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Affordable Back To School Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

Affordable Back To School Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

And not just any back to school make up tutorial, like my past ones, but this is gonna be a mostly drugstore and all affordable make up tutorial ♫ gimme some, uh uh, gimmie some ♫ The reason I’m calling it mostly drugstore but all affordable is for obvious reasons.

not every guys but everything that I do use can be purchased online or other places and is all very affordable. But I will say like 90-95% of what I use in this video is at your local drugstore. I think there’s just like two products that aren’t technically “drugstore.

” BUT, the one thing that I did cheat on, and I’m just gonna go ahead and call myself out right now is the Anastasia Brow Definer. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna try to sit here and fake it for you guys.

I have tried I feel like everything from the drugstore when it comes to brows. Anytime I see someone say that they like something from the drugstore that’s a brow product, I run out, I buy it, and it never compares to Anastasia Brow Definer, so I wasn’t gonna use just for the purpose of the video, you know? Like, this is how I do my brows, this is what I do.

It’s genuine. I like it. However you do your brows, stick to it. When it works, it works. So for this back to school make up look, I definitely had older girls in mind like high school, college age girls because this is like make up.

It’s not a no-make up make up look. We did full coverage foundation. I wanted to keep it more realistic though. I didn’t do false lashes, or do anything smoky, or a harsh contour. Very simple. Very easy to achieve.

And if you’re exhausted in the morning, and your eyes are barely open, you can still do this with one eye closed, so.. Just saying. It’s been tested, and approved. But I just wanna say before jumping into the video that you do not need to wear make up to go to school, and have fun, and meet new friends, and fit in and feel beautiful, and be beautiful because honestly, like self confidence is the most beautiful thing that a woman can wear.

For those of you who enjoy playing with make up, and you wanna have fun, I hope you enjoy this back to school make up look, but for those of you who don’t want to wear make up and you might be sitting here watching this video because you feel like you have to, [close] out of the video and leave.

Like who cares? You do not need to wear make up, okay? I just want to put that out there for all of the young girls in school right now. Do not feel like you have to do anything in order to fit in. You are beautiful the way you are.

I love you guys, and I hope you enjoy this video. *muah* Hey guys, so first things first, I am going to be priming my skin. You can use any primer you want, just make sure you slap some on that B so that your makeup lasts all day long.

I’m using the L’Oreal Lumi Light Infusing Primer. It’s my favorite from the drugstore so hydrating, gives you a nice glow. Then I’m gonna go in with the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation This is DEFINITELY my favorite foundation from the drugstore.

I’ve tried several of them and this one just gives such a beautiful glow, while still looking natural, it doesn’t settle in my lines. It’s just my favorite! It gives a really gorgeous, kind of satiny, natural finish and I just take my brush and I push it right into the cushion and then I just begin applying it all over my skin.

Then after that, I’m going to be going in with concealer and I’m gonna use the Maybelline Master Concealer. This is my favorite concealer from the drugstore. This is kind of like my favorite drugstore tutorial, if you will.

I’m gonna go ahead and put about 45 layers of that concealer on and then I’m gonna blend it out with a damp beauty sponge. I can’t even stress enough how much a damp beauty sponge has changed the makeup game for me whether it’s a beauty blender or a Real Techniques sponge, this one is by Morphe a damp beauty sponge, applying my concealer and my under-eye powder has changed my life.

I’m gonna use the RCMA No-Color Translucent Powder with that same exact damp sponge, I’m gonna begin just to press that into my skin If you are dry, you feel like powder’s dry you out, I would highly suggest using this one.

It’s the only translucent powder that doesn’t make my under-eye look like a pancake. ‘Cause I can get really dry and kind of crepe up really easily I’m gonna take that same powder and just slap it all over my entire face with a huge, fat powder brush This is gonna mattify my skin but we’ll go in with some highlight and kind of bring some life back later.

Then for bronzer, I’m gonna be using the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I swear, this stuff smells like a tropical vacation everytime I open it up I’m just like “yes, please, give me my Pina Colada cabana boy, where are you?” I’m using a Japonesque brush to apply this bronzer, and I’m gonna be honest, it’s a little scratchy on my face.

