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2020 Glow Up using EVERYTHING under $20 | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial | Roxette Arisa

2020 Glow Up using EVERYTHING under $20 | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial | Roxette Arisa

My face is so pale right now. Oh My gosh like it’s so pale. What’s up guys? Welcome back to my channel. So today Zeke What’s up guys welcome back to my channel so Happy new year. Well, I know I uploaded one other video before this but a Happy New Year today I thought I would do like a 2020 glow up using all products that are under $20 so it is gonna be a drugstore video Which I know you guys love and a lot of people when I did my best of drugstore 20 19 wanted to see a tutorial On the products that I was talking about so I am going to be including a ton of products from that just so I can show you guys how to use them and Then also some some little judges of my own, okay? But yeah, super excited and I did kind of get inspired with this idea from 6.

Aaah-choo. Aaah-choo I definitely butchered that name, but I really loved her channel. She has a lot of cool videos So I’ll definitely leave a link down below if you guys want to check her out anyway, so yeah, let’s go ahead and get started 2020 glow up happening now happening right now Yummy yummy honestly best song of 2019 so far that is for sure I’ve been playing yummy like 17 times a day.

I can’t get it out of my head It’s always sucking then I feel so bad because like all my ig stories I literally put yummy for any time that I use the music feature on Instagram and I Just know that like people are probably getting annoyed.

But I love it. I love it. I love the song. Okay, I love it alright, so first and foremost elf Poreless putty primer. I know this is gonna sound like a surprise to you guys, but I have actually never tried this primer which is crazy because I’ve heard a lot of great things about it So I thought it was a perfect time to try this out for our little glow up So this is supposed to fill in the pores This is one of the Few products that are new and then after this I’ll be using more of the ones that like, we’re in my other video Um that I talked pop But this is supposed to fill in the pores give a nice smooth base My skin has been a very textured recently and I’m not really sure why But I’m just gonna smooth out all right gonna quickly fill in my brows and you know the deal I’m gonna be using the elf ultra precise brow pencil this thing is Only five bucks and it is so fire.

It’s like honestly the best brow pencil I’ve ever used in my life Now that our brows are done. I am going to eat I’m so excited and we’re using the Milani palette that I talked about. This is the Gilded Jade hyper pigmented eye and cheap out from Milani This is such a oh, it’s such a fire palette.

I haven’t had a chance to use it in Sephora yet so I thought this was like the perfect time to really glow up for the new year and I really my heart said Minty color. Oh, it’s gonna look so fired. And this just made the cut.

This is $19.99 okay, which it might seem a little expensive for a drugstore palette, but the quality is just it’s insane like Like it’s so smooth and buttery to see that light reflecting and let me show you the minty shade that I’m gonna be using Today these shadows just feel like a high-end shadow And that’s the reason I do feel like it is still a great deal because you’re getting such high quality For the price you’re paying Even though it’s kind of it is kind of expensive for drugstore, but it’s just it’s so good.

It’s so good Alright, so first and foremost gonna go ahead and prime my lids I feel like this is so essential for any sort of glow up if I’m doing a more natural Look, I will like leave it a little bit more I guess you could say uncovered but when I’m going like full glow of like zero to a hundred definitely helps to cancel out this discoloration on the eyelid All right just setting the crease with some translucent powder and then I’m gonna go in with this shade right here called grounded and my Sigma rock set collab brush and I’m just gonna place that right into the crease as a super super light transition shade I don’t want too much, but I just want enough so that it looks like my eyes have more definition.

I Also want to mention another really great drugstore I shop out if you are looking for something that’s more everyday because obviously the one that I’m doing for our little blow-up today is Like a pop, you know, it’s not like your typical everyday palette even though I love it I did want to mention the Catrice x iman one it would be so perfect for more like an everyday glow up Because there’s a lot of neutral shades.

There’s some bronzy ones There’s a white there’s a black like it’s a really cute palette and I believe this is 1199 at Ulta I’ll obviously leave everything linked down below and everything sir. We are gonna go straight in with that.

Minty shade. I Am so weird you guys I’m like actually the weirdest person in the world which is why I never honestly thought that like I would be A youtuber because I feel like I feel like I’m so weird that like no one would like me.

Alrighty. Sure We’re gonna take this shade right here mint julep on the e54 from Sigma This is obviously my collab one and we’re just gonna go in I feel like a shade like this like it’s so perfect for a globe because it’s that nice bright pop going into you 2020 it’s not weird that it’s 20 money.

