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ALL DRUGSTORE Baby Blue 90’s Makeup Tutorial Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

ALL DRUGSTORE Baby Blue 90’s Makeup Tutorial  Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

Hi guys, welcome back So I am you know, i’m just living in my whole 90s fantasy these days and like any video idea that I come up with Is literally always 90s stuff. So I just Really have been dying to do like a, you know, baby blue baby spice vibes makeup Look, I just feel like this is kind of the epitome of 90s makeup.

Well, there’s like different types of 90s makeup Obviously, there’s like the mauvy tones the more like grungy side of things, but then there’s this like baby blue trend that needs to come back like we’re gonna bring it back in this video right here and i’m gonna be using all Drugstore products today because um, I actually saw this elf palette.

It’s their bite size eyeshadow palette in acai you And this shade right here? I was like that could work for this baby blue 90s vision that I had so yeah, i’m super excited. Don’t forget to subscribe turn those notifications on if you haven’t already and Follow me on you know, my other platforms instagram Well, that’s like the main one really But I also have twitter I have snapchat kind of I think but like I don’t really use that anymore So I don’t even bother with that honestly tick tock is tick tock still a thing like yeah, I think so, but I don’t know if it’s getting banned or what but It’d all be down below cheers Look at this, we’re all blue out go blue.

Yes. Yes my michigan fam Out there. Okay. Anyways, we’re gonna start off with the brows so i’m gonna take I still don’t I still like I haven’t gone on target in literally a million years at this point, so i’m still using my milani precision brow in caramel so i’m just gonna go in and fill in my brows nice and light and just create the Shape that I like so I kind of like to elongate this outer section the tail of the brow gummies, I have so many little hairs like peeping through in the middle of my brows, and it’s Not the vibe darlings.

It’s really not I feel like literally every single time I film I have to trim my brows, like look how long my hair gets my brow hair like I feel like my brows could grow a full another brow if I cut off all this hair and like Pasted it somewhere else.

Like I swear. It’s so crazy. But yet it doesn’t grow in like the balding spots It just grows where there’s already a lot of hair. All right brows done I switched you guys around because the sun was just hitting a little bit differently over here.

And now we’re gonna try I’m excited for this the elf facial oil mist energizing flavor Not flavor, but like scent I guess you could say honestly, I have a lot of new drugstore products I have a lot of new elf.

Um some new essence to try out We have a new colourpop foundation that i’m going to try out so actually yeah Lots of new new drugstore today need a boost mist on to face throughout the day as needed Well, we’re kind of just going to do it right here.

I don’t know Very fresh very fresh But it’s not like, um, it’s actually like more subtle than you would ex than I expected at least it’s really nice though it doesn’t feel artificial, you know, but it’s like just energize me I’m gonna go in with primer now, so i’m gonna use this radiant primer.

It’s the covergirl vitalist go glow luminizing lotion It came out like that. Oh, I think it’s because I left it in the summer That looks better as long as it doesn’t smell Like expired I think it’s still okay to use Oh, we like kind of weirdly Smells like michael’s the craft Store if I were to walk in there around halloween time, like that’s what this smells like to me I don’t know if that’s what it’s meant to smell like but that is what it’s offering to me I think my nose is broken.

I don’t know Wow, that is actually really pretty though All right So we’re going to move to the eyes i’m taking a little bit of my elf hydrating camo concealer And we’re just going to blend that in For our eyeshadow primer just to create a nice even Base how many times have you heard me say those words nice even base.

I feel like I say that for like foundation eye primer literally every single time All right and a little bit of powder a little bit of powder pow So i’m going to go straight into eye shadow using the lightest shade of this palette from elf the bite size s-i-e-u that’s that And We’re gonna oh my god.

That is so pretty. Okay, okay, okay We see you elf. I’m just gonna use padding motions with this sigma e ef55 eye shading padding motions are definitely the way to go for a look like this when you really want that pigment to Just pop out of the screen there lightly just gonna blend upwards Wow Oh my god, that is so pretty I’m telling you these little elf palettes I’ve been a huge fan of the um, pumpkin pie one.

It’s like More just neutral warm toned bronzy shades surprise surprise But they are really really good and i’m just gonna take a brush that already had some bronzer on it So i’m not actually, you know picking up extra product on this.

