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There’s a fruit fly! Where do they come from? We’re doing on half of my *cell phone ring* I just can’t get a break today! Please just leave me alone! The fruit fly is back. these are bad conditions hello, fruit fly, please leave me alone hey guys its me sylvia back with another video welcome back to my channel so today we’re gonna do a really fun kind of video we’re doing one half of my face using adult makeup or how an adult would do their makeup and then the other half using kids makeup or how a child would do their makeup so i thought this would be a lot of fun i did the full face using kids makeup challenge a while back so i thought why not do it again with a bunch of new kids makeup and see how those products directly compare to higher end makeup im gonna go wash off this makeup cause I’ve had it on all day.

You can probably tell im lookin a little greasy ignore my super pale face we’ll do the kids side first and then the adult side after lets start out with primers for the kids side i did manage to find a face primer its came in this little kit we have the beauty sponge here, its got a highlight loose powder, a contour and highlight stick i was very impressed by this like daaaaang they got kids highlighting, contouring, the whole shibang ill grab the primer from in there besides this kit though i wasnt seeing like any single face primers oh wow that is really really watery it smells really good its literally like nothing is this doing anything? Im gonna put some more so its a very runny, watery consistency and it just feels really cooling when i put it on cause its liquid but other than that like i dont feel like its doing anything now for the adult side i have a very pricey, high end, luxury primer from guerlain its the meteorites base? Meteorites base? It has accents on the “E”‘s so im supposed to say it French like and i just.

. i cant so this is definitely a product that I feel like only an adult would use and no kid is really gonna spend all that money on a primer lets apply that all over i love this primer though its very, very hydrating.

it gives your skin like a natural sheen to it and just a fresh base to start out with so now for foundation the kids makeup i could only find a BB cream from Claires they only had the shade light I guess every child is the same skin tone and im also gonna use the beauty sponge that they had in the kit this is it next to the beauty blender my beauty blender is so dirty im so sorry but they look the same size its just an obvious difference in how it feels this one is very squishy this one feels so hard now im going to wet both of them so these are the beauty sponges after i wet them and wrung them out this one is the kids one, it really did not expand at all its still very very hard and this is the beauty blender which literally doubled in size and so i think thats a good indication on how the kids one is gonna apply lets just see what we can do with this BB cream here oh god lets try and blend this out so that is not a good sign the fact that its just like leaving imprints everywhere and not actually blending it out properly so besides the shade I mean obviously its horrendous but the actual formula is very very thin and this sponge sucks its very hard and is soaking up a lot of the product obviously this BB cream is not really full coverage enough to cover any real imperfections which is fine im gonna try and build it see how full coverage we can get it I feel like a child though wouldnt really care they would probably honestly put this on with their fingers which might even be better then this beauty sponge and even for a BB cream like this is very very subtle it almost feels like its a tinted moisturizer so if a child is applying this theyre not going to even know the difference if its not the same color as their actual skin tone theyre probably just like goin with it so for the adult side im going to use too faced born this way foundation which is a very well known foundation in the “adult world” like that sounds weird to say but i feel like the majority of people who know about makeup know about this foundation because its really good but it is i feel like considered more of a higher end product and i feel like a child definitely would not know to go for a foundation like this and we’re going to apply that with the beauty blender so right off the bat its much easier to blend you can see the beauty blender is so much softer that its evenly dispersing the product and not just like leaving imprints so this is a medium to full coverage foundation so it will cover up any imperfections which im assuming an adult would want and then also an adult would know to match their foundation to their neck and to their body so im blending it on my ear blending it down my neck and it matches flawlessly so foundation is on moving on to concealer now i actually did find a concealer in the kids makeup but once again they only had like light and medium just two shades is not really gonna match every child out there so lets just apply this i honestly have a feeling that its gonna be darker than my BB cream and again Ill use the kids beauty sponge to blend that out but once again a child wouldnt really notice if theres a difference in like the shades so i feel like they would be happy regardless if youre a child you just wanted to do something on your face what i do think is great though on the majority of the kids products is they have directions on how to use it i swear that was never a thing when i was a child like you just had to guess or watch your mom to figure out how to apply beauty products and the directions right on here okay so the kids side is on moving on to the adults side we’re using Lancomes ultra wear high coverage concealer so again this is more of a high end product and i have a shade thats just a little bit lighter than my foundation so its great to just brighten the under eyes so now lets blend that out with the beauty blender and its also a medium to full coverage foundation so its going to do well to cover up any discoloration dark circles.

