Home Makeup Tutorials 초보도 가능! 화면빨 잘받는 간단 메이크업🎥#온라인수업 #영상통화 _ Double Soup

초보도 가능! 화면빨 잘받는 간단 메이크업🎥#온라인수업 #영상통화 _ Double Soup

초보도 가능! 화면빨 잘받는 간단 메이크업🎥#온라인수업 #영상통화  _  Double Soup

wow legendary makeup guys she said I look legendary today Plz try this makeup! Hello guys! This is Double Soup! Today I prepared a makeup that looks really nice in pictures and videos We used to all think that this makeup is for celebrities But due to covid, a lot of things got virtual online classes and meetings Recently, a lot of people are holding meetings and also dating through zoom or skype We can’t spend an hour doing makeup just for virtual meetings, right? so I prepared a really quick and simple makeup so plz stay tuned! I really hope you try it! Then let’s get started! I just washed my face I will use the pads to lower the temperature of my skin Preppeau pond’s – makeup fit toner pad will put these on my face Last night I was gonna film after washing my face but I fell asleep I didn’t apply anything last night so my skin got very hot and oily will use these to lower the temperature and soothe my skin These pads are from Preppeau pond’s Preppeau pond’s is a famous skincare brand made by Pond’s, which is well known for its lip and eye makeup remover It hasn’t been long since it got released but it got all sold out on Coupang I’ve been using this for a few days and it smells really nice Love the smell What is this smell tho? It’s sweet and.

.. not sure how to phrase it I love it so much My skin temperature is now similar to that of the mirror in front of me My makeup academy instructor told me that when your skin has the same temperature with the mirror, your makeup will look the best Mirrors maintain the same temperature no matter it’s hot or cold When your skin feels hot, it would be nice to use some pads to lower your skin temperature This product passed the makeup appliance test so I feel like my makeup does look nice if I use this beforehand will use this to rinse off my skin This does not have an embossing so it feels more mild I just woke up and washed my face but the pads got messy What just happened lol will let my skin absorb the rest This toner is light and it smells good very moisturizing This is like my other favorite toners.

It really moisturizes my skin light and moisturizing! love it you can use it for toner facial mask or just rinsing off You can check this out from Olive Young! will use the cream now Dr.Different- Cica metal cream will apply this all over my skin.

This is the end of my skincare today Since it’s winter, many don’t care about their skin temperature but in winter, your skin can still get hot and also very dry If you want your makeup to look nice, I recommend lowering your skin temperature beforehand alright done Amuse- skin tone vegan cover cushion #2 I like this case Since this is called “cover cushion”, I think it will be matte When we hold virtual meetings, we usually use our phone or laptop, right? but their picture quality is lower than that of camera so it’s better to focus on making your skin look even and smooth rather than covering every single blemishes I recommend using semi matte or matte cushions instead of glowy cushions in that case ooh the coverage is nice My dark circles are pretty dark but they got covered My skin looks even now ooh I like it The area around my nose looks neat too The coverage is not as good as that of Kill Cover but it’s still pretty good Eyebrows! Benefit- Brow Zings #4 It’s better to make your eyebrows look thick for virtual meetings If your eyebrows are naturally dark then it’s fine but my eyebrows are light so I will make them dark and thick This could define my face overall This is the Laneige brush I’ll go simple with eye makeup I will use single eye shadows today will use these two today and I will use the lighter one first Mac- eye shadow tete a tint will apply this on my eyelid gonna contour at the same time The heavier your eye makeup is, the bigger your eyes look in screen But we are not talking about TV shows here, right? We’re just using our laptop or phone at home so I think it would be fine to do simple makeup like this will use just this to contour ooh I like it All that glitters like this Taking a small brush, I will apply this right below my eyes I just made this under eye fat with this These two shades look nice together will use my finger to apply this on the center of the eyelid Bobbi brown- long wear waterproof liner #black chocolate I want to define my eyes so will draw a small wing will use Innisfree- my eye shadow #chocolate espresso to smudge the line gonna apply this right above the eyeline In this way, your eyeline will look sharper and the eyeline will last longer Defining my eyes I just stressed the eyeline Time for mascara! It’s very easy to see your eye lashes even on screen If you are having important meetings like interviews or dates then I recommend using false lashes otherwise, just use mascara I will apply some false lashes today Aritaum – idol lash basic 20 long lash just applied some false lashes and now I will use some mascara My fav Tony moly- the shocking cara #5 The applicator is bent so it’s very easy to apply without making clumps will brush my lashes to make them look good My eye lashes are super curled up right now so I will brush them down with a spoolie Moving on to contouring Missha- cotton contour #baked bagel I think it’s nice to contour a lot no matter what Whenever I have shootings, I’d contour my face A LOT but I will go neat today When you are using professional cameras or zoom-in function, your face will look wider so it’s important to contour your face overall and then contour the sides even more but when you are using mobile or laptop cameras, your face will look narrower so if your face is long then those cameras might make you look longer so if that applies to you I recommend contouring your forehead and chin you could contour your nose to make your face look shorter or just focus on the forehead and chin looking defined My base makeup looks really nice today, right? The cushion and pads are both very nice.

The pad really did make the makeup look nicer will contour the jawline I usually contour my jawline a lot you could skip this if you want gonna use some white eye shadow to highlight This is from Innisfree and I think this is a discontinued product now.

You could just use some white powder instead will highlight some areas to make it more voluminous I said it would be simple but this does not look simple lol You could skip some steps like this one I wanna look good so I’m doing more steps now lol Innisfree- vintage filter blush palette/ gonna use this shade for blush gonna coat the brush and tap off gonna apply some on my cheek Finally lips! I tested with many different lip products for this makeup You can use any lipstick but I don’t recommend using super glossy ones Those might look messy and oily on your lips Matte ones will look neater and nicer The smooth ones like this looked good too My lips are dry cuz it’s winter so I will use some sheer lipstick Missha- dear rouse sheer sleek #dear rose I love this shade so much! applying and rubbing with my fingers gonna apply this once again on the center This is moisturizing and nice to use in winter O-lens – scandi one day #hazel I love this so much I wore these in my last vid too I love these so much that I use these often A lot of people said I look good today as soon as I turned on live! Thank you so much! Today I filmed a makeup tutorial of how to look good on screen Don’t you think this makeup looks nice? -how have you been? / -I’m just staying at home I always stay at home I wanna go out but covid’s pretty serious I can film and edit at home so I usually stay at home.

I sometimes have meetings/appointments so I go out just for awhile and try to come home asap -you look legendary today! / – oh they said I look legendary Plz try this makeup! -did you film that makeup tutorial? looks really nice -wow you look so good today/ -aww thanks I found a really nice lipstick It hasn’t been released so I’m not sure if I can show you this is gorgeous.

I will upload this on my Ig later so pretty. I will remove it with this pad -any song recs? / -oh yea I have one! My fav song! I listened to this so many times last year It even made me cry once plz check it out Jannabi – dreams, books, power and walls oh you know what? I am good at ventriloquism will try it this is so funny Hello guys! This is Double Soup I am good at it, right? lol many said I am good lamo -can you try it with your mouth closed? / -well I don’t think sio Was it fun today? Thank you so much for watching it til the end This is the end of the vidI love y’all Bye!


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