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90s GRUNGE EGIRL Makeup Tutorial 🌒

90s GRUNGE EGIRL Makeup Tutorial 🌒

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. On today’s video, I’m gonna do an e-girl make up look… slash grunge make up, as per your request. And I think this “badass” kind of look is the trend nowadays.

A lot of people do this transformation, too. And then there’s the ABG make up look. Some of you also requested the ABG make up look, but I don’t think I’m gonna do that, guys. Because it’s kinda similar to this (e-girl make up look).

The difference is just how you style this look. I hope you watch until the end of this video. And without further ado, let’s get started! Hello, guys! So, this is my bare face. And before we begin, I would like to answer.

.. the most frequently asked questions. The first one is, “How come your lips are already pink when you are bare faced?” Guys, my lips have been pink since forever. And since I don’t smoke, I don’t have dark lips.

And just before I start shooting my videos, I often use Burt’s Bees’ tinted lip balm. I’m using the #Rose one. It’s not bold red like lip tints, but rather it gives my lips a natural pink shade. Now, the lip balm has dried (earlier it looks glossy).

I have drunk, too, so well… It’s kind of wiped off my lips. See, my lips don’t look glossy anymore. And I have shown you guys on my previous videos… that I’m wearing that lip tint. And then, there are also a lot of you asking, where have my eyebags gone to? Well, there’s this thing called “lighting”.

When shooting in my old apartment, I only used ring light. But here, I’m using softboxes too, one on the left and one on the right. So that’s how I “erased” my eyebags. But when I bow my head down, they’re actually still here.

See. And as you can see, I’m nearing my PMS period, so acnes have begun appearing on my skin again, but… the ones on my forehead are already cleared off. But here, there’s this one big acne and this hurts a lot, guys.

And there’s also a little one here… and a few acne scars from long ago… that haven’t cleared off. So, let’s just begin the make up! First things first, as usual, I don’t really like gel or cream primers.

I’d rather use the spray ones. So for the primer, I’m gonna use… MAC Prep + Prime’s Fix+. You can use this before and after you’ve done your make up. And this smells really nice. Next, I’m going straight to the foundation.

I want this look to be flawless and with full coverage… so, I’m gonna use NARS’ Sheer Glow Foundation. Mine is in the shade #Light, 3.5. I don’t know whether or not this product is available in Indonesia.

If I remember correctly, I bought this in Thailand. I bought this in the airport and it’s difficult to get another one of this, and I think mine’s almost finished off. I’d like another one of this. If you know where to get this foundation, please tell me in the comment section below.

Next, I’m gonna apply powder. This one is from Shiseido, mine is in the shade 130, #Opal. This powder is impressive, and as usual, I’m gonna apply this using a brush. Now, I’m gonna fix my eyebrows. I’m using this product from FOCALLURE, and I don’t know what shade is this.

.. But the color is gray, guys, see. I’m gonna brush my eyebrows first, as usual. And I’m gonna get my eyebrows on fleek today. You know, since this look is pretty bold. So, my eyebrows have to be… sharp-angled.

The tip is kinda hard to work with. Now, I’m gonna use… Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter brow gel. I’m gonna brush my eyebrows upwards, starting from the head of my eyebrow. Continue to the tail of the eyebrow.

From the arch to the tail, I’m gonna brush my eyebrows according to the direction of the brow hairs. So, it doesn’t have to be brushed upwards… because my left brow is higher than my right brow, so, I have to balance it out.

And now, for the concealer, I’ve found a concealer that’s quite similar to my Kryolan concealer. This is CATRICE’s, mine is in the shade 10, #Ivory. I’m gonna conceal the middle part first. Still, the Kryolan does a better job than this.

But this one is pretty good, too. The Kryolan one is thicker in consistency. I’m gonna add a layer of the Kryolan concealer on top of this. The bottom of my brows are looking good. And now I’m gonna conceal the top part, too, to get the perfectly-shaped eyebrows.

