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5 Minute Natural Makeup Tutorial!

5 Minute Natural Makeup Tutorial!

Hello my friends, I used to receive a lot of requests to do “makeup without makeup” I wasn’t excited to shoot this video because I love to do a lot of makeup But since this is what you wanted, of course I will ask for your request Actually I was in London and adopted this type of makeup I’ll start by correcting blemishes and pigmentation This is done by concealer The problems that most women suffer from are pigmentation around the eyes And acne in different parts of the face I recently used Zoeva’s Spectrum concealer palette It gives me a lot of coverage with a very small amount of lotion And since I want natural coverage, I will use this soft brush If you have a concealer in the perfect color for you, great I mix some colors to get my perfect shade In order to get a more natural result, I will use Farsali oil I will mix a little of it with concealer I’ll put a little bit of this mixture around the eye Every time you want to have hidden makeup I advise you to use your finger to combine the lotions This will give you a natural skin effect You can use a beauty blender sponge but I find that the finger temperature helps with better blending I will correct some impurities around the mouth as well This concealer has a hint of orange in it I will put in places that I would like to lighten the most Now I turn to the foundation and I will apply it in a way that it looks very natural This foundation from Anastasia is called Tan Stick Foundation I’ll put in a little bit of it and incorporate it in my hands I used a lighter color on the top of the cheek to highlight the area And a darker color for the contour Most women do not need much coverage around the forehead area I’ll take a small amount on my finger and pat it on the bottom of the forehead You see, I have a pimple here and a little bit of blackness in this area I will also use concealer to correct it I will use a small brush for this For the contour I will use Esthetica Contour Series Cream Palette And I’ll take this light color I’ll also put it on the palette where I have mixed the concealer in I mix it with the rest of the oil to get a natural-looking contour This is how you define your face, but in a light and natural way As for the forehead, do not overcontour To add life and flushing to the blushes, I’ll mix a little creamy lipstick with the bronzer I will mix Huda Beauty’s Icon and Gossip Girl colors I’ll mix them up and use them as blushers I think that the blushers add a lot of warmth to the face I’ll apply some highlighter to the top of the cheeks And I’ll use Moon Dust shade from Huda Beauty Palette It is very important that you use your fingers for this type of makeup This helps your make-up blend well with your skin I will use very fine makeup on the eyes I’ve always loved applying bronzer to the eyelid When we picked this shade, we wanted it to resemble bronzer And I think it’s the perfect eye fold color You can rely on the Moon Dust on the brow bone to illuminate the eyes For more warmth, you can mix Shy and Flamingo And put them on the fold of the eye also lightly As for the eyebrows, I’ll start by combing them And I won’t fill it out very often My eyebrows are thick and I don’t need a lot of correction If your eyebrows are light, you can fill them in as needed I’ll use the Benefit Ka Brow Brow Gel As for the eyelashes, I would like them to look natural and soft Therefore, I will lift the eyelid a little to contour the inside of the eye with kohl Then I’ll define the eyelid with a few darker shades I think the shadows have a softer effect than eyeliner Now I’m going to put on a little mascara, prefer to use an eyelash curler after mascara To make the effect last longer Many women fear that their eyelashes will break in this way You can use a hair dryer to warm up the plunger Take care not to be too hot so as not to cross your eyes This mascara is by Dior and its name is Iconic Overcurl When I don’t want to powder concealer I remove any excess mascara residue on the lower lashes Turning to the lips, I always use a lip liner I think this step is very necessary I’ll put a little bit of it on and blend it with my finger Also, I’ll outline it well at the top And when I blend it in, the lips look very natural To finish off the look, I’ll add a few more lip glosses This look is very suitable for wear So this is the ultimate look, I hope you like it Please do not ask me for more videos like this so that we can remain friends uf04a Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat and bye-bye


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