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7 Snapchat Filters Makeup Tutorial/DIY (CC)

7 Snapchat Filters Makeup Tutorial/DIY (CC)

(Scanning) NEYHH! (crunching) (scream) Bleh! WAAAAA! I cry er tyme (sparkles) Good evening! In this tutorial, I am going to be going over majority of the new Snapchat filters.. things… lenses? I have heard they’re called lenses, and I’ve heard they’re called filters.

.. Who cares. I originally saw this rainbow look on GettingPretty’s channel and I’m like “Oh my God, Brittany!” That is amazingly adorable! She inspired me to want to become ALL OF THEM. Im also going to put a link for GettingPretty’s channel somewhere in this video (It’s in the right hand corner) (i’ll save you the search.

It’s also in the description) Be sure to check her out, she is a major sweetheart. Although I have this look on right now, you guys can visit her channel to see how to do the rainbow. I originally saw it on her channel, I think she should be the one to teach you guys.

IIII will be showing you all of the other ones that I just randomly decided to do. It is 10 at night, and I am a rainbow. I will stop rambling, but most of these looks can be done with stuff just from the drugstore.

They are so easy to do for Halloween, and they would look so cute with a group of friends. “I DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS” All of the products I used today will be listed somewhere around the video. Also dont forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me.

The first one I am going over is facial recognition. Why? Because without the technology of facial recognition, none of this would exist! Thanks technology! … and this is by far the most complicated one.

I’m starting off by outlining my eyebrows to make them look on fleek.. Im doing my lines using white body paint, but you can also do them using white eyeliner. The easiest way I figured out how to do this is to make dots, and connect the lines.

Basically, connect the dots on your face. Most of this look is just dividing it up into a bunch of triangles. I would also suggest doing one section of your face at a time, so you dont get confused what you are doing.

.. Trust me, you will. (music) (a lot of music) For around my eyes, I am not going down onto my eyelids, to prevent it from smudging. (more music) (a lot of lines, and a lot of music) Congratulations! You are now the Black Eyed Peas album cover.

WAAAAAAA! To “cry every time,” I am using grey eyeshadow and outlining where my tears are going to go. Try to draw them more towards the center of your face, so you can see them when looking straight.

only outline the tear drops on one side. (music) Using light blue eyeshadow, I am then filling in what is left of that tear drop. Once again, go in with grey eyeshadow and shade the same side we’ve already shaded, but darker.

Using white body paint, or white eyeliner, I am then going in and adding the shine to all of the tears and concentrating on the drop at the bottom. Also add more white underneath your eye, because that is where the light will catch it the most.

(surprise! more music) To give it a cartoon effect, straight up just draw white lines for shine. Go back with grey shadow and create a shadow on the OPPOSITE side you started out with. If you have green eyes like me, or darker eyes, getting light contacts will also add to the teary eyes.

I cry er tym! NYYEHH! Now I literally dont know what this thing is…. but when I first saw this one, the first sound that came out of my mouth was NYEHHH! Using white body paint, I am drawing on my eyes.

Not directly over my eyes, but off to the side. You can also use white eyeliner and white shadow for this step. Taking light brown eyeshadow, I am then outlining both of the eyeballs. and going back in with a darker brown eyeshadow to give them somewhat of depth.

Fill in the pupils using the Night Owl Eyeliner, which are going to be…. not….. straight. Outline the top of the eyes using an eyebrow pencil. Fill in your lips using lip liner and extend them out a bit to give more of that NYEHH face.

I would have left off the eyebrows, but if you want to draw eyebrows on there, please be my guest. To create the face you make when you see my YouTube channel… *bu dum tis* Using a fluffy brush, I am starting off by outlining the hearts using blush.

For all these looks, you can always cover your eyebrows, but if you’re just going trick or treating, just enjoy whatever filter you have on without putting glue on your face. Fill in the hearts using light pink body paint, but you can also use eyeshadows for this step as well.

Using hot pink eyeshadow, I am separating the hearts from the… heart.. puff? around them. I also darkened up said “heart puffs” a little more. Draw in the shine in your loving eyes using white body paint, or white eyeliner.

Finish off the little point on your hearts using red eyeshadow. Look at yourself in the camera admiringly. This by far is one of my favorite ones because it reminds me of my chinchilla. I am using brown eyeshadow to put on my nose.

Then using brown eyeliner and putting on my whisker holes. Heavily add blush to the tops of your cheeks, and puff up your face. AND EAT SOMETHING. SOMETHING… crunchy.. For puking a rainbow, I will put a link to Getting Pretty’s channel up in the corner or something like that, and you guys can watch her tutorial for this part.

For mine, I decided to add a little extra shine, and added Lit glitter to all of the stripes, I HAD ALL OF THE COLORS EXCEPT ORANGE. Of course, for the spirit of Halloween and love for all things scary, Using the Night Owl Eyeliner, I outlined where my mouth is going to go, just so I didnt accidentally fill it in grey Paint your face grey.

(Black/wihte body paint, or grey) Using Halloween store body paint shouldn’t be a problem for this one. Also continue this on your neck and chest since this filter is in black and white. Using tan body paint (you can also use foundation), fill in your teeth.

Fill in your mouth using black body paint, but you can also use eyeliner, which I am using the the Night Owl Eyeliner to make my teeth more spikey looking. I then mixed together some dark grey body paint for the lips.

You can also use eyeshadows for this. On the filter, it is more spotty and ‘bleh’ looking, but a better way to create that effect in person is to create more cracks around the eyes. You guys can also use eyeliner for this step, I am using body paint and the MadeULook detail brush.

Using grey and black eyeshadow, I am shading around my eyes and in the furrow of the brow. The filter doesn’t get as detailed as the furrow in the brow, but I just.. I wanted.. I WANTED IT THERE. I am also using grey and black eyeshadows to contour out my collar bone, and neck tendons.

Which it doesn’t show in the filter…. but I wanted it. Using black body paint, go over your eyes to create the dark eye sockets. Once again, not in the filter, I used black eyeshadow to define my cheek bones, as well as contour my temples.


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