Home Makeup Tutorials 화장법은 거의 없는 화장법 Makeup tutorial with almost no tutorial

화장법은 거의 없는 화장법 Makeup tutorial with almost no tutorial

화장법은 거의 없는 화장법  Makeup tutorial with almost no tutorial

hi everyonee as you can see, my skin is really bad and I didn’t take a shower so my hair is so oily- but it’s not obvious right is it? no it doesn’t (trying to convince myself) so for today I’m gonna be trying the Korean highschooler’s makeup let’s start with applying lotion- how to apply lotion (sound) this is where we always put the lotion so it’s where all of them are like this (that’s where my pimples are) (sound) this is not a lotion but i don”t know it’s in a very annoying way cause only a little amount comes out at a time but alot came out today (nwice) (steps) (tf) (door opens) (i guess she likes to open the door first than knocking) -whatchu doing? doing ur makeup? -yea Im tryna get the kimchi over there ah oki (huhu) (why do u laugh like that) my grandma wanted to get the- cause this is where the refrigerator is haha.

. kimchi smell~ u..u’re too close sis just look at it i’m not gonna edit pictures and stuff (conscience doesn’t exist in this person) screenshot it and search it in internet if u need it this is made like this with this square thingi do my skin who’s sending me so much messages?(I didn’t know who cause my screen was locked) i don’t have friends so when there are many notifications, that means a friend is so mad that her language went boomboom or that person is in a hurry why doesn’t this workk why won’t you blend properly u wanna die? I think it’s fine now (very calm) ( idk wtf I said here ) this is much bigger this one no I’m not gonna do it I’m gonna do my eyeshadow this color my stress is exploding askjefiefb what color did I choose?(forget things easily) it’s not that stuupid KYAKYAKYAYKA( dinosaur sound) (did something happen?)(very calm) can u do this it’s a heart <3 you can't??? HAHHAHHHAHH the next step is ( emphasize) down my eye this is eyebrow pencil (i also use for my cutie eye fats) as u can see, my eyebrows are so thick and dirty so I don't draw them there is no huge difference even if I draw the back line eh? u can see the difference right? it's very huge.

sowry hehehehehhe with the color “teddy” do like that (my stomach growling) ah shit- (then I hear the refrigerator sound) did u hear that? it’s the refrigerator (blaming refrigerator skill) kimchi ref here, ref there as I’ve mentioned awhile ago, I’ll do my cutie eye fats with the eyebrow pencil my cutie fats are kinda uneven this side is like a little fatter so I’m gonna draw it much smaller than them understand? (what am I supposed so understand) and then u blend them with ur fingers like this there’s more to do wait what do I do? this is a concealerr it looks like this why do u focus on my face right below the line if u do this, the line we drew for cutie fats will highlight right we colored the bottom eye with eyeshadow so it will become like brown to white (gradation) like this i was about to blend it with my fingers but i changed my mind right below the line you nam ssaeng? see? it looks totally like my own cutie fats and now, we’re gonna draw the guide lineeee i don’t want to do it anymore this is ( can’t read) it’s from “kiss me”( brand name) (censored gesture) (name of the product) wow what a long name( cause u read the useless ones) (very bad in doing makeup) the tail of the line should look natural ieeee i can’t see cause the mirror is too far actually the Korean highschoolers emphaizes their double eyelid, but my eyelids are really small, so it won’t be obvious but I’ll still do it I don’t really think there is a difference omg there is THERE IS now I know the reason why the highschoolers do this I forgot to put glitters on my cutie fats ! they’re gonna be sad but I don’t have glitters for cutie fats so I’ll use the glitters on the eyeshadow palette my butt paking hurts don’t curse.

( a good teacher for myself) I’m gonna do it with my fingers it’s up to me (noone said smth..) you nam ssaeng this is why you need wet tissue when doing makeup 5 fingers aren’t enough I recommend wet tissue to the people who don’t have brushes for makeup now I’m gonna do contour i have 1 brush this I bought them yesterday I’m sososo happy why is it crooked like this? (alien language) who is it did u poop? no , dad did ( I did actually BHBHAB) whatchu doing? makeup why u filming? is it illegal? i film myself every second (likes fishes very much) I blend it with this finger like this (in love with herself) I wipe out the contour like this like thissh then dry them like this at the end of your nose it has to shine (very good singer) i’m gonna do blush actually the highschoolers wear contact lens but I can’t wear them they don’t fit in my eye no joke it looks like I’m wearing one right?( no ) but these are my natural eyes (mom I’m scared) I’m gonna draw the lower lashes with eyeliner ah shit what happened do this and the ink will be lighter ha? hakdog ( really likes this facial expression) I also bought this with ur pinky, blend it to the side like this and now, ( looking for my mac lipstick) (mad) (looking for it again) wow i found a wallet this side is fine, but color PINK BEHE PINK HERE TOO i think it’s my grandmother’s omg it matches so well with my makeup today hoy what???? okay.

i give up on my lipstick (what song was I even singing..) my clothes are too.. weird. TMI: i photoshop reallyreallyrmlksjois alot who r u (idk what I said here ) waw my eyes look big byebyeeeeee~~~~~~


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