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2020 halloween makeup tutorial / When do they celebrat

2020   halloween makeup tutorial  /  When do they celebrat

on october 31st americans of different  cultures and religions celebrate halloween   and people decorate streets and homes with  ornate and lit pumpkins and spooky games   legend has it that all souls return  on this night from the isthmus to the   earth and prevail and ripple until the  next morning therefore everyone old and   young disguises themselves so that the evil  spirits do not know them children move from   house to house with bags and baskets to fill  them with chocolate and sweets and whoever   does not give children chocolate and caramel  sweets evil spirits will get angry with him   history its roots go back to ireland and  extend to the culti festival in saohan   and it just so happens that halloween comes with  christians celebrating all saints day today it   is considered a global celebration and official  departments in western countries and elsewhere are   closed to celebrate it activities accompanying  halloween include wearing exotic costumes and   masks televisions and cinemas show some horror  movies and tell stories of ghost tours at night   so you


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