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$4 PALETTE! Soft Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial | Drugstore Makeup

$4 PALETTE! Soft Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial | Drugstore Makeup

hey everyone and thank you so much for watching today’s video in this video I’m gonna show you how I created this eye look using a super affordable palette so that’s what I’m gonna show you guys today and before I go in with any eye shadow I am first going to prime my eyelids because this is gonna make sure that my eye shadow is gonna stay in place all day.

And also it’s gonna remove redness from the eyelid. So I’m using the mac cosmetics Paint Pot any color soft ochre this is my absolute favorite eyeshadow primer. I use it in every video and to apply it I’m using a sigma Beauty p84 brush.

Now in this video I’m gonna take this palette from essence which is called the nude palette. And I’m gonna start with that super light color and I’m taking a sigma Beauty E40 brush I’m applying this all over the eyelids I kind of wanted to use it to lock the eyeshadow primer in place because the primer is kind of a creamy product so using a Matte shadow on top of it it’s kind of going to lock it in place which is gonna make sure that we have a really nice set base for all the eyeshadows.

So now I’m going in with this color right here I’m taking a Sigma Beauty E40 brush and I’m gonna start blending this all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner. Now this palette was only four euros in the Netherlands which i think is kind of equal to four dollars it’s almost the same which is so inexpensive!? I’m looking at the palette I didn’t think it looked like it was going to kind of be like the best eyeshadow palette ever, but I really wanted to challenge myself and see what I could create with such an affordable eyes shadow palette.

Now I’m gonna say it straight away this is not the best palette I’ve ever used it’s not bad especially not for the price but it’s also not the best palette I’ve ever use, Like, I blended quite a lot of this in the crease but I had to go in with more and more of that eyeshadow to really build it up you can see it now in my crease but if you have darker skin than me obviously it is not going to really show up so I tried my best to make it work and I blend as much as I could to really make the color stand out.

And now I went in with this color which is kind of a golden shimmery color. And I’m using a what is the name it’s a 242 brush by Mac I believe and I’m gonna press it all over the eyelid. Now as you can see this is a shimmery color and this was actually not a bad eye shadow I didn’t use a wet brush I used just a dry brush and most of the time using a wet brush is gonna make the eyeshadow look even more intense, so if you make your brush wet this is even gonna stand out more and I felt like for the fact that I used a dry brush I think it performed really well so I was really a surprised.

So obviously I’m gonna do the same thing at the one side as on the other side and then I just decided to use my finger because it’s so much easier than using a brush then now I’m taking my e-40 brush with that product what is left on it and I’m just blending around the edges then I’m going in with a darker shade from the palette and I’m taking a sigma flat definer brush and I’m gonna create a line above the lash line.

Now first, again I used a dry brush with no product on it whatsoever only the brown eyeshadow and I wanted to create line right above the lash line but I quickly noticed that it did not give as much a color payoff as I wanted it to have so I decided to make my brush a little wet and you can see now straight away that the brown color above the lash line looks a lot darker it’s because I made the brush wet and this way the dark brown color is kind of getting more of a darker color since it’s kind of mixed with the setting spray I used so this is a really easy trick like if you have a shadow in your palette which isn’t really showing off the way you want it to be.

You can make your brush wet and this way it’s looking a lot darker. Now obviously I feel like the palette itself should have have more color payoff but since I wanted to make this palette work and show you what you can do with it I’m just going to do it this way.