.(etc) im just going to dab a little bit of whatevers left over on my beauty blender in the center of my forehead, on my chin, basically the high points of my face and this is just going to help to highlight so we’ve kinda highlighted on the adults side but we do actually have a highlight and contour stick for the kids side as well this really reminds me of the Nyx creme contour stick so we’ll use this to contour on the kids side and again they only had one shade option for this so if you’re really deep skintoned this is not going to contour anything for you so lets apply and we’ll just follow the directions on here cause thats what a child would do if they got this product and didnt know how to use it i usually dont contour my nose they even contour their eye here never really contoured my eyes and then we’ll use the highlight shade where they suggest blending that out with the kids beauty sponge so it really just looks like its completely just blending away okay so its completely blended out and it honestly looks like i did nothing so for the adult side i do have a contouring stick as well this one is from KKW beauty which is an online makeup brand so you would have to have a credit card to purchase this which im sure most children do not have so we’ll apply where I would normally contour this is in the medium shade and it comes with the brush which we’ll use to blend it out which everyone always says this looks like kids makeup compared to the kids side you can see it definitely performs a lot better and just because we contoured the nose on the kids side we’ll also contour it on this side now also for the adult side im going to bake the under eye and set my foundation so it doesnt crease now i didnt see any sort of loose setting powder for kids makeup so i dont think they would be using this is their makeup routine so we’ll skip that on that side so obviously we do this to lock in the concealer, make sure its not creasing and then we set the foundation to make sure we dont get super oily throughout the day so now lets do brows for the kids side i did find a brow product, this is a whole palette for brows which i was very shocked by so you got quite a few products there for your brows we have the powders, even brow bone highlight shades, a pencil, some sort of brush and i think there was supposed to be a stencil but i didnt notice it was missing when i purchased it so.

.. wuah wuah we wont use that and then it also has directions here on how to use all the products its just an image which is kind of hard to follow along and I feel like a child wont really know whats happening there but.

. I mean.. its there.. sooo at least they tried to help our children with their eyebrows I love how I keep saying “our children” like I have children.. like.. i dont this is the most pathetic brow brush ive ever seen in my life so we’re gonna follow the directions and just exclude the stencil which we do not have but first it says to stencil using the crayon we’ll just pretend theres a stencil wow this is actually really creamy like almost too creamy where all the product is going on my brows and its hard to control and i feel like a child would be super heavy handed with this so maybe thats not the kind of formula you want in a kids brow pencil so now i guess it kinda shows them filling in with the powder which is what we’ll do this is just painting over my entire brow ew and now they say to highlight but i dont have a highlight brush so im just going to use my fingers to highlight my brow bone actually pretty pigmented okay so the brow highlight is not that bad now im going to use the spooly brush to kind of blend it all together i mean its a little bit of a bold brow they wanted us to use the crayon, the brow powder, all of that together kind of made it really thick and i feel like if youre a child youre going to definitely be super heavy handed and youre going to come out with a thicker brow so thats fine its a kids brow so lets move on to the adult side so for the adult side we have two brow products both from urban decay we have the brow beater in neutral brown and the brow tamer which is the clear brow gel so the brow pencil is a great product for my specific brows which I feel like if youre an adult that knows a little bit about makeup you would know what brow product to lean towards depending on how thick your brows are if you need something more to fill them in or if you need something just to define and my brows are really thick so i chose a product that would define my shape and i did a lighter hand at the very beginning of my brow and then a heavier hand at the tail of my brow just to keep it more natural a little makeup tip that children wouldnt know about im gonna brush that out with a spooly and we’ll lock it all in place with the brow gel so this is great for unruly hairs and that was not available in the kids makeup that I could find so now ill just dust off that baking powder so moving on to eyes, for the kids side we actually dont have an eyeshadow primer I could not find one so kids just skip out on that step and theyre gonna go right in to playing with the colorful eyeshadows so i found this cute kitty little compartment here and it has four different levels and you can unfold it this is like the epitome of kids makeup it looks like one layer is the lip products, the next layer is like blushes im assuming and the other is eyeshadows and you even have a couple of tools in there so we’re gonna use those so we have the tiny little applicator oh my god this thing makes me cringe so hard we’re going to go for the most colorful colors just because I feel like thats what a child would do and im going to apply that all over the lid and just basically paint it on blue shimmer that is definitely kids makeup material i used to rock blue shimmery eyeshadow in like grade seven k we have that and just because we are a child that wants to play with everything im going to go in with another shadow and ill just apply that up here where we have some more space and why not we’ll go for the yellow shade as well we’ll just apply this on the inner corner so im really trying to pack on this color and its obviously not very pigmented its just like.

. a dusty powder that really is not doing much now for the adult side im going to start by priming my eyelid before going in with shadows because as we know that is going to help keep the eyeshadow on, prevent it from creasing, help to make the colors more intense all of that and those are things that we want in your makeup you want it to last all day while your being an adult doing adult things so now for eyeshadow on the adult side im going to be using my custom palette so this is a huge assortment of single eyeshadows that ive like hunted down the shades that i like.

