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💋💄GRWM! SIMPLE KOREAN MAKE UP FOR BEGINNERS- 10 to 15mins daily routine✨My first make up video! ❤️

💋💄GRWM! SIMPLE KOREAN MAKE UP FOR BEGINNERS- 10 to 15mins daily routine✨My first make up video! ❤️

Hi everyone! So I’m back with another video! Today is a video that a lot of you have requested…. And…., finally!!!! I’m doing GET READY WITH ME! Okay so!!! Today, I’m just gonna do a very simple video It’s my makeup routine! The thing is a lot of you have been asking about what do I do for my makeup ! And to be honest.

.. I do a very simple makeup and I’m not really good at makeup It’s just that… I just wanted to try something new so um yes! Today, I’ve brought you a makeup video!! I’ve been doing this makeup since I was 20?? And maybe I just added a bit of things to make it look more Korean.

…? 😅 I’m gonna go ahead and start! And oh!!!! To put it up front, I just wanted to highlight that anybody can do makeup If you just try to start simple? Maybe with the steps that I’m going to show in the video! You can be confident with the makeup that you have!!! You don’t have to feel like.

.. Oh it’s not good enough or stuff like that? Like I don’t have enough like brush or something That you need to use as you see in a lot of makeup videos? You can just use your hands so today i’m just going to use my hands! Yeah okay so let’s get started!! So firstly, I already put on my skincare, Which is very simple also Maybe I’ll show you another video but.

.. Unlike normal Koreans, I don’t really use cushion because Firstly! It’s expensive! Secondly, I don’t like it all over my face Because especially in Singapore when you put it all over your face? It gets a bit oily and sticky?? So I don’t really use it! I only use.

.. Concealer!~~~ I’m trying out the LUNA concealer now In Korea, my color is always number 21 or 23 Because I’m a bit more on the fair side I only use this to cover my dark circles and my pimples! As you can see I have.

.. My trusty mirror! Apechie!!!! Usually I just do this! Sorry I always do this during make up 🤣 Oh yes! I just wanted to say I came to Mr Noti’s place because His house has perfect lighting and I can’t do it on my own So kudos to my baby for filming for me!! ❤️ Thanks 💋 My main concerns are always my dark circles cause No matter how much eye cream I put It’s still black.

… I blame my dad ㅎㅎㅎ Oh wait!!!! I forgot my clip!!!! I bought it for Elsa actually But let me just use it for a while…. Thanks Elsa 🥰 (Elsa is Hansol’s niece 👧🏻) Just cover up like the red marks on my face! By the way, my face is very sensitive so It gets red very fast if I touch it a lot I know a lot of you can say that I have good skin I cannot deny it’s genetics but Well! Taking care of it is very important! I used to have bad skin also when I was 16 So, I went to a dermatologist and I got some medicine And from then on, It wasn’t as bad but you know once in a while  I have breakouts too though! I usually use a tone that’s a bit brighter than my face! Why I don’t know.

…? I got pimple here also see! Yea I look a bit unglamorous when putting make up But guys! Everybody looks unglam while putting makeup Okay next! I’ve been using this for years! Before 20 even! When I started drawing my eyebrow, I’ve been using this! So, it’s the Etude House eyebrow pencil! It’s in dark brown! I’ve been using it like forever???? Even when my hair is blonde or my hair is black on my hair blue purple or blue~ I’ve been using this because I like the tip! It’s kind of pointed?? I can’t really draw with the pencil I’ve tried but it doesn’t work This is my holy grail! So how I draw my eyebrows is Usually! I follow the shape of my eye brow But I haven’t trimmed it in ages.

.. 😝 I know a lot of you guys are concerned that Oh but what if I can’t draw the shape and all that Yo when I first started? I didn’t know also?? But, practice makes perfect! You just want to apply softly~~ Just draw the edge of it then What you do is! You use the brush part of it And just like do this.

… So that it doesn’t look like it’s drawn…? That’s crap but okay! You know what I mean ㅋㅋ Usually I just draw eyeliner and then I just put mascara and I go out! But today! Since it’s a video, I’ll show you what I do for my eyes Always the same okay! It’s the same! So you just put eye primer first! I do this because my eyelids are very oily And this is the cheapest eyeliner in Korea.

.. I think…? It’s from Etude House! Eyeliner… EH NO!!! Eye primer, eye primer~~~ So you just apply a bit on your eyes (Eyelids I meant hahaha) And then you use your hands! I think it’s about like six dollars.

..?? Like a lot of people use Urban Decay? I use it before Urban Decay is good but…. It’s really expensive like a really small tube is 30 plus 40? And I can’t afford that now I’m sorry… 😢 I’ve been only using this eyeshadow recently so, It’s from “Rom &nd”? It’s an upcoming makeup brand in Korea! My friend gave it to me! I didn’t buy it so okay so.

.. freeeeee haha! It’s in Dry Rose~~ She said it’s like very popular and famous and trendy in Korea So I use this! Basically, there’s only four colors! But I only use this one and this one and when Like on fancy days? I’ll try to use this two But seldom! So today, I’m just gonna use this two! Cause simple right? So firstly, I’ll do this.

.. Just coat the top of my eye like that Usually you put a base so that the glitter doesn’t come off easily?  Now the glitter! I’ll just use the glitter one! So everything I use my hands! Like I said at the beginning! You don’t really need a brush? I mean that’s me!~ Like I don’t use a brush because I don’t know how to use it I’ve never learnt it! This is the fastest for me! And I can’t control the brush 🤣 Okay! So that’s for the glitter! And then after this part, I’ll draw my eyeliner~ I always use this one! The Tony Moly Perfect eyes long kinny gel pen liner I use it in dark brown! I always just use brown stuff And Tony Moly is really good because I don’t know.

