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5 Minutes Everyday College /Uni/Work Makeup |No Makeup Makeup Look |flawlessmakeupbyzaine

5 Minutes Everyday College /Uni/Work Makeup |No Makeup Makeup Look |flawlessmakeupbyzaine

Hello Everyone Welcome back to my youtube channel Today’s video is about No makeup makeup look for college /Uni going girls. If you are a working woman. This look is suitable for you So the first step is cleansing.

You can use any cleanser or makeup remover To memove makeup or dirt from your face Next take any moisturiser Here I m using Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream You have to prep your face very well for the makeup My main focus is on priming my face I’ll moisturise my face really well here Do apply Sunblock before makeup Here I am using Rivaj Uk Vitamin C serum because of winters my skin gets really dry but if u donot have dry skin u can skip this step.

Here I have applied moisturiser Next if u have primer then use it But mostly college going girls donot have primer or alot of makeup Don’t worry I’ll tell you a hack You can use aloevera gel as a primer.

It makes ur makeup long lasting. Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup. It doesnot allow chemicals to enter your skin. If u have dry area around your nose and upper lip or ur makeup doesnot stay in these areas Then apply primer around these areas Next use any concealer or foundation (light to medium coverage) And apply only on those areas where concealing is needed.

If you are using concealer then apply it with the help of your fingers (in less quantity) or apply in dots on dark areas only. Donot apply too much foundation as its a no makeup makeup look. Just apply light foundation to hide your dark areas.

I am applying foundation under my eyes and upper lips to hide marks n darkcircles. Blend with the help of a wet beauty blender. Make sure you squeeze water from the beauty blender before using. Use it in a dabbing motion to blend your concealer or foundation.

Make sure you blend really well to avoid cakey or patchy makeup. Next take any face or looose powder and set your face with it If you are doing this makeup in summera then set ur face with loose powder really well to avoid sweat n patchy face.

Now I’ll comb my eyebrows with the help of a spoolie If u donot have a spoolie you can use clean mascara wand to brush your eyebrows. Use brown/black Eyeshadow and fill your eyebrows very lightly. Make sure you donot make dark eyebrows as its a light makeup look .

I have filled my eyebrows very lightly. Comb your eyebrows again after filling just to make sure they are not overfilled. I am not gonna prime my eyelids or gonna use concealer to shape my eyebrows. You can if u want.

I am keeping them simple for a very natural makeup look. I am applying black liner from Glam Girl Eyebrow pallette now i am gonna smudge that liner with the help of brown eyeshadow and small fluffy blending brush to give my eyes a very natural smokey effect.

I am gonna blend my both eyes like that. Now you’ll see how beautiful and natural they look. Now apply any white /Nude /Black pencil. Avoid kajol and eyeliner in summers because when it smudges due to sweating and heat it looks really bad.

I have this white liner on my waterline from Glam Girl Eyebrow Pallette. If you dont have white pencil u can apply kajol (black pencil) as well. I am using Rivaj Uk mascara for my eyelashes. Now I am taking a Highlighter pallette and gonna use silver and pinkish shade as a blush and highlighter Its totally upto u if want to use blush and highlighter separately you can use it.

You can see thats a very natural makeup look and it turned out so good n beautiful. Just see the eye makeup Damn it looks so beautiful 😍 Many of you guys havenot subscribed to my channel Oh Girls what are you waiting forrrr Go and subscribeeeee Do lemme know in comment section if u liked it and also tell me what makeup look should i create next.


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