Theyre from makeup geek, mac, abh so I feel like this is definitely an adult thing like theyre definitely more expensive to make than it would be to just buy an eyeshadow palette and a child is definitely not gonna go to like different stores or order these shadows online because they just want something pretty and bright so they just keep it simple we’re not we’re gonna use our custom palette so first im going in with the shade, Locked and loaded from colourpop and im going to highlight my brow bone now im taking papertiger from colourpop and using it as a transition shade so this is the 217 brush from mac and obviously switching brushes is gonna help you get a better application, and this big ole blending brush is gonna help to gently apply that shadow and blend it out flawlessly and this shade is going to help blend out any other colours that we’re going in with on the lid and im just gonna do a basic eye look using neutral colours something an adult could just wear to work im also going to bring that on my lower lash line blending it out this is the 275 brush from mac switching it just because its a little bit more slender so it will help us get right underneath our lash line now using saddle from mac im going to deepen up the crease and the outer corner and im using an even smaller blending brush from juvias place so now im going in with gold mine from mac just in the inner corner part of my lid here and blending it into that darker brown shade and its just a basic transition shade, deeper outer corner, shimmery look and of course making sure to switch between brushes and blend all the shades seamlessly into eachother okay so both eyeshadows are applied and you can tell a difference in the quality of eyeshadows obviously these ones are a lot more pigmented, they blended into eachother very well, theres no patchiness, they were build able to get them more intense and even more pigmented and the kids ones definitely were nothing like that there very very chalky its more just like for the vibrant color and obviously not for creating complex eye looks so moving on we have eyeliner i actually did find kids eyeliner from claires so we’re going to try and apply this seems like this is a very advanced makeup product for children so its a dip it has a very pointy brush at the end im gonna just try and apply it like a child would apply it this is when i would go all back for child i put a lot of product on there okay thats actually better than i thought but this is actually really jet black im actually kind of impressed with it well honestly just leave it at that because im not sure a child would create a wing and they would proabably get it all over there eye but for the adult side we’re going to be using ciate londons fierce flicks eyeliner this is a felt tip liner pen which i feel like is the most common eyeliner used amongst adults so liners on the adults side i winged it out thats gonna elongate the eye its very flattering and i feel like its super in trend right now so the majority of adults if they wanna use liquid liner theyre probably going to wing it out so moving onto mascara for the kids side i have the free spirit lengthening mascara so its in a very very pretty tube metallic, very eye catching lets apply the wand seems pretty basic, it says youre going to achieve sky high lashes, length , and definition i dont know if thats sky high but its doing somethin which is saying a lot compared to the rest of the stuff we’ve been using so after multiple layers this is basically as intense as I can get my lashes which is not a lot they basically just made them black but it didnt really do much else so a childs probably not going to wait for it to dry so im gonna look around a little bit thats definitely going to happen at the very least the kids gonna get it on their lid so moving on to the adults side we have a very high end product again from Lancome this is the monsieur big mascara this is a super volumizing, very lengthening mascara and its quite pricey so a child is definitely not going to spend that much money on a mascara but youll see that it definitely adds a ton of volume, lengthens your lashes, and makes them huge without making it clumpy and without shedding and flaking throughout the day so an adult would definitely want those things in a mascara which is why i chose this one now to avoid getting the mascara like on your skin here usually you apply by looking forward in the mirror like this and tilting your head down and then you can apply on your lower lashes and then you just wanna look straight and be careful not to look around a lot so then you dont get that happening on this side so both are on you can see its a pretty significant difference my lower lashes look a lot longer and my top ones are a lot more thick and long so last up for the eyes is lashes for the kids side i found these lashes at claires i was really like confused as to why there would be false lashes around kids makeup anyway just because i never started wearing false lashes until I was like in my late teen years and this actually comes with lash glue and an applicator inside there so we are going to apply using that which im very concerned about like its not gonna end well im also not gonna cut the lashes just cause a child probably would not know to cut the lashes so this is the lash glue that it came with im gonna apply that just assuming that a child would know to put it there they might even put it directly on their eye like you never really know and we’re not going to wait for this to dry or get tacky we’re just gonna put it right on there oh god so this is what happens when you dont wait for it to dry but would a child really know to wait for it to get tacky probably not now lets just try to clamp that together so because we didnt cut the lash its obviously way longer than my natural eye shape and its poking my inner corner also the glue kinda burns a little bit and its probably not gonna last very long even if i applied the lash properly i would assume that it would probably lift after a couple hours just cause ive never really had a great experience with glue that comes included with the lashes now for the adults side im gonna use huda beauty farah lashes which are quite pricey but theyre great quality, they can be re used many many times and theres also all types to choose from so you can choose some depending on your eye shape, your style, basically all of that is considered if youre an adult looking for false lashes so im going to apply duo lash glue this is very strong lash glue so ill wait for this to get tacky just so then we can place it on and it