good at taking selfies so, very difficult to shoot self-videos like this.

I think editing video is more fun to me. There’s a lot of powder flying out, but it’s not because of Espoir, but my brush. I received a gift from somewhere in the past. I need to buy a good brush. Are there any Summer-Cool-Light tones~! Wouldn’t it be good if we had a dull color or dark makeup ? Mavuo Me seems to be good because it is transparent even if it is colored several times.

The eyeline should also be drawn thinly by filling only between the lashes. When I fill up the mucous membrane, my eyes are also taken under the eyes with every blink. I think it’s best for our LIGHTs to wear their makeup as light as possible.

It organizes the lines neatly. Draw the tail as thin as possible without applying pressure to the pencil. The brush pen is drawn so honestly that it is better to adjust the strength with the pencil for me.

Do you like the brush pen more? Clean the lines with the darkest color. I like the eye line so I can’t smudge well. But our Yeo-Cool Light looks better with a neat one! I use this pink color to brighten under my eyes to give a pure look.

Fill in the triangular zone of the eye. The shadow powder that was sitting on the eyelashes will fall off when you sweep it like this. This is my favorite mascara fixer. Comb a lot in a straight line.

Dark makeup doesn’t look good, but the only mascara seems to be okay if you thicken it. It’s best to have a clear lip color. It’s a rough color, but I’m going to apply it thinly so I can make it as clear as possible.

I like braids, so I’m mastering them by myself. Next time, I’ll show you the braiding back hair by myself! Taking self-videos is a bit embarrassing. Next time, I will study more about the camera settings and show better colors.

The second is a simple daily make up with shading. It seems like DM Me is really good to spread brightly overall. When I apply base color, I apply it to my under eye skin. Apply it on the tip and on the triangular zone to give a slight shading.

In fact, the makeup isn’t this light, so I need to learn camera settings quickly. Draw the eyeline only at the end of the cola color. It is a dark and transparent color, so it is good to use. Originally, I tried to upload the video at 5 o’clock, but It’s hard to make a thumbnail, so I’m thinking about it for a long time.

I think I have to practice posing to make a thumbnail. I have a yellow spot on the white of my right eye. I want to erase that child someday. And the right eye and the left eye couple are uneven. Brush your eyelashes softly like combing your hair.

Isn’t the penguin doll cute in the back? My best friend sent me a surprise gift for my birthday. The lower lashes are also precious and important! These days, it’s hard to put on lip makeup because of Corona.

I didn’t like it because it got on my mask when I put on lipstick. So I like moist lip, but I use semi-matte type these days. Apply the lip product carefully so that it applies well with an overlip. This is Be dior, I was stolen from my mom’s dressing table.

It was a clear red watermelon color, so it suited on me well. I almost draw everything by moving my lips, rather than a lip brush. *Not an angry expression* I wanted to be chic, but I think I look sleepy and angry.

.. I am worried because I always look sleepy when I take pictures. Is there anyone who has the same concern as me?.. The third makeup is a really clean pink look. It is a my real daily makeup that is often done with only two shadow colors to make it clean.

Pink pink makeup that takes advantage of summer cool tone light. I also have light eyebrows. So I can color many blanks along the shape of my eyebrows. I don’t look good with dark eyebrows anyway, so I just need to color them lightly.

It is recommended to draw the eyebrows from the middle so that the amount can be adjusted well! If you draw in the order of middle-tail-bangs, there aren’t many failures! Next time, I’ll show you how to draw eyebrows detail.

You just clean the shape once time, and after that, you just need to color it. Please look forward to the episode of “Pretending to have eyebrows”. Comb the eyelashes neatly. This is my favorite mascara fixer.

I only use transparent color and then black also comes out, so it is comfortable to use only this one. Once upon a time, I was lucky to have a chance to appear in a commercial shoot, but I didn’t know there was someone who was doing makeup , and I was worried and drew a lot of mascara with this.

Even though the filming time was very long, even when I came home, I was very impressed when I saw the lashes that didn’t sag in a voluminous sense. I liked it, but I fell in love after that. On days when you don’t draw an eyeline with anything, I use a fixer and a long lash mascara to really emphasize the lashes.

This mascara is an item I’m fell in love too. I like this mascara because it doesn’t fly after fixing it. I like Etude House because it has a good cost-effectiveness. So, I am a member of Etude House PINK LOVE(VIP).

It is a clear and cool pink pink. I want to go to cherry blossom viewing. I hope we get the vaccine soon and become free from masks. I have rhinitis, so if I wear a mask, my nose is itchy and my runny nose comes out, which is painful.

It is also the most troublesome to have skin troubles due to the mask. I miss my daily life without a mask. chu Summer-Cool-Lights are needs transparent and clear color. Do not prohibit heavy, full, dull colors.

My lips are small, so the lip gradation does not work well. So I just draw with a full lip. (I am a person who have a hard time taking self-portraits) I would like to hire a cameraman. Looks like a real face stupid.

The fourth makeup is a lot of glitter and pearls. My eyes are eyes that come in well for anything. Dust, snow, rain, fine hair, and even eyelashes, so pearls attack the eyes with pearls too. Mix a lot of Duet with a little Cola and give it a little shade.

