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A Makeup Tutorial in German | Ein Makeup Tutorial in Deutsch (w English subtitles)

A Makeup Tutorial in German | Ein Makeup Tutorial in Deutsch (w English subtitles)

Hello welcome to my channel Before I start I just want to say if I kinda sound off or slow during this tutorial I want to apologize in advance because I have to speak a bit slower and really think before I speak to make sure of what I am trying to say that is why I might sound a bit slow while I am filming this To be quite honest it is so weird for me to to speak German into the camera my oh my For the eyes today I thought I’d use the Huda palette because I am trying to stay on the more natural side Before I start I am going to take my Glossier stretch concealer This concealer is currently my favorite one I’m just gonna put it on my finger and dab it onto my eye Is that the word? Dab?! Dab.

I haven’t said that word in a long time Dab.. Before I started filming this I should’ve checked if Glossier is a thing in Germany I am pretty sure it’s a known brand I don’t think it’s only US exclusive Or maybe it is? I don’t know If someone could please let me know in the comment section if Glossier is a thing in Germany or if its a known brand Please let me know because I really would like to know Thank you Thank you in advance thank you Stretch concealer in on my eyes Next up is.

… I was gonna say NEXT Next I am going to take my Fenty powder and apply it using a fluffy brush (*not sure about the German word) all over my eyelid with a fluffy eye brush (*still don’t know the German word for brush) with this here.

.. I’m going to take some onto this fluffy this thing here.. and dab it aaallll over my eyelid then I’m blowing off all the left over powder and swishy swashy it off my lids great word huh swishy swashy From the Huda palette I will use the shade Secret and I’m just gonna use a bit much I’m not afraid of that To be honest I hardly ever use this palette because I always think that I am not a pink or purple or soft- girly-tones- type of girl but to be honest I think this is a really cute shade this shade is not too girly Next I will take this purple shade why I don’t know cause I am also not a purple type of girl I never wear anything purple but since this is all new with the German speaking makeup tutorial on YouTube why not try new things if it will look good I don’t know I never claimed to be a professional makeup artist Never said that Let’s see how this color is going turn out I am going to stay a bit lower of the shade I had just applied but high enough so that I can layer it I’m going to put a bit more onto my brush my oh my I do think this is a beautiful color I do have to say that Taking the first brush I had used and I’m going to go over everything to make sure everything is nicely blended For the next shade I will take the same brush I just used for the purple and dip into the shade Raw I maybe should not have used so much because this shade looks a tad to dark I’m going look down and I’m applying the shade where I want it to be the darkest I thought this shade would be more of a darker brown because in the palette it looks more like a brown to me this one here it does have a purply tint in it but to me its more on the brown side to be honest and on the eye it looks well purple But it’s all ok too late here we are and we gonna make the best out of it it’s just gonna be a everyday purple mauve toned makeup look I have a little trick I want to soften this area right here I am going to use my very first brush and dip it into my powder blow some off and then I’m going to diffuse it so it won’t look too harsh just a little the edges.

.just a little just like you’d say in Fränkisch…bissrl taking my second brush and going over it again Since the Huda palette doesn’t have any deep brown tones I will switch over to the ABH Soft Glam palette and use the shade Cypress Umber Great shade of brown you can see that I’ve been using it a lot I think to be honest this is the only palette I use daily All you need in a palette is in this one I did not use this one today just cause I filmed a video using it yesterday and I did not want to repeat that again Anyways I will take this brown and put or dab it into my crease that’s basically what I am doing.

.dabbing it that’s why dabbing is appropriate and I am roughly trying to blend it in a triangular shape and then to blend/drag it towards the middle I did not show this but I just put some more of the brown on the brush to intensify the brown shade furthermore it’s kind of like a construction site *sings German construction song* This spot on my eye right here kind of problematic because I am not getting any younger and and just getting older and right here I have a big ole dry yea big dry spot that will be there forever and will never leave That spot is flipping me off and saying You’re getting older and your skin is only getting dryer Hm seems alright just going to take my first brush and diffuse the edges a bit just a tad juuuust a tad ok the eyes seem ok I will leave them like this I wasn’t planning on doing all this to my eyes anyways now I’m sitting here and over blending oh well Next I will jump back to the Huda palette and use the shade Play and for this shade I’ll use my finger and just plopp the shade right onto my inner crease and hope for the best ok this is not working out with my extra large finger so I will be using a small flat brush to apply the shade play and I am just going to apply it a little bit more than half onto my lid Out of all shades I must say that this one here really is my favorite Just thinking to myself of how come I do not use this shade way more often This one is really pretty The eyes are almost done But before I continue I will take my Glossier concealer and yea.

