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…and Pearl

This generation of drag from Chicago It actually included Kahmora Hall and great legends like Shea Coulée and Valentine Addams and Pearl- OH HOLD ON She turned to me and she said “Nothing you say matters unless that camera is rolling” What I wanted to say Let me help you pack your f*cking bags right now b*tch ‘cuz YOU F*CKING OUT OF HERE NOW – Ooh, ooh How you held it back! dO i HaVe SoMetHiNg oN mY fAcE? It was foolish of me I guess to think that We’d have a relationship of some kind Yea 🙂 I.

Would. Go. Ravenous. I feel very uncomfortable right nowww Someone needs to hold my earrings. NOW – HEUAUAHUEEUEUEHAAA [æ̵̘͕̼̱͇͍̌͛̆̃̾͋̏̋̊͛͛̍̚̕͠k̸̫͇̃̄̉͌̕]


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