So, the Mirror ball does not attack the my eyes because it has fine particles. It’s great to use as highlights and put it under the eyes. The nose is also light, so I need to make that expression to apply pearl well.

(Glittering) Apply strength to the under the eyes skin, looking at the range. The back side has been shaded, so I’ll apply it on the front side. The Unicorn Emoji contains a little bit of big pearls. As time goes by, these big Pearls sometimes visit my eyes and attack me.

It is best to apply it by hand. I think my eyes are sticking out like a goldfish and everyone wants to attack. I’m looking for someone who can tell you how to shoot with pearls. I’ll repay you with a wink.

I wanted to show you shimmery pearls, but I think I’m just shaking my head with my eyes closed. Pearl is the main character, so I don’t draw thick lines. I’m not going to fill in the waterline, but I’m going to draw it along the upper part of the eyelashes.

This makes it easier to erase. Next time, I’ll show you how to remove makeup. I’m actually more interested in removing makeup than makeup. Also, I have a lot of interest in care of my skin, so I pack it twice a day.

You may have felt it while watching the video, but I do free-foundation makeup. I prefer to be clear and natural even if there are blemishes than to look ugly. Perhaps because I am a light type, I think I knew myself that the matte skin expression didn’t go well with it.

Instead, I wear a lot of sunscreen. I like to go around a lot, so even if I apply sunscreen, my face burns little by little. I like inorganic sunblock that doesn’t irritate my skin. But I was in trouble the sunblock I’ve been using is not sold anymore .

.. (Innisfree give me my sunscreen again.) I have become a nomad who is looking for a sunscreen that suits my skin. Because I do free-foundation makeup, I like it because the inorganic sunscreen also has a white cast.

This is also a lip oil that I use often. Both my skin and lips are dry. Lip balm just felt like I was covering my lips and it didn’t help much. The lip oil is definitely helpful, so I’m stacking it up and using it.

It was good to apply it before going to bed and to sleep, and it was helpful to apply it before makeup. It was almost transparent, so there wasn’t a lot of color, but it was pretty moist as if I could see the color a little.

It was pretty when I applied it on my nose as a point because the mirror ball was a little pinkish pearl on my dry lips . I have rhinitis, so I feel soft when I touch my nose all the time. Shiny pink beam I have bangs, and I still look sleepy and weak, but without bangs, the person becomes more blurry.

However, it’s annoying to go to the hair salon to cut only the bangs every time. My hair grows fast, so I cut it off roughly. Haha This is the last makeup look. Is there anyone who’s been watching?.. I’m a girl Cool-Summer-Light type, but I really like the Smokey makeup style.

So I try to pretend it’s a smokey makeup, even if it’s very semi-smokey. It’s a pity that if I don’t put in the shadows well, it looks messy and unclear. I have a little makeup on, but it looks too much.

It’s hard to control my strength because I’m not the god of makeup yet. However, I look really good in cool colors, so I can be a cool color finder for you. On the other hand, I look like an orange because I don’t look good in warm colors.

People who don’t know personal colors say that I look like a cool tone. It’s Semi-smokey for the light, so I’m trying to draw the line very thin. I’m trying to draw eyeliner like cat eyes. Be careful, thin, thin, tidy, tidy, I ‘m thinking after uploading the subtitles going to eat ramen.

I planned to upload a video early, but it took a long time to touch this and that, because I am a beginner. There is also mom’s meat dish in the refrigerator, so I plan to eat with rice. Smudge it slightly with the color of Cola.

I was embarrassed, because It’s a good eyeliner, so it doesn’t smudge. I just trying to paint while keeping a thin range of what’s going to happen inside . I like Shin Ramyun. It is said that the taste of Shin Ramyun keeps changing as it studies to add less seasoning.

Apply the unicorn emoji as a point only in the middle of the top and bottom. Cleanliness is life for us! Anyway, it seems that Shin Ramyun has a not sticky taste than other ramen, so I don’t get tired of eating it every day.

Eating Shin Ramen every day is a lie. I really like ramen, so I always eat one meal every day. I buy different types and eat them. I am a master of soup ramen rather than bibimmyeon. Once you taste my ramen, you can’t forget it, so there are a lot of customers with a waiting number who come to their own homes to boil ramen.

Because I drew the eye line thick, I do not do two mascara, only one fixer. I really like Pearl, but it’s hard to find that doesn’t gets into my eyes. I want to apply a nude lip, but I brought a pink lip because it doesn’t suit me.

But if you apply it lightly, it has a similar color to my lips, and this makes the saturation higher. So I use it well as a cool tone base lip. When I first saw it at Olive Young, it looked clear and slightly fluorescent pink, so I bought it right away, but it turned out that it was because of the lighting.

(The yellow lights of Oliveyoung tricked me.) I came home and I was surprised by the difference than I thought, I liked it because it was clear and Sammy matte when I applied it lightly. I am using this product well.

I wanted to look chic as much as I put on smokey makeup but I am very hard, because the poses and expressions are more difficult than I thought. This is the first video that is not enough, but thank you so much for watching it to the end!


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