Hi, Sisters, James Charles here and Welcome back to my YouTube channel So if you guys follow me on snapchat Which if you don’t you definitely should you see that I posted a few days ago about redoing my entire camera setup I actually did snap that I wasn’t gonna be posting at all this week because I’m in the middle of redoing everything from Lighting camera lenses graphics and everything on this channel.

I am so excited now They have so many cool things and ideas and concepts in the works, and you guys will be seeing them very very soon But people were like, oh just film James We don’t care and I know you guys are always so supportive which means the world to me So you know I sat my booty down and we’re going to film today So if you check your calendar it is officially august which is Absolutely horrifying because summer is coming to a screeching halt and you know what comes at the end of summer School, as many of you guys know I did graduate early, and I don’t plan on attending college So thank the lord in Heaven above I will not be in attending school this year But I know so many of you will and I myself did for 17 very very long years so for today’s video I sat Down and we’re going to film a back-to-school quick and easy makeup tutorial Almost all the products.

I have in front of me today are drug store for those of you who are on a budget I feel your girl makeup can be super expensive when I was in school four years ago. Lord knows I did not have $42 to spend on a new foundation That was going towards the new textbook school is also super time-consuming as well I know I had so many nights staying up until 4:00 or 5:00 a.

m. editing videos or working on a test or a paper or a Project that I had to wake up an hour later and get to school So this video is also going to be a little bit of a challenge today where I kind of want to do this makeup Look as quickly as I possibly can I was going to limit myself to ten minutes But knowing me.

Let’s be real It’s gonna take a little bit longer So I’m just going to do this pretty pretty quickly there’s going to be a super easy light makeup routine that you guys can use when you are waking up late ten minutes before your Bus gets here because we’ve all had those days with all that being said good morning sisters I hope you guys enjoy your day in hell.

*cough* I mean school today and without further ado Let’s get started on this super easy everyday school makeup Routine All right, so I already went ahead and prepped my skin by showering of course in the morning Don’t want to be stinky for school, and then I prime my face using my favorite moisturizer for foundation today I’m going to use a brand new Covergirl healthy elixir foundation And I’m going to mix a shade 725 and 745 then of course I’m just going to bounce this into my skin using my Damp beauty Blender and all That needs to not happen So this foundation is definitely a light to medium coverage foundation it is definitely not full coverage glam.

Which is great though We definitely don’t need to be rocking a full coverage hd foundation stick to high school. It’s really not that serious We don’t have anybody to impress so don’t worry about it to conceal my face today I’m gonna be using the maybelline fit me concealer in the shade light There’s one thing that we do definitely focus on.

It is probably going to be concealer Just make sure we really hide any blemishes or under-eye bags because like I said we are definitely going to be up very very late working on Papers and projects and not getting very much sleep in school I’ve been there before so let’s do everything.

We can to fix it and once again Just have my beauty blender and I’m going to pounce it into place school can defiantly be super super stressful as well, and we have all woken up with stress pimples before and stress breakouts So if you do get one never fear don’t worry just grab your favorite concealer to put it over your pimple Just the slightest bit and then instead of using a beauty blender I’m actually going to have a very really light fluffy brush and instead of pouncing it and I’m just going to lightly tap over the area and just Blend out those edges by doing this we’re keeping the concealer exactly where you want it to be right over the pimple obviously So it’s hidden and then just blending out those edges.

So it looks natural Okay, to set my face in place today I’m gonna be using the Cody airspun powder You guys know I definitely have a very very interesting history with this one, but it wasn’t oldie But a goodie for the longest time so I’m going to try her again today.

Hopefully she won’t do me dirty I’m just gonna grab a little bit of powder really lightly on my R-13 brush from morphe and just set my under eyes in place Then I’m just gonna grab my R-0 brush once again from morphe to set the rest my face I know morphe’s obviously not a drugstore brand that is sold in like CVS, or Walgreens or anything But their products are super super cheap compared to a lot of their competitors, and they are very very good as well And you guys know you can use code james for 10% off all their products to highlight and bronze today I got to go to my nyx highlight and contour Palette and my morphe M509 brush, and I’m dip into the shade Right up in here, and I’m just going to lightly Bronze and contour my face because lets be real We definitely don’t have time to do both I’m next gonna grab the same exact morphe.