It’s just kind of like whatever Was left over from last time Because I just want it to mostly pop the blue on the lid Okay vibes. So now i’m actually going to take this I can’t talk today i’m going to take the same eyeshadow brush Just using the top part of it and dig into the deepest shade of the palette So like this navy blue, and we’re going to create almost like a thick Wing just to shape the eyes, but it’s not actually going to come to a point I just want it poking out here on the outer lash line I actually saw karen do an eyeshadow technique like this on her stories, and I thought it was super super pretty she does really great Light blue eye makeup as well If you’re looking for some inspire, I feel like she always inspires me with like, you know The different colors that she uses and everything like that.

Okay, i’m gonna try out this new pair of lashes today. These are the ardell remy lashes in the style 776 Obviously you guys know like i’m gonna cut them obviously That’s just how I do so i’m going to cut off about half and i’m going to use the outer half over here To give that like really pretty winged winged out effect All right, so i’m going to put some glue on these bad boys and then we’re gonna pop on some mascara This is my favorite.

Mascara you guys it is like It’s real good. Okay, it’s the maybelline falsies lash lift. I love the wand It’s like a really nice juicy hourglass wand and I just feel like it Oh, I forgot to curl my lashes, but I just feel like it just makes my lashes look really good And we’re gonna stick these lashes on and hope that they do the trick Okay, I like those Okay, and then i’m just taking my mascara and kind of lengthening out the lashes that are right next to the false ones just so it’s like A pretty seamless transition and this is obviously not my normal You know lash routine because I just tried these out for the first time.

Uh, but I did upload my last technique that I am obsessed With I didn’t do it with these because I just like with a new pair of lashes You really don’t know how how they’re gonna work so I just did kind of like a half cat eye with these but definitely check out my last video, which was the updated lash routine Like hack because it is I almost want to say life-changing.

Like I just love how they look see even now i’m kind of like should I redo them but When you’re working with a new product, it’s you know, it’s a little bit of a different Situation here, but these are kind of fire too.

Honestly, they’re kind of cute. So we’re just gonna move on to the foundation So i’m using the new colourpop pretty fresh higher lotic hydrating foundation I do like the skin tint of this foundation Okay, this is literally like a perfect match for my body.

Very olive toned It’s gonna blend in really nicely once we have concealer and contour done. So this is the shade 120w I honestly really really like how this is blending out like really like it. Um, I was gonna say You know with the skin tint I did I liked it a lot If I was having a breakout, it was way too little coverage for me personally Um, but I did like the formula like it did have a nice hydrating feel and this feels like a very similar formula.

It’s just More I would say medium coverage But it’s blending out real nice and easy Okay, why does this low-key Low-key remind me of the giorgio armani luminous silk like it’s a really similar feeling when it’s blending out and a similar finish like Medium still looks like skin But you get a glow it doesn’t look cakey It’s not like full full full full full coverage by any means did we just find a dupe? Oh bomb bomb This lash i’m having a little issue with though like wires are going up For concealer i’m gonna go with hydrating camera concealer in medium sand from elf And we’re gonna do my little technique of patting the concealer onto the skin Well, we’re gonna have a real nice light weight, but full coverage space going on with this combo sigma f47 multitasker It’s really coming in handy I love it for like the forehead and the chin area since it already has my foundation on it It just like blends in this concealer So so well, but under the eyes, I do typically go back in with a beauty blender Sometimes I don’t but today i’m going to okay skin.

This is just foundation concealer and i’m like Really impressed actually, um, so i’m gonna set everything down with catrice hd baking and setting loose powder. Oh my god All right, so i’m just gonna take a little bit of this powder And start pressing into the skin and this really helps to like Smooth everything out.

Okay skin Wow and then me wow, I mean What do we think guys i’m telling you drugstore products have come up in the last couple years, okay I’m, just gonna dust a little bit of that all over the face just really lightly This is how you know, i’m feeling myself when I like Start to just you know pose and stuff.

All right, and then we’re going to be going in with this new palette This is this is actually like reminding me a lot of um the lorac Bronzing palettes back in the day, but this is from essence sun club matte bronzing powder palette powder palette And i’m gonna take of course iconic bronze rock set time sigma collection and I think i’m gonna take the third shade down and just start to Buff this in okay Why do I get so lucky on these drugstore like trying drugstore videos? Like I feel like i’m always so impressed even by the new products.

I don’t really Maybe it’s just like i’m applying it. Well, I don’t know. I feel like I never really Rarely have products where i’m like no like this is so bad. You know what I mean? Because like you can’t tell me that that doesn’t look bomb, you know All right, and then for blush i’m dying to try these new ones from elf so it’s a little bite-sized Um palette similar to the eyeshadow ones except this is their face, too So it has a blush and a highlight and this one is in the shade spiced apple.

