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Aesthetic Psycho Bunny 🐰💉Makeup Tutorial

Aesthetic Psycho Bunny 🐰💉Makeup Tutorial

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. On today’s video, I’ll show you an aesthetic make up tutorial… inspired by a make up look I found in Pinterest. Since the theme of this look is a creepy bunny, even though it still looks cute, I named this look “Aesthetic Psycho Bunny”.

So, if you’re curious about how I create this look… don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button if you haven’t already… and let’s get started! Before applying make up, I’m gonna spray this… MAC’s Prep and Prime on my face to moisturize my skin.

Next, apply eye primer… onto the entire lid and blend well. This is to prevent your lids from getting oily and creasing. Since I’m gonna wear a blonde wig, I don’t want to make my eyebrows too dark.

I’ll go for natural-looking eyebrows. I’m gonna use this clear eyebrow gel… to set my eyebrows in place. After that, you’ll be able to see clearly… the empty spaces in your eyebrows. We’ll fill in these spaces using an eyebrow pencil.

That way, they’ll look more natural. Next, for the eyebrows. I’m gonna use an eyebrow pencil with a pointed tip… so I can fill in these empty spaces thoroughly. Pick a color that is the same shade as your natural eyebrow hairs.

Now, moving on to foundation. I’m using FOCALLURE’s Air Fluid Foundation. I’m gonna wear a blonde wig, so I want to make my complexion look paler. I’m gonna combine 2 different shades. The first one is shade #2, Natural.

.. and the other one is shade #3, Alabaster. However, the code number for each shades… doesn’t reflect the order of the shades… from the brightest to the darkest. For example, shade #3 is actually brighter than #2.

The ratio that I’m using is… 2 pumps of #Alabaster… and 1 pump of #Natural. To create a shade that’s lighter than my actual skin tone. Next, I’m using this concealer from O.TWO.O, the Select Cover-Up Concealer in the shade #2, Chantilly.

I’ll just apply this on my undereyes area. Apply the concealer thinly, because I just want to brighten my undereyes a bit. Don’t use too much product. And pinch your beauty blender… for easier application of the concealer.

Don’t drag the beauty blender, but tap it on your face instead… to blend it better. Some acne scars are still visible on my skin… so I’ll cover them up using cream concealer. A piece of advice for you guys: If you’re looking for concealers to cover up acne scars.

.. I suggest you go find a cream concealer. But if you want use your concealer for highlighting… find a liquid concealer. Now, I’m gonna set… all the foundation and concealer that I’ve applied earlier.

.. using this powder foundation from Make Over. Mine is in the shade #N10. I choose this shade on purpose… because this shade is lighter than my actual skin tone… and I’m aiming for paler complexion for the finished look.

For the eye shadow, I’m gonna apply… this #Retro shade from Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded palette. It’s a peachy brown color. I’ll apply this color all over my eyelid… and make it bolder on the inner corners.

And using a smaller brush, I’ll apply this color on my lower lashline too. Starting from the outer corner up to the middle. Next, I’m using O.TWO.O’s Ocean Mystery eyeshadow palette. I’ll pick this #Jetaime shade.

This is a reddish brown color. And I’m gonna use a small precision brush… to create a wing shape on the outer corner. Blend to the lower lashline and waterline. Then, using a fluffy brush, apply this color on the inner corners.

For the eyeliner, I’m just gonna use… L’Oreal’s Le Stylo Smoky in the shade #111. But you can use any brown eyeliners that you have. A black one is okay, too. I’ll just apply this on my top waterline.

Since I still got my eyelash extensions, I can only apply mascara to my lower lashes. But if you haven’t got eyelash extensions, you can curl your top lashes and apply your mascara. You can put on false lashes, too.

For the eye shadow, I’m gonna add a bit of glitter. This is Innisfree’s My Glow Diamond in the shade #1. For the blush on, choose one with a peachy orange color. I’m gonna apply Sephora’s Colorful Blush in the shade #N27.

Starting from my cheek area, then to my nose… and up to my nose tip. For my nose tip in particular, I’m gonna apply the eye shadow in the shade #Jetaime from earlier… to imitate a bunny’s nose, a bit red on the tip.

And I’m gonna use a thin angled brush… to draw a sheer line under my nose. Now, I’m gonna make fake freckles… using a brown eyebrow pencil. Dab the pencil to your face, making some dots darker than the others.

For the highlighter, I’m using one with a pinkish color. This is Innisfree’s Cherry Blossom Luminizer. I’m gonna apply this product on my nose tip, lightly on the bridge of my nose, then on my cheekbones, chin, and on my Cupid’s bow.

Set the make up using a setting spray. Next, for the lips. I’m wearing SECONDATE’s lip tint in the shade #Naughty. But you can use any lip products with a reddish brown color. I’m gonna ombre my lips in the middle.

Then I’ll apply the lip tint on my Cupid’s bow… but just the middle part. To make my upper middle lip appear bigger. It looks cuter that way. And last, I’ll apply lip gloss to plump my lips. And we’re done! Well, guys, so that’s all for today’s video.

I hope you guys enjoy this video. Don’t forget to hit the Like button, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, and remember to tag me if you ever recreate this look… so I can repost and like your photo.

Thank you so much for watching this. And I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye!


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