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allie hamilton “the notebook” makeup tutorial | 1940’s

allie hamilton “the notebook” makeup tutorial | 1940’s

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’m recreating this Allie Hamilton inspired makeup look and if you’re new to my channel you might have missed my series of the notebook inspired hairstyles so I will have that listed in the “i” here but in that video I did ask one a poll what type of makeup products you’d like to see for this video and I got mostly high-end and drugstore mixed but I did get some requests to try out the Besame products which is a vintage inspired makeup company so I am using a couple of their products today and I thought it’d be fun to do a little giveaway so if you want to win at this mini lipstick set all you have to do is follow me on instagram there will be a link down below and then comment on the giveaway photo and if you want to help me out please give this video I found this up and subscribe for more beauty videos also leave me a comment one your favorite romantic movie or your favorite foundation I know that sounds random but I’d love to know what you guys are loving for your face base and finally there are two versions of this look that I’m going to show you guys so we have this more glamorous style and then I really wanted to wear this iconic blue dress again so I did more of a barely-there makeup look inspired by these photos the only issue with that whole look is I tried to make my hair more blonde as opposed to more red because it kind of changes through the movie and the spray I used is so sparkly and just picks up a lot on camera so I’m sorry if it’s a little distracting I was gonna just scrap it but then I thought some of you guys might really like the more natural version so I kept it in and anyways I’d love to know what you think in the comments down and let’s get started my favorite products to start off any look is the benefit Porefessional primer for a smooth base and then for foundation I’ve already applied the revlon full cover foundation I really like the whipped formula with this one and this foundation is best for oily prone skin it keeps you matte but feels light and before setting have added some subtle contour with the fenty matchstick matte skin stick in the shade amber and while they love to look a little bit more like whatever actress for the look that I’m recreating Allie’s makeup is very fresh and contouring doesn’t play a huge role in the look so we are gonna keep it light but I did sculpt out my cheekbones and jawline and nose tip for more structure and look to each feature and we are going to use a cream blush from Besame cosmetics but I don’t love working with too many cream products at once I find without setting things start to transfer its own breaking it up and lightly setting with another one of my favorite vintage inspired brands soap & Glory so this is the one heck of a blot powder and I like to use this in a patting motion instead of a sweeping motion just to make sure everything is exactly where I want it to be and now let’s use a brightening powder to bring forward the jawline beside the nose to snatch it in a little bit forehead and under the eyes and up the cheekbones this is Besame violet brightening powder and this is a translucent violet powder that color corrects yellow and red tones and brightens any skin tone and Besame has a series of powders that you can mix and match for color blending and you can really get a balanced tone in a radiant polished look so I really like this concept but I did only try out the violet powder and looking at this picture of my fav Ally look at the scene was very candlelit so I’m going to add a bit more warmth to the skin using one of my new favorite products this is the Chanel sheer color and shade 30 you might have seen this in my lily-rose step look as well and if you missed my last tutorial be sure to check it out I really enjoyed making that one we have drugstore options for some gorgeous high-end products and now my favorite product for this tutorial is the Besame 1938 crimson cream Rouge in the shade apricot and I’m taking this cream product on my fingers and I’m patting over the apples of my cheeks up the cheekbones and adding touches of this above the nose tip and then on the forehead blend it out for a beautiful natural rosy glow to the cheeks mainly and then throughout the skin for a naturally blushing look and this product can be used for the lips as well and this combo of products look so beautiful on the skin it’s my new favorite whole foundation routine and if you really love a super fresh plushy filled and this is perfect for you and the brows I’m kind of skipping over because I’m growing my notes so they’re gonna look a little messy up close but Ally’s brows are definitely thinner and lighter than mine so I’ve just added a couple strokes using the benefit goof proof brow in the shade 3 to make sure that my brows don’t have any weird sparse areas and then I’m lightening up with a mix of a light cream shade and a peach to bring in some of that redness like in my hair and I’m using one of my all-time favorite palettes this is such a throwback but I still grab for it all the time the Too Faced sweet peach palette I remember when I went to the launch for this and I was so excited it smells amazing and the colors are perfect for any warm tone to I so I’m taking the lightest matte shade and we want to highlight that brow bone especially right under the rounded arch of the brow next a warm Brown higher above the crease and a rounded stroke down to our natural crease keeping the outer crease rounded as we fade out and and then you