I also had pulled out Pomegranate which looks really pretty too but I think i’m just gonna go with the spice apple I mean you guys know I love like warm peachy you know bronzy shades and that is Exact mundo what this is so it’s a me shade.

It’s rock set shade. So I gotta do it. Okay, i’m gonna use a clean Little i’m gonna use a clean brush to apply this this is a sigma. Um, tapered face f25 because I really want to see the pigment Oh my god, it’s so perfect and so pretty You know i’m a blush girl Like do you see how happy i’m getting I literally when I feel like i’m i’m liking how my makeup is turning out? it makes me so happy that I feel like I Like literally can’t stop smiling because i’m just like wow we might as well try the highlight as well.

Tbh This is pretty bronzy, but I think it’ll work Okay. Yes Okay, we’re really loving how this look is turning out as you guys can tell i’m gonna go into this milani gilded pastels palette It’s really pretty it has all these really unique pastel shades, which I love Um, but i’m gonna use the shade it can’t be tamed which is basically like a really metallic silver.

I feel like it almost has Like a slight undertone of blue, so I think this will work Really pretty for the inner corner and these are super metallic. So it gives a nice little pop. Wow. Am I 90s yet? Am I baby spice? I just need the um space buttons I think i’m going to take again that the brush that I used before that had Just a little bit of bronzer left over from the last time I had used it.

I know i’m a little dirty but like You know, sometimes you don’t want the full pigment because I just really want this blue to be the star of the show So I don’t really want to put anything Under the lash line, but I just like to like do a little something something under there Then we are going to Add some mascara to the bottom lash line Okay, no one is going to tell me that that my liner or not my liner but my lash band Is showing so bad like what is that I don’t even know sometimes I do feel like drugstore lashes Like the band is really difficult to cover I mean actually it’s difficult with some high-end lashes as well, but not house of lashes Like I don’t personally have a problem with house lashes Which is what I normally use, but a little hack if you’re already done with shadow, you can take your angled brush And like drag it along a coal liner.

This is the maybelline tattoo studio and Use that to try to cover it and I feel like these Just hold a little bit better than your typical eyeshadow Yeah, I think that looks better okay, we’re back in business I really do like low-key feel like baby spice right now or something like i’m ready for the 90s take me back.

Um So now we’re going to move to liner. This has been one of my favorite products that came out this summer elf’s retro paradise Retro paradise lip liner in nude 3. Really really nice formula And it’s kind of like that Perfect 90s nude so i’m gonna go in and fill in the outer edges so that we can create a little bit of an ombre Then i’m gonna fill in the rest of it with nude two same collection and now The moment i’ve been waiting for this is one of their new elf’s new ride or die lip balms in tough cookie, they came out with four shades, but This is like I don’t know.

I’ve just been really excited to try this one, and I thought it would be Oh my god, it’s so cute It’s so so cute And yeah, I just thought it would be a good shade to go on top of this little lip liner vibe.

Oh Oh my god, it smells so good I wonder if although it’s not like that or it’s just this one because it kind of smells like a cookie and it’s Real nice and thick it kind of feels similar to the um, summer fridays Lip butter balm.

I think it’s called but obviously this one has tint to it. They do have one that’s clear as well that doesn’t have tint but The one that i’m trying on does all right and last but not least I didn’t expect that stay all night micro fine setting mist from elf.

I know there’s a lot of elf products but they kind of have been killing it and they I literally just opened a pr box of like a bunch of new elf products so It’s fresh very fine, too Okay vibes why is this literally like I just feel like my inner pop star has just come out to play like I’m ready? I’m ready for my little debut.

I feel like a spice girl. I feel like baby spice. I feel like Maybe even a little britney in there like just this blue eyeshadow is really a vibe. I love it Also, my face makeup legit feels amazing like I love the blush I love the highlight combo the bronzer is living but like it’s not too much and I really feel like my foundation concealer stitch and powder situation is just I don’t know like I actually want to continue wearing this because It feels like it has great coverage It’s smoothing blurring, but it doesn’t feel heavy like I really did like this little foundation It feels real nice on the skin.

If you recreate the look, don’t forget to tag me on instagram Um, or tweet me. I will definitely see it on twitter Um, and yeah, love you guys so much. Don’t forget to subscribe down below turn those notifications on make sure to also press all When you’re turning the notifications on or else youtube doesn’t actually send you Every single video.

So make sure you press the all and we’ll be gucci. So love you guys I’m, like literally like why did I do this? Like I was gonna give you guys a hug. I don’t know but I wish I could wish I could do another meet up soon, but I think it’s gonna be a while since till one of those but Love you guys and Happy 90s recreating this You’re my look


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