.conceal what is conceal in German? I am going to use a brush because using my finger it’s not that precise so I’m just going to use both Next I will use my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge and just “jump” around all over my face dab around not jump around just dab and dab and dab I know it looks a little too much but we are working on that I am glad I was able to save this because I applied a bit too much concealer onto my face but hey Makeup is fun I will dab some onto my chin onto the sides of my mouth cause I have these hanging things.

. my dad gave those to me and I will dab some onto my fore head so that.. everything..what’s the word? so that everything looks more put together just a little bit of brighting up here I am not a big fan of over brighting up here but without, it kind of looks weird Before I apply eyeshadow under my eyes I will set my lower lash line with powder using a clean brush I will put it directly under my lash line so I can blend the shades better Doing this for two reasons I won’t apply and set my face today because I want a dewy effect and I don’t want to have a matte face and because this concealer to be honest doesn’t need any powder it does not crease or cause any product build up under my eyes and that is why this concealer is so great I will still set right under just so I can mix the shades better just a little Because the concealer is a tad bit wet Next I will take a small brush and start with the darkest shade first and that would be Cypress Umber from the ABH Soft Glam Palette I am basically going to start with the darkest shade and end with the lightest shade I am going to try to connect the shades as good as possible With a new small clean brush I will take some of the shade Secret and next using the same brush I will use the shade Play my favorite shade from this palette This is a clean Sigma blending brush and I am going to try and blend it a bit better because I feel like I didn’t do a great job Next it’s time for my lashes and I will apply those real quick off camera and yea I will be right back Lashes are on and next I will use my Fenty Full Frontal mascara and yea apply some mascara to my lashes.

. Mascara does make a big difference Look at this For my contour and bronzer I am going to use the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out cream bronzer Thingyamajiggy oh my gosh I don’t know how to say it to apply this I will use a small brush and and just do this just put it here some under my nose I know I’m aware I put to much here but here it’s ok that’s why this bronzer is one of my favorite products because it’s so easily blendable and super creamy This brush is from Real Techniques and I’ve been using this one for many years I just dab it onto where I want most of the bronzer It is so creamy and blendable it’s so great I hope I can save this here cause this is too dark one more time to demonstrate just dabbing that’s all I’m doing and then I’m gonna put some here just a lil bit then I’m going to blend it under my nose and whatever is left on the brush I will very lightly use on the sides of my nose For blush I will use Fenty Cheeks Out blush Usually I use this brush for my blush but since it’s not clean I’m just gonna use my finger with these Fenty blushes it works pretty well This is the first time I am using a purple shade blush Never used a shade like this Look, it is such a nice shade To diffuse it a bit more I am going to use my beauty sponge and directly go over the area where concealer and blush meet So it will blend all nicely together onto my skin oooh my gosh my German sometimes sounds so broken *basically my oh my Taking some more of the blush and dabbing a bit onto my hand so it won’t be so much and apply a tiny amount onto my forehead just a tiny bit I like a little blush on different areas on may face so everything looks more pulled together Next I will use the Nightshine Highlight from Glossier I purchased this about a month ago and ever since it has been my favorite highlight and I will show you why because this product is the bomb look at this a little bit onto the nose a tiny bit then a little here and there above my eyebrow extra shine never hurt right Next and last it’s time for the lips and since I don’t posses any purple lipsticks I am going to use Buxom’s VA VA Voom in the shade Getting Warmer I use this shade everytime I don’t know what lipstick to use I always forget of how cute this shade is My makeup is done Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for listening I hope my German wasn’t too bad I wish you have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope we see each other again very soon.

Bye 🙂


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