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OKAY DUE TO UNPOPULAR DEMAND, THE SUBS CONTINUE. Now my eyebrowns are fine! I have followed the natural shape of my eyebrowns This eyebrow is straighter than this one…or…yah. One eyebrown is simpler than the other see how I have made it look fine? Just a simple eyebrown When I do my mums eyebrowns for her, she likes it long, so I do it up until here but I don’t draw a line You see, there needs be some shape in it.

Don’t come and draw a McDonald’s eyebrowns Let it be nice, so you will be a young babe and all the boys boys will come and say “look and this young girl” when you’re actually an aunty My Twi is finishing oo The concealer I use is NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in Walnut Please focus! It’s not going to focus because it’s too close to the camera I also use the shade Mocha but it’s lost, I can’t find it.

I don’t know where I put it. So I will use my other foundation by NYX Bare With Me in the shade Deep Rich So I will use… I have loads of brushes here so I will take one that is suitable for this kind of something Yeah, I’ll use this brush.

This angled brush If you have a brush like this, see how its a slim brush. Mine has become very shabby because it’s old But if you get one like this, then you can do styles. Mhm So, ME PERSONALLY. *wifidifis in Twi* You know what? I’ll just show you Because the Twi is not coming anymore.

Okay. I use the foundation to foundate the brown. Usually I like to use a colour that is close to my actual shade But girls girls of today they also like 1 or 2 shades lighter, not 5! Just one or 2. Because we don’t what your eyes to be like Mary Gyata So find a shade that’s fine for you.

We don’t want gold! Put the gold down! Okay? And the silver, and the shiny shiny. Put it down! No gold! Okay? If you want golden brow bones, I will show you. What I am doing, I don’t even need to do it because I have managed to draw my eyebrowns very nicely.

So I don’t even need foundation under my eyes..my under eyebrows? I know that maybe due to the lockdown you haven’t visited your eyebrow lady so you might have shabby eyebrowns. So if that’s the case, go ahead and use foundation/concealer under your brows When I do my eyebrows like this, I hold my.

..my ummmm My…is this my elbow..or my Lady Bean? My distin or my elbow? I think it’s my Lady Bean. …… I think it’s my Lady Bean. SO I HOLD MY LADY BEAN and I do the top of my eyebrows Like so, like det.

God. A fly! If you want to point your brow… …you can do it like this… we call this SKALPTING What the artists do. When you SKALPT your eyebrowns. Okay, now I have finished my browns Now I am going to do my.

…ehmmm What do you call this thing? ah. Where’s my mum? This is…sorry…this thing is old oo. If I don’t careful myself I will get pimples. It’s very old. (I did get pimples) When I do this with my eyebrows.

.. not my eyebrows. I don’t know what that area is called. I will call it my underbrows This sponge, I use water to soak it . Then I squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze Then I held it till all the water came out, you see? ok.

That’s how you prepare it. Because if it’s dry your make up will be patchy Okay when you are patching..no… When you use the sponge to pad on your eye… I personally like it gently. I don’t do it hard like someone who is angry at their child.

So I do this gently, just like so. Until it has blended nicely. See how it has blended fine? Although you can see it is lighter than my skin tone Okay, fine. So I am going to use my Revolution Palete, it has really nice colours this palette is called — I got these brushes from.

..no my mum bought me these brushes from Aliexpress Now the shop or brand is called Jessup J E S S U P. J for Yesu E for Ebeneezer S for Sugar S for Sugar U for Uniform and P for Poku Jessup. I will use.

…ummmm, what colour should I use today? I don’t want too much today so I will use orange I swish it in there like sooooooooooo Then I put it on my eye like this I’ve packed it but issokay. WAIT, let me say something.

My makeup skills are like 4.5/10. So if you want to stop here, feel free! I won’t blame you. If you like you can even skip this part. So I take my distin and spread it all over and I go left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right.

I have finished with that, so now I am taking this brush, its fluffy. I bought this from Superdrug. I’d like to reiterate that I am not a makeup artist. I’m not a makeup artist, I’m not a MUA. If you want nice eyeshadow, then kindly go somewhere else because it’s not here that you will find skills.