Ta-da! It’s done, guys. I really really love these eyebrows. I used to do my eyebrows like this, but now, I think I like natural-looking eyebrows better. I’ll still let the strokes of my real eyebrow hairs show, though, so it still looks natural.

We’re gonna do bold, smokey eye shadow today. For the base color, I’m gonna use… MAC’s Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eyeshadow in the shade #Best of Me. This is nude and it has matte finish. I’m gonna put this on all over my eyelids.

Next, I’m gonna use Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded palette. First one, for the crease area, I’m gonna use this #Bucked shade, this one. Is it pronounced as Bucked or Buck-ed? Either way, it’s this matte brown color.

I’m gonna use this as a transition color, guys, so I’ll apply this on my crease. Blend slowly from the outer corner to the inner corner. Now, for the smokey color. I’m gonna use this dark brown shade, #End Game.

Apply this to the margin of your eyelids, and slowly blend it upwards. If you don’t want the eye shadow messing with your foundation, I recommend doing your eye make up first. I totally forgot about this.

And it gets messy a bit. Now, I’m gonna use the eyeliner. This is Maybelline’s Hyper Impact Liner. This is one of the best eyeliner. The tip is not a brush, but it’s silicon. And it’s really thin and pointy.

So you can make a very well-defined cateye. For the front part, I’m gonna make a thin, pointed line on my inner corner. For the undereye area, I’m gonna make it smokey too. First, I’ll apply the light brown shade.

From the outer corner up until this part here. And add a layer of the dark brown on top of it. I’m applying this on my waterline too. And for the dark brown, I’m not gonna apply it all the way to the inner corner.

I’ll stop in the middle. And to highlight my inner corner area, I’m gonna use this #Barely Baked shade, combined with this #Angel Fire shade. Now for the mascara, I’m using a waterproof one. I’m using Moko Moko’s My Precious Mascara.

This is really waterproof. And I’m gonna apply this to my bottom lashes. If you don’t have eyelash extensions, just curl your top lashes, and put on… false lashes, but make sure the false lashes are thick.

To make your eyes really pop. I really like this mascara, because it’s got fibers, So when I applied this mascara, it makes my lashes look very long. Seriously, my face looks really fierce. Now, I’m gonna stick some sequins here.

Like Lisa’s make up, because I want to make it look like… I’ve got piercings there, when in reality it’s just sequins. I’m gonna put some eyelash glue first. Stick another one here. Now, I’m gonna do some contouring using.

.. Sephora’s Sun Disk Bronzing Powder. The gigantic one. I’m starting from my cheeks. And then my jawline. For the blush on, I’m using Emina’s Cheeklit Pressed Blush. In the shade #Bittersweet, which is this brownish orange color.

For the highlight, I’m using… Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade #Champagne Pop. I’ll put it on here. We’re almost done, guys. Now I’m gonna stick some more sequins. To make it symmetrical, so there’ll be two up here and two down here.

And another one next to it. Almost done. I’ll set my make up using MAC’s Prep + Prime. For my lips, the first thing I’m gonna put on is… ElsheSkin’s Smooth Lip Matte in the shade #Hello Beautiful. It’s soft pink.

I like this, the color is so natural. And it feels very light on my lips, this is my first time using this product. I’ll go for ombre lips using… Reka’s Power Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade #Midnight Bordeaux.

I’d like it if my upper lips look a bit more plump, so I’ll add some more lipstick. And add some more down here too. I’ll also apply a bit of the dark brown eye shadow on the middle part of my lip here.

We’ll try this (fake piercing) on. I think it looks better if I put in on one side rather than in the middle. Well, guys, so that’s all for today’s video. I hope you like this look. Honestly, I’m impressed with how this look turns out.

.. because I’ve never seen my face on RBF mode. To be fair, this kind of look does make people’s faces… look fierce and kinda bitchy. So, thank you so much for requesting this video! Don’t forget to like and share this video.

.. and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. And I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye!


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