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🌞 Dzienny makijaż w kolorach Pantone | INGLOT | Klaudia

🌞 Dzienny makijaż w kolorach Pantone | INGLOT | Klaudia

Hi, for today I have prepared a make-up for you using the colours selected by Pantone for this year for the Spring / Summer season. They are Ultimate Grey, which is calming grey, and Illuminating, which is sunny yellow.

The message of these colours is giving strength and hope, which I think we will all need this year. Probably for many of you, such a colour combination can be controversial and I must honestly admit that for me it was also like that at the beginning, because as you know me, my make-up is more natural and illuminating.

However, I would like to show you how such colours look in everyday makeup. I have prepared a palette that includes a base eyeshadow, a yellow and a grey, so let’s now move on to the makeup without further ado.

As always, I start with the base shadow for the entire eyelid. I am applying this eyeshadow with a fluffy brush. In the crease of my eyelid, I will apply the lightest grey of the three. I use a precise but fluffy brush.

We should apply this shadow with a circular and gentle motion to create the effect of a mist. The yellow accent in this makeup will be in the inner corner, but I will apply the eyeshadow keeper before applying the shadow.

I am applying a small amount of the base with my finger to the inner corner. I will apply the yellow shadow with the fluffy brush. As you can see, I also put on this shadow gently over the lower eyelid.

To keep the eye makeup from being heavy and matte,, I will add an element of highlighting in the form of a highlighter. The highlighter I chose is in a cool tone, so it will blend nicely with the grey make-up.

Recently, I’ve been a fan of the line in the make-up, but as here we already have the accent of the yellow shadow, I’ll draw the line with a black shadow, using an oblique brush. I start from the outer eye corner and fill it in slightly.

To add freshness and open up the eye, I will apply a beige Kohl on the lower waterline. Let’s now move on to covering the eyelashes and for that I’ll use Lash Enhancer mascara. My favourite, it lengthens and thickens lashes beautifully.

I am going to style my eyebrows with our newest Brow Shaping Gel. As you can see, the mascara doesn’t give any colour, it just lifts them up and combs them out beautifully. And as always, I will put a highlighter on my cheeks.

To keep the makeup consistent, I will apply a lip liner in a light beige colour and a lip gloss. To soften the contour of my lips, I will use the brush on the back of the lip liner. Now, Dears, the make-up is finished.

I hope that I have convinced you to such a colour combination. In my opinion, the yellow accent adds originality to the make-up and it will be a great addition to Spring-Summer outfits. Let us know in the comments how you like it.

And if you are curious to see how this version of the make-up looks in the evening style, stay tuned because soon, Monika will show you. I would also like to encourage you to subscribe to our channel and if you don’t want to miss Monika’s video, click on the bell.

See you, hey!


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