Now I will be using my Morphe palette, I use this colour that matches my own skin tone. When I do this, it neutralises all the tropical colours that is on my *wifididi* my under eyebrow. My Twi is finishing oo! Now see how it’s all blended nicely? ahahn.

That’s what we like to see. OKAY! Now, I will finally apply my foundation. y skin is dark and light, well not light but some is dark and some is darker. This is known as Hyperpigmentation. So, I use dark foundation on my face and light concealer to bring the shade back up.

I will first use concealer under the dark areas on my eyes. Some people like to use orange and other bright shades like that under their eyes. Orange like oranges. And they use it under their eye but I don’t have that shade so I will use my walnut shade instead Then I shall pad pad and blend When I finished blending you will see that its a nice *hand gesture* you see? I could even go out just like this.

Now, I will use my L’Oreal Infallible *wifidifi* when I put it at the bottom, I just put it at the bottom… (????) I won’t apply it anywhere else Because I will highlight this area So I’m just putting it at the bottom The I use my foundation brush This is ummmm What are they called? Oh I forgot their name! ( Real Techniques) *Sips in Twi* I don’t remember.

..they sell them in Superdrug and Boots Now I’m blending the foundation I go round like this When I do my makeup I like it light coverage. I don’t like… Like when you finish your makeup… …and then you look like a meat pie.

No, I don’t like that So when I do my makeup, you can still see my moederfleckjes are there Moederfleckjes in English is Beauty Spots mhmmmmmmmm I just use what is on my brush to do my “up there” I don’t add anymore foundation up there Then I use the foundation on my nose Because my nose is orange Like a pumpkin My nose is orange like a pumpkin so I swish it on my nose like this Only so that when I do my actual foundation it matches my nose mhmmmm You see how it’s coming together small by small Now I will use my concealer .

.on my eyebrows…wait no…under my eye Then I use my bootyblender When I blend like this, I put my tongue or my tongue like so I don’t know if it does anything, but that’s what I do Then I do the middle By this time the concealer my have dried down so you have to blend it for a bit longer Otherwise you will see your face has become patchy and we don’t want patches over here If you want you can put some one the sides like so Then I use the same brush I used for my contour To reapply Where I want the contour to go Because I don’t use another colour *hand gesture in Twi* I suck in my cheek because I have bofrot cheeks Then I use my brush to shade in where I sucked You mothers have really nice cheekbones I don’t have cheekbones So I gotta suck my cheeks in If your face is round like mine then you can do what I’m doing Now I will use this.

..you don’t need to do this because your noses are beautiful as for my nose, I took some of my mums and I took some of my dads So they joined together to create my nose you see? If I had my grandmas nose it would be good because it’s very beautiful I have finished my foundation so now I will take.

. umm I will take my Laura Mercier again I put a little bit in the lid like this Then I use my sponge and dab it in. *blows in Twi* Then I do this with it This is very important Because you have menopause You have menopause so You apply it to your face like this Otherwise you will sweat You will really sweat You will think you have landed in hell As for me, it’s my nose that gets a bit oily so I tend to put more powder there You will apply it to everywhere you added lighter foundation or concealer Thats where you will add powder Right there So I’ve put some around my mouth I have put some on my cheeks The up cheeks not the down cheeks.

The up cheeks Then I put some (concealer) on my…my.. ..my forehead You see? So I have to dab some powder there not daboodaboo like duck. dab. dab. You can do your here You shouldn’t apply it everywhere though See how I haven’t applied it to where I sucked in my cheeks? I’m applying it on my jaw If my mum was here she would be able to help me but I don’t know jaw So just take it like that.

Take it as ‘jaw’ mhmmmmmmmmmmm See how it’s coming together nicely? Dazziiiit …dazziiiit… Ah! Abena Agyeiwaa is that you? heHEYY now… We are almost finish…now I will use my brush I got this brush from BH Cosmetics I bought it from Beauty Bay Now I will use my contour I don’t [to buy] expensive things oo I will suck in my cheeks again.

