Home Makeup Tutorials 5 MINUTE Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial | Prom Eye Makeup

5 MINUTE Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial | Prom Eye Makeup

5 MINUTE Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial | Prom Eye Makeup

hey guys and thank you so much for watching today’s video in today’s video I’m gonna show you how I created this sparkly pink eye look. Now before I go in with any eye shadow, I first prime my eyelids and then I applied some eye shadow guards.

Now in this video I’m gonna play with this beautiful palette by Jolie beauty. It’s called the: intergalactic palette. This is how the palette looks; it has a lot of beautiful colors and it has some pressed glitters in it.

So I’m really excited to play with it. I’m gonna start with this really light (White out) color which has a matte finish, and I’m going to press a little bit of that underneath the highest point of the eyebrow.

This is optional. If you don’t like a really bright under highlight underneath the brow you don’t have to do this it’s not gonna kind of break or make the eye look but I personally really like to do this.

So now next I’m gonna take this really soft yellow color I felt like I needed some sort of a transition color but I do have to say I might as well could’ve skipped this step I just wanted to kind of do it anyway because if you follow me for a while if I go in with any eye shadow I always start with a light color first.

But these shades I’m gonna apply after this one are actually quite soft and easy to blend so I might as well could have gone straight in with the next color. So the next color I’m going to blend it all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner I really wanted this shade to be there.

Because, this is going to be like the main color in the crease so I wanted to apply a lot of that to really darken up the crease and make it as pinky purple as possible the brush that I’m using right now is a sigma e40 brush and it’s actually one of my favorite blending brushes.

So I’m just doing the same thing – I keep adding more eyeshadow and I just keep blending back and forth. Of course I did the same at the other eye as well. I always start with one eye and then I do the same at the other eye.

Then next I’m going to take my finger and I’m gonna apply this color which is so beautiful I also posted about it in my Instagram story because when you look at the shade in the palette it doesn’t look like really spectacular but when you swatch it on your finger you can see this beautiful blue sparkle in it.

It’s so beautiful! I do have to say I’m going on top of it with a glitter we’re just kind of gonna cover up all the eyeshadow, but you can definitely do a eye look using only the pink in the crease and then this shade on the eyelid and then maybe apply a winged liner or some mascara and you’re good to go but I actually really wanted to play with glitter today so unfortunately it’s going to hide the eyeshadow underneath but it is what it is actually in real life when you look really close you could still see like the sparkles in between but like from further away you will only see the glitter that I’m applying right now so I’m using it on my finger and I just pressed it all over the eyelids and then this is how it looks.

Then I removed the eyeshadow guards and then I went straight into applying some gel liner. If you’re not into winged liner you can skip this step or only do a line above the lash line this is totally up to you.

I personally really like a winged liner. I just love winged liner I love how it looks on my eye shape but I can imagine if you have hooded eyes you’re not a big fan of doing winged liners, so skip this and go straight to the next step which is going to be the lower lash line.

So I am going on top of the gel liner with the NYX Cosmetics matte liquid liner. I feel like whenever I use glitter I want to go in with two eye liners to kind of cover up the glitters because sometimes when you apply a gel liner you can still see the glitters peeking through so that’s why I went in with the NYX Cosmetics liquid liner on top of it so now I’m going in with this purple color and a flat definer brush and I’m pressing it right underneath the lower lash line and then after applying it I’m going to take a tiny blending brush and I’m gonna sweep my brush back and forth to really blend it out I’m actually really love using those colors because they make my eye color stand out and then now for my waterline I’m gonna take this pencil from Urban Decay which is in the color : Love Drug which looks kind of similar to that shade I used underneath the lower lash line and I really love it I’ve actually used this pencil a few more times and it really goes well with today’s colors.

Now after that I curl my lashes then I’m going in with some mascara. I’m using the Great Lash mascara from Maybelline, which is my favorite drugstore mascara at the moment and I’m gonna apply some mascara now.

You can leave it like this with only applying mascara but I am going to apply some lashes because I feel like that compiments the whole eye look I will mention all the products I used in the description bar but yeah if you don’t like lashes- skip this step.

Obviously, if you don’t have a lot of experience applying lashes it’s gonna take so much more time which is gonna make it not that that quick so that’s totally up to you if you have some time left. you can apply lashes or if you don’t want to: You don’t.

I really hope you all enjoyed I hope you like the end result don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy and hopefully I will see you all in the next one bye.


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