can fade this shade over the lid as well take the deepest more neutral Brown and sculpt out the outer corner still keeping it rounded over the lid use a light shadow that has some Sheen to it from the pallet and then a brighter peach in the outer corner bringing out the vibrant blush of course you can always use any palette you have I know in the movie they actually used a couple of individual matte shadows I put them up on screen I just wanted to use one of my favorite throwback palettes paint the deeper shade under the bottom lashline and add an inner highlight we are not going to be using a ton of mascara so to add some fullness to my lash line I’m using a brown liner and dotting along under the bottom lashes my eyes are quite a bit bigger and rounder than alleys so adding a bit of brown liner to the waterline it does make them appear a bit smaller but there’s really not a lot I can do in terms of how large my eye seperate for this and next up a very fine line on the upper lash line again I’m using the benefit roller liner liquid liner I’ve used this in a couple videos now and I love that this has a vintage feel to it with the packaging and you bought this as close to the lashes as possible and I’m not extending into a wing but I’m slightly up turning the line before the end of the eye and since Ally’s look is more worn in and not harsh I did add some brown coal liner to really fade in with the help of a mini blending brush this is a Charlotte Tilbury brush if you ever see these mini Gold’s brushes they’re from Charlotte Tilbury and I think they’re the nicest brushes I’ve ever tried I got them in a little gift set and I added a little fake beauty mark for fun if you have any real beauty marks after foundation definitely enhance them it makes the skin look a lot more natural and a beauty marks are just so unique and pretty fabulous and mascara we have a really unique product here this kind in a 1940’s – packaging from Besame and you can control how much product you want on the applicator by squeezing the desired amount onto the brush this is a cool product visually and great for makeup artists so you don’t have like cross-contamination but I personally do prefer more of a traditional blond it’s just a lot quicker but this did make it easy to have a really natural tint to the lashes as Allie’s look was never overdone with too much mascara I added a touch of my favorite highlighter from Charlotte Tilbury to pick up the light I pretty much use this every day and it’s one of my all-time favorite products but definitely not a staple for this look and finally it’s time for the red lips I have two options here one a more subtle version so first I’m using a Mac lip density lip pencil these are some of my favorite liners because you do not have to sharpen them and for the lips I just raised my Cupid’s bow a little higher and made it rounder because mine is a pretty harsh v and then i kept the rest of the shape pretty natural and just blended the shade in this orange based red topped off with the apricot cream looks beautiful and like this picture of ali while other times the red appeared to have more of a punch so for that version i use one of my favorite reds that this is tell Laura from Charlotte Tilbury as seen in a series of hair tutorials I did after the notebook as well with the bolder lips I added a bolder cheek option and just topped off with the Milani powder blush and Coral Cove I love the rose detail in the splash and now for the natural ally look I used very similar steps throughout the scan the brows all of that except then I switched it up for the eyes so I decided to go in with a silver based cream shadow stick from NARS to pick up the light like in this screenshot after applying some definition to the crease and I did add a bit of taupe in the crease I just saw that here the eye shadows looked a little bit more cool toned versus warm tone and the lip combo is what I think really brings in that fresh appearance like in these pictures I started with iconic nude from Charlotte Tilbury then blotted off for a more natural look so any neutral lip liner and then I love Revlon’s a matte lipstick in the shade smoked peach with a bit of the apricot in the middle one more time to really enhance those lips and cheeks I love the brightness of the corals against the iconic blue dress and I tried to recreate her morning Crows by pinning my hair shorter so let me know which look was your favorite I almost just chopped off this some more natural look but I decided to include it so let me know if you would wear it and if I was to recommend any products for this look I’d say the apricot blush is number one and then the tell Laura lipstick or the smoked peach from Revlon they’re both great warm toned alley shades for a natural or glam look I hope you enjoyed this Allie Hamilton inspired look and if you did it make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more Beauty videos I have a couple really fun videos coming up like a Carrie Diaries inspired video so get excited if you missed that show because I miss that show it was so good and I love what you guys tagged me and show me your recreations so here are a couple of my favorite photos you guys have sent me so thanks for tagging me and be sure to ahead over to my Instagram if you want to win some of these really cool little mini lipsticks and finally if you didn’t know if you have a blog channel so be sure to subscribe to that I’ve been posting more frequently on there and I just uploaded my somewhere in England so it’s a throwback but it’s a really fun video and you should check it out and I’ll see you in my next one


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