I still can’t actually good over that. Oh She’s cute. Okay, so next up liner I always feel like a little baby wing really makes me feel more confident for some reason like it just makes me feel Like I can just conquer my goals for the day So I’m definitely gonna throw in a wing I typically do go for brown wings to be honest with you But I just feel like with this minty shade black is probably the move so I’m gonna take this Maybelline liner This is called the hyper easy brush tip liner It’s one of their newer products and it’s really nice because the tip on it is so teeny tiny and it’s very black, too So what I like to do is start Mmm, the middle of the eye make a little line right there and then draw the wing on like that And I’m four lashes, I’m the pup on my iconic lights from House of lashes, these are $12 so Actually a pretty bonus field And I’m just gonna pop these on the outer corners.

I once was on Mary And then why let the glue dry I’m just gonna Curl, my lashes and add on the Maybelline falsies lash lift. I love this. Mascara such a nice wand It’s like a nice hourglass shape and it just gets right up to the lashes and lengthens and voluminous these lashes are Everything that I’ve always loved this shape because I love anything that kind of flares out because I feel like it just makes your eye Shape look so much different But in a good way like kind of like almond D looks so good Okay So moving on to foundation I am gonna be using the urban dream cover Or sorry dream urban cover the middle dream urban cover from Maybelline I actually just saw they came out with like a full coverage version of this Pretty darn excited for it so stay tuned because I’ll probably do a video on that and like Potentially even do like a wear test or something when I get it So excited for that.

Oh You just love this formula because it’s so lightweight feels like a tinted moisturizer as I mentioned in my best of 2019 Drugstore products just feels so good on the skin. I Feel like that primer made like everything look a little more ability, which I like so then for cream contour and concealer I’m gonna use the covergirl trublend undercover concealer for the contour i’m using t700 caramel and Then for the concealer part like the brightening highlighting area.

I’m using m300, honey And I’m just gonna pop on some cream blush to keep with that like a very fresh Feel and this one is the Maybelline cheek heat in coral amber, really pretty like peachy coral shade, and of course like I mean, Obviously, we cannot have a glow up a 2020 glow of without some balm liquid highlighter This has been my favorite so far this year.

Well that Was not what I meant to say. This has been my favorite Recently. Yeah, that’s the word I’m looking for. This has been my favorite recently. It’s the colour-pop liquid highlighter It’s so pretty you guys like you guys are about to die at how Beautiful.

This is So pigmented so metallic, but it just looks like a glowy sheen Alright and then to tie everything down, I’m gonna use the makeup revolution banana powder This is their pure baked faking little die.

A banana baking powder. Honestly, the trick is to really press it into the skin That’s what makes it not look cakey You have to really press it down into those pores and then let it sit for a little bit Alright and then I’m just popping on some my Maybelline City bronzer best bronzer from the drugstore for sure It’s so silky and smooth and just like overall warms up your face.

And today I’m using the shade 300 All right, and then I always like to do kind of like a preliminary set This is a good setting spray morphine Continuous setting mist and then for blush. I’m gonna pop on this blush, please from L’Oreal alright and then highlighter maybe using that color pop like the same one that goes with the liquid either but the pressed version so this Is their press illuminator and champagne bubbles so balm? It’s so pigmented and nice and I’m applying that with my strobing fan f42 from my Sigma Beauty Collection All right, and then I’m just gonna do a little light judge of the under eyes So I’m adding on some nude liner.

This one is from colour-pop, but also a covergirl has a good one Maybelline has a good one There’s you know You can use any nude liner that you have on hand and then I’m not going to add any shadow to the bottom lashes But I am gonna add some mascara I want to keep the bottom lashes kind of just like fresh looking or the bottom lash line I should say and that’s also why I went with that new loot liner, but it’ll still give us a very open eyed look just with that.

Mascara Alright, and then I’m actually popping on aura from the Milani palette that we used earlier right onto the inner corner This sounds like a slightly golden green like almost like olive green undertone.

So it looks so pretty with these eyes Yes Yes. Oh, I love it. I love it 20:20. This is a good sign here Okay, so for lips, obviously we’re gonna go with like my kind of typical nude combo so I have the NYX lip pencil in nude truffle and Then for lipstick you already know what’s come in badass beige by Maybelline Shine compulsion best lipstick ever I think I have like four backups currently All right, 2020 we glow in up.

I honestly love this look I think it’s so fresh and fun and just I don’t know. I’m not positive vibes this year. I’m on such positive vibes Can’t wait for this year Like I literally stayed up all night on New Year’s Day like from New Year’s Eve till New Year’s Day I stayed up to watch the Sun Rise because I was so excited to like start fresh have a new decade happening day have a new year like One of my friends was staying the night too, and she was just like dude go to sleep And I was like I can’t I’m just so excited for this year so I hope you guys have an amazing amazing amazing starts the year and Like this little glow up that I did today.

Honestly really like not gonna lie. Um, but yeah, love you guys Subscribe down below turn those notifications on and I will see you my next video. Bye


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