Home Makeup Tutorials 👰🏻 Bridal Makeup Tutorial – Soft, Luminous & Beautiful | Bailey Sarian

👰🏻 Bridal Makeup Tutorial – Soft, Luminous & Beautiful | Bailey Sarian

👰🏻 Bridal Makeup Tutorial – Soft, Luminous & Beautiful | Bailey Sarian

is that my tag hanging out? Hey guys how are you today my name is Bailey Sarian and a lot of you have been asking me to do a bridal makeup tutorial so I decided just to do a very Bridal romantic look.

Some of you may know I am a freelance makeup artist. I do a lot of Bridal looks and I have done a lot of Bridal looks in my time and this is the, I would say, the most common bridal look. It’s a very cool toned eyeshadow, winged liner, soft skin and a nude or a mauve lip.

I just want to show you how I create this look. Dont forget to Like and subscribe and let’s get to it. this background I should have used it for Valentine’s Day but instead I’m using it today. I was gonna do a white background, little wedding like and you know I don’t have white.

I just sanitized my hands – my skin is nice prepped ready to go I am gonna put on a little bit of a lip balm this is the drunk elephant lippy balm. make sure my lips are prepped. skin care is really important FYI.

okay so if you’re gonna splurge on anything, if you’re doing your own makeup or Bridal makeup, the one thing that you should splurge on is foundation because you’re gonna be photographed a lot you’re gonna be most likely wearing it all day you’re gonna sweat you’re gonna cry you’re probably gonna get dehydrated you’re gonna be dancing you’re gonna be crying you’re probably gonna be faced down in the toilet, we don’t know but you want to make sure that your skin stays put all day, photographs really well and you just don’t have to worry about it.

it’s so windy today so if you hear like cracking and stuff it’s just the wind in the window I live on the busiest street of all time it’s so annoying okay. so for those of you who don’t know – I actually do makeup on the side I’m a freelance makeup artist I’ve been doing it for like seven eight years and I’ve done a lot of Bridal makeup throughout the years and I’m just gonna do like the most popular Bridal look which is a very like soft and romantic eye look I’m just gonna show you a lot of my personal favorite products use on the clients, just recreate it on my face how’s that sound? I should have gotten like a nicer chair keep saying, I’m gonna get a nice chair but I don’t.

okay so my favorite foundation to use is the Make Up For Ever HD foundation photographs really well it looks like skin doesn’t look heavy it doesn’t get cakey it works on almost every skin type and there’s good color selection.

I’m gonna use the shade R330 starting at the center of my face and I’m using a flat brush look at me go starting at the center of the face because normally that’s hormonally where we get the most redness and discoloration that’s where I want to put most of the product I’m gonna come back with a sponge and just really blend it into the skin work in sheer layers so do one layer first and then add more so I’m coming back and adding more where I need more coverage which is all over don’t forget your eyelids.

I think the most important thing when it comes to Bridal makeup is that you look like yourself just enhanced. if you don’t wear full beat face every day then you don’t want to show up to your wedding day with a full beat face unless that’s what you want there’s nothing wrong with that but for the most part you want to look back at the pictures and see yourself.

not a totally made up not you version. be yourself unless you want to go more glam and then there’s nothing wrong with that. for the most part most people want to stay like natural just enhanced. okay so I have the foundation on all over it’s pretty natural as you can see my hyperpigmentation is still sticking out and I want that to be covered so if you don’t have hyperpigmentation I would skip this step but for me personally I like it covered I don’t want it showing on my wedding day, damn it! I like to use the Estee Lauder Double Wear maximum cover camouflage make-up for face and for body I have the shade 1n3 creamy vanilla I just take a tiny bit with my finger I’m going to dab it on there I’m also gonna dab it I have a sunspot right here, it just showed up.

how dare you skin. I still want to like some freckles to show because I want it to look like my skin don’t want it to look like I’m wearing a bunch of makeup Im not too concerned about covering up these freckles I have right here with this acne scarring girl.

also depending on your hairstyle don’t forget to put foundation on your ears because they do tend to go more pink more red. For concealer Im using the NARS radiant creamy concealer and I have the shade Cannell light 2.

75 . right at the darkest points of my eyes in here , there with my finger I’m gonna blend it into the skin the warmth from your finger push it into the skin making it look more natural. oh my god I didn’t get my nails done for my wedding day.

okay so for contour I am using my Kevin Aucoin sculpting Palette it’s this one right here that has a hole in it I like this one because it’s a true like cool-toned contour shade so I’m placing it in the hollows of my cheek, on my forehead.

what a big-ass forehead and then I am bringing it onto my ear again make sure your ears are clean. I’m gonna come back with my sponge and really push it into the skin, I want to look super natural. okay so a safe powder to always go with when setting your faces the Laura Mercier loose setting powder translucent.

it looks nice it doesn’t give like that white look in photos and it’s just a good powder. that’s how I feel right now. I’m using a powder puff and just going to set right under here, ever so lightly around my nose on my chin but I’m really pushing it into the skin anywhere that I get really shiny .

mmm okay so for my eyebrows I’m using the Kelley Baker brow, brow defying pencil in dark brown many people have been embracing more of a natural brow which I really like versus that really harsh drawn in look.