..and do this There’s too much on it. Issokay You don’t want too much or it will look like you have applied dirt to your face So just use a little bit Just so it looks like you have sucked in your cheeks but you haven’t sucked in your cheeks I have taken a bit too much but I can fix it As for me, when I do this, I like to bring it down a bit I won’t apply it here because I have low edges If they weren’t there I would do what the English call ‘The Perimeter’ but I don’t know it in Twi But because of the hair, I can’t take it there Now I do the sides of my nose And make it slim down yah If you want to slim your nose, you do this fine okay now I’m using the sponge that had the powder on it.

.. I’m going to use the distin..what I used on my eyebrows (I meant eyelids) I’m gonna apply it under my eye so it can also be oranges Are you coming? Mum: Yes so pause it Mum: pause it I can’t pause it Mum: Ey! I’m coming so you can do something for me I’m not pausing it, all this will be in the video Mum: no I don’t want to be in it If you don’t want to be in it- where are you going with that Bible? not pausing it, it’s going in So if you are greeting them, greet them Mum: Hello, how are you all? Ma! First, what do you call this? This whole area Mum: where? I just said my under eyebrow Mum: yep, that’s it Any my jaw? your jaw *In TWI* AND.

. ..this… is it my elbow or my Lady Bean? Mum: it’s your elbow… well I said Lady Bean *Irene laughs unknowingly, while Mum laughs knowingly* Mum: you will make people laugh My jaw….ah hahnnn So when you do your make up, put some on your jaw It’s a problem oo Now I will line my lips I have already moisturised my lips I line it just like this You guys already know how to line When you line, use brown.

We don’t want black If you’re wearing black, take it to a funeral. Not the City Centre This is even an eyeliner From Primark When I finish this I use Glossier lipstick In this shade If you like you can use a lighter one, I personally like this one It’s just a nice neutral shade See how it has become very fine? I can’t tell if my phone is cracked or.

… *wipes camera in Twi* or is it my mirror? *wipes mirror in Twi* now Once I finish my lips I top it with lipgloss If you like don’t add gloss, I personally like gloss Because, you know, I’m a babe So if you know you are a babe, apply gloss to your lips too so it will be fine This is Glossier, but if you like you can use distin.

.. …hair shop gloss. okay Finally! I will do my eyeliner I’m not very skilled at eyeliner but take it as it is I’ve spoiled it, but take it as it is (aka we move) I’m going to do my highlighter I use this Mum please close the door for me I put it here, not in the palm tree I put it in the side like so ye! It’s too much! *laughs in Twi* Now! You that likes golden eyebrows! Okay, watch.

I use the tip of my brush and dab it like this Then we apply it lightly we don’t scrub it like sapo we do it light so we get a lirrul bit of glow The trend now is glow, we don’t want highlight, we want glow GLOW FROM WITHIN Because Jesus is in us, Jesus has won the victory *bagown* over satans power! (amen) So the glow comes from the inside and comes outside fine.

I’m coming to touch up my brows a bit Because when I concealed the middle, it kind of cancelled the brow NOW AM FINISH Now I will be using my NYX setting spray *sprays face in Twi* We use the sponge to.

… …do this To let all the distins go in fine See the glow upon my skin? That’s how we like it If you like you can use a black pencil to dot your beauty marks back on This ice cream man coronavillous is here and.

..*w-w-w-wifidifis* I don’t understand this earth If you like you can brush over the glow with the brush That’s it! I’m done with my face I’m not done! I forgot, I forgot, I forgot I would recommend getting the waterproof one If you go to a funeral and cry, don’t take this mascara because if it gets in your eyes, it’s long for you It will really irritate you, this mascara So get the waterproof one So when you go to the funeral and cry a bit it won’t bother your eyes Okay, now I’m done Now you can see everything is fine Dazzittt So now, when you do your make up, let it be nice Because you ladies are very beautiful! I’ve used all my Twi.

It’s all finished.. I shouldn’t even speak anymore Twi for a while I should let my Twi sleep and then come back But I’ve used all of my Twi. It Is Finished. Me, I’m not an MUA bat…yehhhh. We move!


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