I was really excited to try it because I saw good reviews but I didn’t love the way it applied my bronzer. Which is why you see me going in with a different big, fat, denser brush to kind of get it really smooth and airbrushed how I want it to be Then for blush, I am going to go in with the wet’n’wild Coloricon Blush.

I don’t know the shade of this. But I will put everything: brushes, products, everything in the description box down below. Kathleen Lights is the one, who recommended this to me. So thank you so much Kathleen.

But I have to say, my favorite blush from the drugstore of all time is still Milani “Luminoso” I am going to take that exact same Japonesque brush and just take a ton of that RCMA translucent power, and just put it on the lower half of my face to clean everything up, so it’s not messy.

Now for eyes, I am going to be going in with this new palette that I am super excited to be trying and this is by Juvia’s Place, and it’s called the Nubian, I believe. ♫ Aaah ♫. Look at all those prrretty warm tones.

These shadows remind me a lot of Morphe shadows, like the price point is kind of similar, their affordable palettes and the pigmentation is very similar to me, and the way they blend out. So I am going to start off with a big fluffy brush and I am going to stick strictly to the outer corner of the eye.

Main reason I’m sticking to the outer corner is because when you’re getting ready early in the morning and you might feel like you’re looking tired, you didn’t get good sleep or a lot of sleep. When you put a smokey eye, or you bring shadows all the way into the inner corner, it can kind of weigh down the eye.

Make it look heavy, therefore create almost more shadows and make you look more sleepy. So I am going to put the dark shades on the very outer corner and then once there’s basically nothing left on my brush, I will just ever so lightly, bring it in to the inner crease, just to kind of blend it out but mainly keeping all the dark colors on the outer edge.

Then I’m gonna take that light, kind of white frosty shade and put that on my lid. But I realized that it was a little to pale for me and I wanted something a little bit bronzier. If you’re more fair in tone that color would be beautiful on its own but I mixed this kind of darker golden shade and you know me when I’m working with palettes I like to use as many colors as possible because I’m just so excited and such a make-up lover that I’m like: “I wanna use all 30 shades at the same time!” So I’m gonna pack both those shimmers and I’m gonna put them on the entire lid, from inner corner all the way across the entire lid up towards the crease.

Then I’m gonna take those exact same matte browns and put them on the lower lash line. And again I’m gonna be sticking mainly to the outer corner and then once there’s barely anything left on my brush, I will lightly blend inward that way we have like a larger eye appearance to make us look more awake by sticking to the dark colors on the outer corner.

I’m now taking the darkest matte brown on a pencil brush and putting that just on the outer edge of my upper lash line. This is kinda gonna mimic eyeliner just by giving us more dimension without actually having to go in and do the work cause I wanted to keep it more simple and bring dimension without having to try to do an eyeliner or actually get precise, especially when you’re trying to get ready in the morning, like: “Girl, no one has time for that”.

I’m gonna give my lashes a quick curl and then I’m gonna go in with L’Oréal “Voluminous Carbon Black” mascara. Not only is this mascara black as night, but it just gives a very feminine, natural looking lash.

Nothing chunky or clumpy which is why it’s ideal for a school day and makeup look. It’s very feminine. Now I’m going to be highlighting and I’m using the Sleek Makeup palette. And go ahead and warn your classmates now to wear some UV protection and sunglasses because this highlight shines so bright it is guaranteed to blind them.

I’m using the Morphe fan brush to apply this. This is the 310. I’m gonna hit the top of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, my chin and basically just allover the place. And then I’m going to go back with that dump beauty sponge and just tap.

Oh my gosh. This tip is a God sent. Thank you to one of my subscribers for leaving a comment telling me to do this, it just makes your highlighter look so beautiful and blend in with the rest of your face and I die for this tip.

Now for my lips, I’m gonna go in with a Morphe lip polish? Lip paint? Not quite sure what it’s caaalled. This is in the shade “Ransom”. It feels really “butty” and.. “Butty”?! Buttery and moisturizing through out the day, kinda like you’re wearing a chapstick but it just gives a really nice color.

So that’s it, you guys. I hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much for watching. I love you and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!


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