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5 Minutes Makeup Tutorial ♥ Fresh Fast and Simple

5 Minutes Makeup Tutorial ♥ Fresh Fast and Simple

this makeup tutorial is super quick and simple but it will still let your look refresh and awake shall we get started after cleansing your face use a toner that will give your skin a refreshing boost a toner will also remove all excess sebum and get your skin back to the normal pH level next step is eye cream and moisturizer if you still need that freshness kick try keep them both in your fridge the coolness will reduce puffiness and redness Pet both on very gently apply your favorite lip balm so personally I prefer a BB cream over a foundation because I have more fancies in benefits like whitening SPF and anti-wrinkle properties and it’s easier to blend it out with your fingers and a foundation make sure you blend it out very easily now let’s brighten up those eyes use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your own skin tone and put it under your eye in the Triangle this will make your face look brighter cover redness and blemishes and blend everything out so if I’m gonna rush I like to use a tinted eyebrow gel that matches my hair I feel like this is way easier and faster than an eyebrow pencil now with a black eye pencil draw a line on the upper waterline this will give your eyelashes a fuller look just lift them up very lightly then draw a triangle on the outer side of your eyes and smudge it out now curl your lashes and apply mascara now use a setting powder the reason why I just use this now is you need to let your foundation and BB cream to oxidize a bit so it won’t look that cakey I use a peachy lipstick apply this on your lips use the same lipstick as a blush here if you want to look more fresh just apply this on the apples of your cheeks and blend out with your fingers now to the final step use a cream highlighter and warm it up with your finger apply it on the bridge of your nose the outer sea of your eyes in the inner corner of your eyes you’re proud zone and your Cupid’s bow and we are done you should look wide-awake and glowing so I really hope this video was actually helpful to you please let me know if you liked it and thanks so much for watching bye


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