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5 Minute Parisian Chic | Makeup Tutorial

5 Minute Parisian Chic | Makeup Tutorial

welcome back to the channel this is a little makeup tutorial my like makeup muse eyelet and I’m obsessed she has some Brown moment on the eyes and then red lips very clean skin just like effortless because that’s how she rolls French chic so I’m gonna start with a primer this is Pacha silk canvas and you’re gonna get ready Gary must be nice to be a man I didn’t bring any foundation with me but I’m gonna use this healthy glow Charlotte Tilbury it’s all year-round hydrating tinted moisturizer and it’s a really cool product because when you apply it to the skin it releases color so when you’re 10 you know how high it’s small little imperfections or invitation or anything like that it helps for everything to look a little better I like to use it as my foundation when I go out at night can you use this bye-bye poor and then I’m going to move right to the eyes so I’m going to be using this magenta cat eye color from your sticks this is an Brown same pencil I’ll also use as an eyeliner to keep the color scheme go and then just here a little bit let’s do the brows right now I’m using this gimme brow okay so I went a little more with the brown eyeliner but that’s basically it for the eyes this is how I love my makeup and out I’m going to use this L’Oreal voluminous carbon block if you like with her cheeks she went a little more brownish and that’s any really other color so I actually have this Chanel blush less beige which is a beige you color it’s time for the lips so I’m actually trying this Rouge liquid powder my Chanel but hers looks really red so we might have to go writer or keifa desk and just have our own version of that look I adore these because they look like a matte stain and it just feels really effortless looking even though it’s so bad topping it with the rural or velvet and imperial because I don’t have the actual correct shade of red so this was a super easy smokey eye to make that little brownish feel to it with that one pencil I used it as a shadow and as an eyeliner and then I went for like a brownish beige type of blush hi beauties thank you so much for watching my wannabe Parisian chic makeup tutorial don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell and if you want to check my blooming tutorial check it right there


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