wont move and this lash is cut perfectly to fit my eye so its not going to be extended at the end there so moving on to the rest of the face i have something to highlight for the kids side this is the claires bronze highlighting palette so i thought that there were some bronzers in here too but it looks like its all highlighters we’ll just skip out on the bronzer on the kids side and im just gonna use the makeup brush that came in the other kids makeup kit so ill go in with these two shades oh my gosh thats actually pretty bomb wooooooww okay kids makeup of course a child would probably just take this and put it all over their face but it does give you some direction on here so thats where we’re gonna apply it okay that highlight is actually pretty bomb this is definitely the most impressive makeup that we use on the kids side but again it is like very advanced kind of makeup techniques to do highlighting and contouring so maybe thats more of like preteen kids makeup not sure so for the adult side we have the nicole guerriero anastasia beverly hills palette ill use a little bit of glowgetter and forever young im going to apply that on the cheekbones so im using a shade that compliments my skin tone the best so this is like a very bronzy shade but its not too dark and its gonna do a good job of highlighting my skin tone i feel like thats another thing for the kids palette like i did use a lighter shade to match the bb creme colour to work with like the lighter complexion on this side but a child wouldnt know that the instructions or the image on the palette didnt really say what colour to use if youre a kid and even if you see that diagram youre probably just gonna use whatever shade that speaks to you now for blush on the kids side we’re going to go back in with this really fun kit and im just gonna mix like all these shades for my blush because i feel like thats what a kid would do and we’re gonna apply so theres like barely anything there but im not dusting off my brush or anything like that cause those are like advanced things that i feel like a kid wouldnt really know about makeup so again just being heavy handed with it as a child would do and going in but even so theres really not much pigment to the product and its like super super chalky so its just like dusting away and not really applying like a blush should now on the other side we’re gonna use a blush from becca cosmetics this is a mineral blush so its very finely milled it has a great formula and again this is a brand that is a little bit more higher end and we’re gonna apply that right on the apples of my cheeks and above that contour there so its not chalky at all, its got just the right amount of pigmentation and its very easy to blend and looks very subtle and natural which is what you want in a blush if youre an adult im also going to apply the sweetie pie bronzer from too faced just to warm up the face and we’re skipping bronzer on the kids side just because there is not one bronzing product in all of the kits that i bought now moving on to lips for the kids side we’re going back to the palette and using all these really pretty sparkly lip products theres even a lip brush in there and im gonna choose bright pink so goopy i was not expecting it to be that goopy oh so even thought its like super bright pink in the pan its just like a clear gloss when you apply it on the lips wonder if all of them are like that let me try another shade we’ll go with this one this one? nope theyre all pretty clear so they fool you into thinking that they have some colour but theyre all really like super sheer clear glosses that are very very thick and sticky and after just one use thats what happened i feel like a child would go through that very very quickly now for the adult side im gonna use a classic mac shade this is the shade kinda sexy which is a very very popular shade its very neutral and can be worn everyday and of course im gonna use a lipliner this one is whirl from mac just to be sure we have a precise application as you can see its very pigmented its also matte so its long wearing its not gonna do that so lips are done a child would probably find a nude lip color to be very boring thats why they made the lip shades bright in the pan but unfortunately they do go on glossy so i feel like that would be disappointing for a child but regardless this is what it looks like the gloss finish is definitely very childlike and a more matte sophisticated finish is something an adult would reach for more so we’re nearly done we have one final kids product to try our they actually had a moisturizing makeup setting spray which i was a like whaaaatt so we’re gonna use that on the kids side actually smells really good and it had a pretty good spritz outa there so thats a decent bottle i wonder what itll do to the makeup so now on the adult side we’ll use mac fix plus which is a very popular setting spray so im just going to press that into the skin its going to help to melt all the powders together and make your makeup look more natural and skin like so you can see the setting spray on the kids side definitely made my skin super super greasy and then macs fix plus is still drying right now but its just added like a natural skin like finish to like my foundation and melted all the powders together alright you guys so these are the finished looks on both sides we have the kids side using all kids makeup and kind of applying it how a child would using what they have and next we have the adult side using more neutral colours makeup techniques that are very basic but widely known and obviously products that are more attainable for an adult who is making some sort of income and investing in there beauty routine i think its really cool to see them side by side you can kinda see where you start out in makeup and where you can progress if you practice and for sure when youre a kid you think that makeup is like the best makeup in the world and its so amazing and than you grow up and realize what you actually need in makeup products and that these dont do it for you thats for sure there really pretty to look at though alright guys thats it for todays video i hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure you subscribe if you have not yet subscribed and of course watch these videos of mine if you havent seen them yet be sure to let me know in the comments if you guys enjoyed that kind of video and ill be sure to do something like this in the future and thats all for now ill see you guys in my next video thank you so much for watching bye guys bye 🙂


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