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🍑 Just Peachy 💦 | Makeup Tutorial

🍑 Just Peachy 💦  | Makeup Tutorial

So I am starting out with my eyebrows already done, and I am priming my face with this a20 Studios face priming spray and then once that is dry I am going in with my Beauty Blender and my Urban Decay all nighter foundation and applying this all over my face uh Take note of those breakouts on my chin and WOAH look at how easy that was covered I just thought that was pretty cool.

Like this is very full coverage and I very much so like it Then I’m taking my concealer and concealing my under eyes and any other areas that I think are a problem And then taking my Beauty Blender and blending it out Then I am taking this lunatic lab cosmetics contouring kit And I’m taking this peachy color blush and applying it on my cheeks and over my nose bridge very Intensely because you know me I’m a fan of intense under-eye blush After I put it on I went in and blended it just to make sure it was very seamless and slightly natural looking I’m not sure if anyone naturally blushes like this, then I’m taking the same lunatic cosmetics lab powder And I’m using it to set my eyelids and then I am taking this Too Faced blush and using it as eyeshadow and putting it in my crease I know most people don’t like a shimmery eyeshadow in their crease, but I’m honestly a fan Do what you want don’t let anyone tell you you can’t put a shimmery eyeshadow or blush in your crease man Then I’m taking this sponge tip applicator and just blending out the edges And then I’m going back into my lunatic cosmetics lab contour kit, and I’m taking that same blush and I’m deepening up my crease with it I also took that same color, and I put it on the inner corners of my eye creating a kind of like a halo eye I definitely want it to be super peachy because this look is a peachy look Ha ha probably should have said that it’s in beginning But you read the title you don’t need to know that and I’m taking my color pop in My Little Pony palette And I’m taking this shimmery peach color, and I’m using that to brighten up the sort of middle part of my halo eye? I just put it there because it was peachy then I’m taking this Lancome highlighter Thank you octa Lee for sending me this I think this is in the color like golden peach So that’s why I’m using in this tutorial cuz it kind of kind of sounds like it’s a peach anyways.

I love this highlighter It’s super bright and super glowy, and I’m putting it on the inner corners of my eyes on my eyelids and underneath my lower lashline Then I’m taking these false eyelashes and boom I also applied fake freckles in the meantime I’m taking this highlighter the same one from Lancome And I am applying it on my cheeks as well As well on my nose any place that you would highlight.

this highlight is like so intense I love it so so so so so much I’m gonna link it in the description below if you want to check it out I think it’s perfect for a yellow undertone gals who want a super glowy gold peachy highlight Then I am mixing two jeffree star liquid lipsticks together to get a peachy color because I don’t really own that color lipstick so I took this yellow one just on the back of my false eyelash lid and then I took the red one and put a teensy bit of that and then I mixed them together with a lip brush um You could just use a peachy color if you owned it But I don’t and I’m extra so I used that yellow shade for what it was actually created for, mixing Um so then I applied that in the center of my lips Because would my tutorials be complete without a gradient lip? I think not And it might look a little bit crazy right now But I added a little bit more red in the center because peaches are sort of like a gradient And then I took this diamond lipgloss from ATO Studios, and I applied it on my lips to sort of spread out the gradient it’s a pink gloss, so it really aids in making it not look like I just eat some macaroni and cheese I Put more red in the center and that is it for the lips wow that took a really really freakin long time Then I am just going onto mascara because honestly I forgot and I’m putting it on my bottom lashes I wanted a real sort of doll eyed look so I made sure to plump my bottom lashes ew clump that does not sound cute.

I made sure to bunch my bottom lashes into little triangles and it took me absolutely freakin forever But anyways that’s it for the look subscribe buhbye


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