I’m combing all the crap out of my brows. With the dark brown I’m lightly outlining like my upper brow, I then follow that by brushing my eyebrows upwards and then it gives a really pretty natural look it’s not how I do everyone’s brows for the most part but it’s how I do my eyebrows.

Lets do the eyes now, I’m using the makeup forever Eye shadow primer it’s actually an eye and lip primer. This is one of my new favorites. Normally I would use the makeup for ever full cover concealer because that one’s waterproof, it doesn’t crease it stays all day but this one has been my new favorite for sure.

Now I’m going to be using my lorac mega Pro 3 palette if you don’t have this palette that’s totally fine, I mainly want it because of this top row up here it’s mainly cool toned shadows. I’ve noticed with Bridal makeup the most popular and most requested eyeshadow look is more of a cool toned eye, so I’m going to be doing something like that.

plus I never do cool toned eyes might be kind of nice. The first shade I’m going to be using is called tan and I’m using this with a fluffier crease brush and I like to do this with my eye open and like the mirror kind of below me that way I’m looking downwards and I can see exactly where my crease is.

Right up here just going back and forth so some of you may know I am personally in my real life engaged and I get asked a lot like when I’m gonna get married its not that I don’t want to get, married it’s just that I have other things I want to do first before I get married .

Like I want to get a house and I want to make sure financially we’re in a good place I’m not in a rush and that’s why I haven’t gotten married yet. I want a house first I dont want to drop like 20 grand on a wedding for everybody else no.

that’s just me though, plus I just got my credit score back up and I paid off on my debt. I think once we get a house though it’ll be a good time. Anyways still going back and forth with that same color okay so when I get married am I gonna do my own makeup or am I gonna hire somebody? I think about this all the time I don’t know cuz I’m so picky.

I’m not picky. it’s just I know what I like on my face but it would be nice to sit back and just relax and not worry about it but what if the person doesn’t do a good job you know? so many things that could go wrong so again working in sheer layers.

just do a little bit blend it out a little bit more blend it out, a little bit more just keep lightly adding versus globbing it all on at one time there’s a shade in here called dusty mauve and I’m using just a flat eyeshadow brush for this shade.

I want to do the outer V then I’m gonna switch back to my blending brush, just lightly go over that to really soften it. I feel like I’m being so boring right now but Im taking this very seriously okay I’m getting married! Then going back with tan I’m just placing this around the edge of my lid so it’s blending into the dusty mauve shade.

There’s a shade called cava and has a little bit of a sheen to it I’m gonna place this my lid and then the shade snow is the white with the sheen to it, right in the tear duct. gorgina. let me do the other eye and I’ll be right back.

okay now I have the other eye done now I don’t normally do winged liner all the time but whenever you’re doing Bridal makeup most clients want a little winged liner or like a thick liner look so I’m going to do one this is the tart tart artiest artist clay paint liner and honestly i like the Inglot gel liner.

That one is one of my favorites because it’s so waterproof and it comes in a little pot but I don’t have it , I ran out I need to get some I keep forgetting but this will do for now. I also have this stilazzi detail brush it’s very very small.

This is a nude eyeliner by a hard candy and it’s called glamoflage. Actually, think this is it’s a concealer. Going back to my lorac palette I’m gonna finish my lower lash line so I’m going to tan. Along my lower lash line and then dusty mauve on my lower lash line the outer lower taking a small blending brush just to blend and soften that.

I’m taking a little bit of violet gray with a small crease brush gonna place this right on the outer crease just add some more dimension right here . I’m doing the shade snow right in here. I’m gonna do mascara on my top and bottom lashes make sure to do a waterproof you’re probably gonna cry and then a pair of false eyelashes.

I’ll be right back. I put on mascara on my top and bottom lashes followed by a pair of eyelashes these are called Christina number DW. I got these at the Flea Market. I think they were a dollar but usually ladies want really natural lashes, some of my favorites are by Ardell the 122 Demi Wispy Those are very pretty.

ok let’s finish the rest of my face and then this is the Lottie London blush crush in Zayn. on the Apple of my cheeks I’m gonna take my sponge and just go over it to blend it into the skin a bit for highlight, you know I got to use my favorite, it’s the hourglass ambient light strobe lighting palette.

I like to mix these two because I just do I’m gonna add a little bit more blush . For lips I want to keep it also in the mauve family this is NARS precision lip liner and it’s in the shade Larenz I’m using huda beauty liquid matte lipstick and sugar mama.

I’m gonna top it off with the buxom gloss in Sandy and this is the finished look what do you guys think? I think it’s very pretty, it’s very romantic it’s very Bridal. You can always do thinner liner, I mean you can always make it your own.

gloss I say add after the first kiss but for pictures because you don’t want to get that all over you know but you want it in your pictures. anyways let me know what you think down below and what you want to see next I hope you have a great day you make good choices and I’ll be seeing you guys very soon byeeee


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