.. When you draw it, It doesn’t smudge and yeah It’s easy for me! I always use gel liner because I can’t use pencil liner (I’m sucha noob 😅) It’s a lot easier for me this and I can draw it very fast! Okay ready?! Let’s go! So what you want to do is just draw the tip! I’m not sure if you can see I always just draw the tip So it’s easier to remove also? I’m done! Look! One side done! Now second side! LET’S GO!!! Once again! Practice makes perfect okay! I never used to be able to draw like this also? Oh man!! It’s too long now If it’s like too long, usually I use my hands like this I always just use the eyelash essence actually! I only started using this one when I came to Korea! It’s called Baba lash eyelash essence I read a lot of reviews about it they say it’s good? I actually do lash lift because my eyelashes are quite long   I don’t really like to put eyelash extension because when it drops Got the BOTAK feel.

.. I don’t like it so yes! I always just use this? So just a bit on my lash! A lot of you ask me whether I use mascara? No, I don’t use mascara because It’s sticky…? My bottom lash is long So it sticks to each other.

.. 😖 And I don’t like it so… Okay next! I always use this blusher! I’ve been using this for years! My mom use it, my sisters use it also! It’s actually Etude House cookie blusher It’s in sweet coral candy! I’ve always been using this! So usually what you do is just like puff a bit and like dab it on your face Like that?? But today!! Because Sunny eonnie gave me her HUR.

product!!! I’m gonna try it! She gave me a lot and I think this one fits me the best It’s number One, Pink Rosie~~ I’m gonna try it!!! For this product, She said you can put it like all over, Like you can put it on your eyes, On your lips, And, on your cheeks! And on your lips ! But because I’m already done with my eyes~ I’m just going to put in on my cheeks Let me try I’m not really good at doing this but.

.. Oh okay wait wait wait! It’s too pinky! She told me just Dab…. Ooooo~ Okay it’s kinda cute! I’m so rough on my face I’m gonna get so many wrinkles when I grow old… 😅 So that’s for this! I mean you can use your lips too! But today, I’ll use a different one because I got it as a gift Usually I just use lip gloss! This is Apeachie lip gloss from.

… I don’t know… GS25? (A convenient store name Korea) It’s pink!! Usually, I just use a pink lip gloss because My lips is very dry and always need lip gloss So I’d rather just use this This is cheap too~~ Everything is cheap for me.

.. (BROKE STUDENT 😭) You can look pretty with cheap products too! I’m sorry… 🤣 I will just use this today because uh Han’s sister gave it to me It’s got my name on it! This is YSL! I got it as a gift!! Thank you Eonnieeeee ❣️ I don’t know the color of it.

.. But it’s like a bit shimmery? So this is the lipstick! Either this one that you see on my insta story or videos Or this one! Because I like the smell~~ So I just apply like that A little bit will do.

.. If not, it gets all over my mask! CORONA 😖😖😖 The last part! This is the part that makes it Korean! So, with the same glitter that you put it on the eyelid! Just use the same one! Using this one! This thingy I don’t know what this thing is Okay it always comes in like the eyeshadow palettes? This one just use the edge of it and Then you just take a bit right Just smudge it on the bottom~ That’s what makes it Korean yo! Okay now the other side! So I only learned this a few years ago? (maybe 2-3 years) It says to make your eyes bigger so.

… Like my eyes is already quite big but never enough right? Girls you understand me… Sooooo that’s a makeup that I’ve been doing all the time! With very simple products and price worthy…. Price.

… Reliable! Price affordable products! (SPECIAL EDITION!!!! ✨) I’m back with the hair styling part of it! So you know recently, Mr Noti bought me Dyson right….? 😬 I’m going to show you how I style my hair with the Dyson! In the Dyson product, there’s two of this thing so.

.. One side is for the left curl and one side is for the right curl! I only figured out recently! I’m not really good at it but I’ll show you how I do it! I always use lowest wind, highest heat and then.

.. This is the ON and OFF button! I’ve heard that you have to just take a little This is how it sounds! It’s a bit noisy but… I curl it like this? You just take a bit so this is what I do~ You let it eat the hair?? Oh man.

.. OKAY… BALIK!!! Take a little bit? Oh look look look! It’s curling!!! It’s eating my hair!!! Usually I count to five so…. Then you wanna push this button For the cold heat to hold it in place….

And then… READY?! Did you see that?!?! That’s how you use the Dyson Air wrap! You will want to use it when your hair is a little bit wet so I dry my hair just now (because it was very wet!) Im gonna do the rest of my hair and then, I’ll show you what I look like after everything See you later! Bye Bye! 👋🏻 I’ve already done this side of my hair as you can see~~ I’m going to do the left side of my hair! So same thing! Take a bit of your hair, do it this way Okay this is my own way of doing it! I’m not sure how other people do it but yep that’s me Okay something like that??? Okay okay! It’s curling it’s curling! So 5secs up! Cold air~~ Can you see? I’ll twirl it a bit more? It’s not so curly but.

.. The end product is something like that lah arh? So I guess a lot of people have done Dyson  already? Like how to use it and stuff so… I’m just gonna finish this and show you later! I’m done!!!!~~~~ Okay so this is the simple makeup that I’ve prepared for you guys! Usually it takes me 10 to 15 minutes?? I will encourage you to try it! Look beautiful in your own way! Girls, Guys, Anyone in the world!!! So yes!!! Today, I’ll conclude my video here!!! If there’s any other makeup you would like to see me try.

..? Although, I’m not very good at it, I’ll try my best for you guys!!! Leave it in the comments section down below!!! I’ll see you in the next video!!!! Byeeeeee 🤍!!!


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