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31 Nights of Halloween | Siren Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Freeform

31 Nights of Halloween | Siren Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Freeform

Hi, guys! It’s Kirbie. And today I’m doing a totally natural, everyday makeup look. Just kidding. Obviously, I’m doing a Siren tutorial. Guys, if you watch Siren you know that Ryn is not your typical mermaid.

And this is my take on it. So let’s dive right in. I have on my foundation. You guys know how to do your foundation at this point, right? I don’t think we need to go through all that. So. My base is done.

I’ve powdered my face. And I guess the first step is to… Let’s go with eyes. Why not? So I would just take whatever shades of eyeshadow that you have in the blue realm, like these teals and start doing your eyes with them.

So I’m actually gonna start with this deeper ocean blue as a wash over my lid. And I’m actually gonna take it all the way up And then I’m gonna take this lighter teal shade and put it towards the center of my eye.

I’m also going to bring the shadow down underneath my eye to kind of define it a little bit. Alright. So. The eyes are done for right now. Before we get into the really fun part I like to highlight my face because you kind of want this ethereal look.

So I’m going to highlight the areas of my face that I normally would, and then also kind of bring it down my neck and my shoulders as well. I think you guys can see the shininess but I can also see in certain light a green-blue tint.

Which is really cool. I love it. Okay. It’s now time for the fishnets. Now this is really fun. So. Let’s put these pantyhose on my head, shall we? Aren’t I sexy? Okay. So we have actually transitioned to the thigh-highs because we need a smaller fishnet.

There we go. Okay. So. The trick— I can’t take myself seriously right now. Okay. First of all, please ask, if you’re a child, for parental permission to do this. The last thing I need is y’all telling your parents that Kirbie told you to put fishnets on your head.

I know this is ridiculous. But this is a really easy way to create fish scales because of the little pattern on the fishnet. I’m gonna go in first with a deeper color pigment. I’m gonna take an eyeshadow brush with the colors that I’m using.

And what I’m gonna do is kind of frame my face with this pigment. So I’m gonna bring it down towards my eyebrow. Making sure that you really pat all of that pigment in. I’m going to go into a blue and you can kind of blend it into that slate color.

So I’m kind of going almost in a triangle shade here. And then I’m gonna start to fill in here with the green. Make sure that you just use a small, densely packed eyeshadow brush because fluffy brushes will diffuse, and they will blend but it’s not gonna create that scale shape that you really want.

You can go as crazy or as minimalistic as you want with the scales. Let’s see the big reveal. You don’t wanna rake it across your face ’cause it’s probably gonna mess up all the eyeshadow work you just did.

So pull out as nicely as you can Wow. For my eyebrows, I’m gonna leave them alone. I’m not gonna fill them in, I’m not gonna define them. I’m just going to leave them as is. If anything, I’m just going to brush them up because I really don’t want to draw that much attention to them.

To finish the eye, I’m going to go in with liner and then I’m going to put on a faux lash Eyes done. Scales did. I’m gonna do my lips. And then we’re gonna have some fun with blood. Good times. Killer mermaid.

Almost complete. I’m gonna contour my nose but I’m not gonna bring it all the way down. I’m just gonna start at my brow bone and kind of just define. Okay. Now we’re gonna go down to the body. We’re almost done.

I like these stencils from Wet’n’Wild and these stencils basically stick to your body and create those scale shapes that you want without having to put pantyhose all over your bod. Now it’s time for the finishing touch, which is blood.

Yes. She is a killer mermaid. So spray by your mouth and kinda let it drip down. You can go as crazy as you want with this. Spray as much blood as your heart desires. My favorite thing about this entire tutorial besides spraying fake blood on my face, is that for your hair, you can wear it wet straight out of the shower.

Just put in some gel to make it have that kind of wet look. Alright guys, that’s a wrap on my killer mermaid tutorial. This costume, for me, is really simple and I love it because you don’t actually have to buy a costume.

You probably have all this makeup at home. You know where to find me. On Instagram and Twitter, @kirbiejohnson. Facebook, @kirbiejohnsontv. And don’t forget, Siren is back on Freeform. Season Two in January.

So be sure to watch. See you guys next time. Bye.


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