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90s SUPERMODEL makeup tutorial | Doutzen Kroes

90s SUPERMODEL makeup tutorial | Doutzen Kroes

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s tutorial and recreating it this demson cruise inspired a supermodel makeup look and I’m working with L’Oreal Paris on today’s video which is super exciting because if you follow me on Instagram or on my blog channel you might already know but not too long ago I went to a Paris Fashion Week as a guest with L’Oreal Paris Canada I got to see which L’Oreal Paris products were used for makeup and hair for different shows and actually sit front row at the show so it was really amazing and if you want to check out that whole experience I will have it listed in the information button and linked down below over to my blog channel that’s where I post anything travel related or like behind the scenes but you will see little clips in this video like for example I got to go to the annual Leday feel a show which is a annual L’Oreal Paris fashion show where all of the ambassadors walk and Doutzen Cruz walked I saw her I saw her at the after-party she is stunning and I thought it would be fun to recreate one of her looks using all doriel Paris products so if you guys enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture looks and don’t forget to ring the bell notification buttons so that you don’t miss an upload and thanks again to L’Oreal Paris Canada for this amazing opportunity and it really hope you guys like this look I’m starting off this supermodel makeup look with the Revitalift triple power lzr hyaluronic acid serum from L’Oreal Paris y’all this serum is a keeper it’s a great primer especially moving into fall in winter to deeply hydrate and replenish the skin for a visibly plump look it’s highly concentrated with 1.

5% of pure hyaluronic acid doesn’t feel tacky it just leaves a bouncy skin texture and then preps for makeup another type of primer from L’Oreal Paris which was the first a drugstore primer I ever used is the studio secrets magic perfecting base I forgot how much I love this you just take a pea-sized amount and smooth over the skin for baby soft skin it really helps blur the look of pores you can always use one or the other but I thought I would show both of my faves the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi healthy luminous makeup is my go-to foundation I don’t tend to love super high coverage foundations I like to be able to thin out a product on the back of my hand and then apply all over and then build up in areas if I need to so this is a perfect dewy option I chose more of a honey toned base and I have neutral skin so sometimes I’ll bring out more of a yellow undertone or pink depending on the inspiration or tones I’m using but in general knowing your undertone is a great tip in finding your foundation shade so look at your wrist and if the veins look blue your more cool toned and if it’s green more warm toned and if you see both you are more neutral like me one of my all-time faves healers is the L’Oreal Paris True Match super blendable multi-use concealer I know this is a fave for a lot of people because it’s just so easy to blend into any foundation and if you use a slightly lighter shade this is great to help highlight the high points of the face so for this look I’m highlighting above the brows cheekbones jawline a tiny bit on the ball of the chin and I’m gonna snatch that nose in so I’m bringing it up the sides of the bridge for contour and bronzer I’m gonna cream contour and add a lot of warmth in just one step this is the L’Oreal Paris long wear foundation shaping stick in a deeper shade I’m applying to the forehead under the cheekbones and under the jawline it’s gonna look real intense up first but blend away and we have a softer contour than using like an ashy powder you can always intensify if you want to add in a lot of shade there but I’ve also added that warmth to the nose and I’m just creating a slimmer nose bridge by shading between the eyes onto the nostrils and my nose is wider and rounder so I’d like to bring that concealer up again once I have applied the contour as well for the illusion of less of a bridge but it is still my nose I don’t want it to be too makeup B or too ashy because super model looks are always like you know you’re wearing the makeup and not that the makeup is wearing you if you get what I’m saying just a pop of the True Match blush I love the packaging in this one super convenient and easy to apply above the contour almost on the skin I know there’s a lot of skin steps but that really gives that supermodel esque look in the bring in the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi cloche in this is a natural glow enhancer and I’m using the shade fair for a little more highlight on the tip of my nose and were subtly snatched also down the cheekbones and on the chin you can really apply this anywhere that you want to look a bit dewy and it’s not too intense it just gives a naturally glowing look in my inspiration photo at Doutzen has fairly cool roots with honey blonde hair and her brows are more a warm Auburn Brown which I wouldn’t have known to pair together but it looks really nice so I went warmer with the L’Oreal Paris brow stylist definer this is a waterproof eyebrow mechanical pencil and I’m using the shade brunette here and to get the look use fine strokes and fill in the sparse areas in the brows and go with the rounded arch her brows are pretty evenly full through the head arch and tail moving on to shadows I’m using a couple singular shadows for a quick and easy smoky eye I’m going to start with the shade at Mademoiselle a pink as a base through the crease and generally with deeper gray or black shadows for the lid I like a bit of warmth in the crease so that the shades it can fade into the skin more naturally I’m creating a soft rounded shape above the crease into a V with the shade at quartz fume this comes out as a a topi Brown on me and then taking noir Sanwa tap onto the lid I love this deep shadow I have so many pricey dark shadows that I’ve tried that gives so much Fallout and this one doesn’t give me any it really sticks to the brush and applies easily on the lid and I feel like the deep shadow is the most risky step it’ll look like this and it becomes super easy when there isn’t you know touch-ups no fallout i’m using the loreal paris pro last eyeliner to tightline my upper lash line in black and when I’m not using falsies it really helps to complete the look to get that liner right into the top upper lashes and to just deepen up the lash line and then fade out one more time with a deeper shadow I have a couple favourite L’Oreal Paris mascaras but the lash paradise mascara is my top pick I love the pearly pink packaging for this mascara it feels super luxurious and if you want voluptuous volume lush length and feathery soft lashes this is a go-to I did a live stream and some of you guys were asking me what falsies I was wearing after doing this look and it was just this mascara I don’t think I have naturally super long or full lashes so I am obsessed with this these slightly over line lips are everything I chose the L’Oreal Paris color riche matte lip liner this is a bit tricky because I do have bottom heavy lips with a smaller top lip and Doutzen slips are the opposite but once I lined to get that liner looking a bit more realistic I’m taking the shaping stick I used before from L’Oreal and I’m creating a stop shadow so it looks like the lip has more volume it looks a bit odd at first but once we add the rest of the lip liner it really will come together of course subtle is better with tricks like these and now using the L’Oreal Paris Rouge signature I chose a burnt rosy shade this is the lasting matte liquid lipstick in I lead I love the applicator because it’s so easy to follow along that new lip line and the formula is super lightweight for a bear lip sensation hopefully you can tell help then this is while still getting that color and it’s very long wearing I faded out the center so some of my natural pink and my lip would shine through and finally a plumping product this is the color riche plump and shine lipstick it has a soft a menthol plumping effect and I’m just using it in the center of the bottom lip super comfortable and moisturizing my mom stole a couple of these for me as she loves them too and they have a slightly tingling feeling but not too intense so that’s the look I just love those pictures of mid glam looks with the clip still in the hair so here’s my recreation I hope you enjoy the steps and cruise inspired look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos every week also like I said if you want to check out behind the scenes of Paris Fashion Week see what I wore the hair and makeup and outfits and all of that be sure to check out my vlog Channel I’ve been having a lot of fun with vlogs this year every time I travel like there’s one in South Korea parents and white coming up so they’re really fun and I hope you will subscribe to that second channel as well also check out my Instagram if you want to see how I did at this blonde transformation I didn’t actually color my hair and I think it is blended and pretty nice so yeah more hacks over on my Instagram and I love it when you guys that tag me in your photos if you end up recreating any of the looks on my channel so here are a couple of my favorite thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next one


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