Home Makeup Tutorials 1940’s Makeup Tutorial – Girls who Wear Glasses 1940

1940’s Makeup Tutorial – Girls who Wear Glasses 1940

1940’s Makeup Tutorial – Girls who Wear Glasses 1940

Now another kind of problem and it looks like a very interesting one ! Mary Jones is dolling up for what appears to be a good day and if it’s okay we’ll butt in for a few minutes and see what’s going on.

Well, what’s this? Working from diagrams ? Following instructions ? The latest from loveliness laboratories Research to the rescue helping Mary emphasize all the nice things in a very nice face showing her how to minimize certain features how to accent others.

Ladies, science has done all right by you you sure look swell ! Uh Oh .. now she’s she’s gone and ruined everything. But Beauty science could have helped here too ! Let’s go to Beauty headquarters Yes Hollywood, and meet famous paramount makeup man, Eddie Senz, who thinks that glasses like hairdos can flatter the features.

That just like eyebrow and lip lines, the lines of one’s glasses can bring out good points, make bad points inconspicuous When an actresses roll call’s for glasses, it’s just part of the normal makeup problem to Eddie.

And the way he solved this problem can be of tremendous value to the 10 million American women outside of Hollywood who have to wear glasses not to play in pictures but because of poor eyesight. Eddie’s drawings give you the lowdown based on two fundamental types of faces The round face .

. and the long face. First the hair. High and close for the round face But low and wide for the long face. Lipstick next Applied as much up and down as possible on the round face But the long face needs horizontal lines like this.

Now for the eyeglasses. For the round face and arch bridge and a drop lower curve to help correct that circular appearance The long face needs just the opposite. An almost flattened upper edge and lenses with wide shallow curves Now if you don’t believe that these added lines are effective Watch closely while we switch hairdos, lip shape and eyeglasses from one face to another as you see them now they’re okay but wait .

. There ! The shape of the face is the same but how differently it looks with wrong makeup and glasses Let’s put everything back There … much better in fact perfect Still don’t like your old specs Mary? Neither do we .

. take them off They’re not right for your face. But these are ! A set of three for just as a woman buries her wardrobe for different occasions so can she find exciting variations in her glasses. These for formal wear.

These for sports! Same lens but tinted. And these for informal day wear, fitting right into the pretty picture that’s Mary’s face !


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