M509 brush that I used for the contour and I’m going to dip into the Elf blush palette And I’m going to use this shade right up in this corner right here For just a little bit of orange pop of color to the face just add a little bit of light back in So next we’re gonna really quickly slay the brows today and for this I’m actually using a not drugstore product And I’m going to be using the benefit processor eyebrow pencil in the shade number three But I am this for a very very good reason, so if you guys are we talking about on Instagram a few days ago I had a very very exciting announcement that I posted about and that is that I am teaming up with benefit cosmetics Well my favorite brands in the entire world to work on a very very new and exciting project that I am literally so pumped for I haven’t actually talked about this on Youtube yet though, so hello Hi Get ready because I’m going to be one of your four influencer coaches for the benefit brow search Benefit is basically holding a competition to find They’re brand new Brow style so basically once all the entries get narrowed down 20 people are going to win a trip to Lake Tahoe here in California Where you guys are going to be basically going to a brow boot camp and all 20 contestants will be split between the four judges So five of you guys will be on hashtag team sisters And of course we’re going to it because you guys know sister James never loses a good competition I love my escape rooms.

I love competing in general So we definitely have a very very solid chance I also forgot to mention as well It’s really not that important though, but the grand prize winner will be winning only $50,000 if you’re interested in the benefit brow search and you want to be on hashtag team sisters make sure to check the description box Down below because I’ll put a link where you can check out the full information and details on how to enter Good luck all right, so I just went ahead and I quickly set my other brow off camera We’re already getting close to 10 minutes so I definitely to speed this up a little bit because we’re going to be late for first period I’m not going to do any eyeshadow for this look today Let’s be real if we’re getting up 10 minutes before the bus gets here the last thing we have time to do is a freaking Smoky eye, or some like halo.

Eye or some type of fancy eye look, so I am gonna go to the wet and wild liquid liner though and just do a quick little line I’m keeping this liner super super thin and hugging the lash line very very tightly I’m not going to be doing a dramatic wing today, and I’m also not going to be wearing Falsies This is just going to help out a little bit more volume to lashes when it comes to adding, mascara Just a super super simple thin easy line if you want to be brave and do a wing Be my guest girl slay that wing get ready to cut those bitches from the other end of the biology room that bully you in fourth Period We’ve all been there.

We’re definitely not to be messing this falsies today Nobody has time for glue and lashes in the morning. Not me. I’ll tell you that right now so I am gonna be focusing a little bit more on my lashes to prep them for Mascara.

I’m just going to curl them quickly then for Mascara today I’m gonna be using the new L’oreal Voluminous lash paradise you guys know I’m a ride or die for the benefit Roller Lash But that $31 is another textbook.

So we’re gonna have to go drugstore today. Oh my God. I actually really like how this Mascara applies For highlighter today, I’m going to use the brand new one wild Mega glow in the shade Golden flower crown Out of this entire makeup routine I feel like highlighters by far the most important part of it Not only we look like a beautiful glazed donut walking through the halls, but also when your teacher comes up to you and it’s like ummmm Do you have last night’s homework, and you know damn? Well you were up until 4:00 am watching makeup tutorials you can be like BAM and She’ll be so shook and blinded that she won’t even remember her question Never underestimate the power of a good glow sisters and then last but not least for the lipidy doda I’m going to go to these soft matte lip cream from nyx in the shade London my best friend sister Laura swears They’re these two words and every single day all day long, and I love them as well So definitely a very very easy lipstick to carry on the go to school And last but finally not least to set our face in place through eight hours of hell.

Sorry again. I mean school I’m going on my morphe prep and set setting spray, and I’m just going to spritz my entire face Alright guys, so this is a super easy and quick back-to-school glam makeup tutorial all completed Let’s go ahead and actually stop the timer and we are at 12 minutes and 52 seconds Ooh, not bad at all actually definitely not the ten minutes I was anticipating for those two minutes and 52 seconds can definitely make a huge difference in the morning But also, not bad at all for those of you.

Who are going back to school? I hope you are super super excited and definitely may comment down below Tell me what your favorite school subject is mine is actually a math I love math so much, and I actually miss it all the time so yeah, let me know What yours is if you guys enjoyed this video? Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you haven’t already I post three videos a week on Mondays Wednesdays Friday’s I’d love to have you join the sisterhood if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they’re both just James Charles And my snapchat for more behind the scenes myself is James Charles and extra S after charles this week shout out goes to sister Taylor Thank you so much for always following and supporting you know I love you so much if you would like to be at next week’s sister Shout out , make sure to always retweet my video links and they go live on Twitter all right sisters Thank you so much for watching how do you back-to-school season I will see you in next week.



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