Now next I’m going in with the same color again I didn’t make it wet again because actually for this step I wanted it to be a bit more softer so I’m going to create a simple line where I normally would like create wing liner I’m just kind of dragging it towards the end of my eyebrow you don’t have to be super precise but you do want it to be a straight line but it doesn’t have to be like a perfect line and then I’m going to kind of smudge above it as well to create the illusion of a winged liner but again it doesn’t have to be perfect because after this step I’m actually going to blend out the line so don’t worry if it’s not looking like perfect also don’t worry about the space underneath the line because I’m going to clean it up with concealer so I feel like as of right now it’s all looking a bit messy but don’t worry we’re gonna fix that so now I’m going in with a dark brown again but I took a tiny blending brush from Sigma Beauty I have all my favorite brushes linked down in the description bar in case you are wondering and I’m just going to blend it in the crease area and I just realized I haven’t mentioned it yet but this video is actually also an inspired look by an amazing artist which is called Hindash I will make sure to link his Instagram in the description bar but he always creates this type of eye look where you create a winged liner and then you drag the same color towards the crease in this way you kind of get a winged eye look but in a really subtle way I have seen his I have seen him doing this technique very often so I kind of wanted to try it out myself as well because I don’t think I’ve done this before maybe once but I’m not sure but I feel like this is kind of his signature eye look so I really wanted to have it give him some credit but I will put his social media details all in the description bar so I’m just gonna keep blending it and like I said earlier as of right now it’s looking a bit messy especially underneath that line that I created but don’t worry don’t let it discourage you from creating look like this because we’re gonna easily fix that so you really have to focus on is the crease looking nicely blended out and are all the shades looking just really soft together and then don’t worry about the messy sitation underneath the wing liner part .

So obviously I’m gonna do the same thing at the other side as well I felt like in comparison with the other eye this side is looking a bit too harsh so I tried to fix that so now I’m going in with a E25 brush from Sigma Beauty with a tiny bit of concealer on it and I’m just going to sweep my brush back and forth right underneath that winged liner I created and this is going to clean up all the messiness you can also use a tissue with some cleanser on it but I haven’t applied any foundation yet no concealer yet so I don’t know why I’m saying that because that’s not really the reason why I’m doing this but I don’t know I just like to use concealer but I could have used a cleansing wipe as well I don’t know I just like to use concealer I think so I did the same at the other side and I feel like the other side is still looking a bit too harsh but I’m gonna fix that in a minute I just went in with a little bit more of that dark brown and I just blended this in the corner of the winged liner if you know what I mean I just wanted it to look a little bit more soft just like the other side so now it’s looking a lot better this is how it’s looking so far and after this I applied my foundation and concealer off-camera and then now I’m going in with the dark brown color again and a flat definer brush and I’m gonna use this underneath the lower lash line since I use this color for the winged liner effects it’s now really beautiful to kind of use it underneath the lower lash line as well because now the lower lash line and the upper lash line are kind of going to connect like where the part of the winged liner starts you can now see that the lower lash line kind of blends into that part which i think is really nice so of course doing the same thing at the other side this is a really nice brush because you can either like create the winged liner at the upper effect as I did but also use it for the lower lash line to apply it really precisely now of course this is going to make it look a bit harsh like the application you can really see it clearly so we do want to blend it out and make get more soft therefore I’m taking a tiny blending brush from Sigma mixing the dark brown with the light brown and I’m just gonna use the mixture of those two colors to blend it all the way underneath the lower lash line the another next color I’m using is the second shade in the palette which is a really light shimmery pearly kind of color and I’m gonna use a Sigma Beauty smudge brush which I think is the number E21, I’m not quite sure but it’s called a smudge brush and it’s just a really tiny smudgy brush and I’m gonna use this for the inner corner to give it a little bit of a pop in the inner corner this shade was not super pigmented I did use a dry brush so maybe using a wet brush it’s gonna look a little bit more intense err now for in a one line I’m using a pencil from L’Oreal which is a really beautiful color it’s actually a little bit more warm tone in comparison with you other colors so if you think it’s to cooperate then you can also use like a nude pencil or maybe a dark darker pencil like a black if you want to make the whole look a bit more smoky that’s totally up to you so after applying it I’m going in with some mascara I’m using the Great Lash mascara from Maybelline which is my current favorite drugstore mascara I think it’s a really nice one and then for my fake lashes I applied my impishly lashes which are from my own lash company any tude I will have a special discount code for you guys in the description bar and then this is the end of the video I really hope you all enjoyed don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy this is really helpful for my youtube channel and also let me know if you want me to do another video using a super affordable pellet and if so what palette do you want me to use I’m really curious to know in the comments so maybe I can buy some of the recommendations that you want me to do videos with so definitely let me know and hopefully I will see you all in my next video bye you


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