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angelic valentines day look • makeup tutorial • cloud cheeks

angelic valentines day look • makeup tutorial • cloud cheeks

Hello everyone, this is Anzu and welcome back to my channel Today I’ll show you a make-up look for Valentine’s Day I was actually inspired by an angel top that I bought at Sugar Thrillz and have decided to simplify my “Dream Eater” make-up- to match the aesthetics of the “Angelic Valentines Day Make-Up Look”.

I hope you like the video I will start with applying “Blac Riser” from the company “Wonder” I also used their masks before this video, but I forgot to hold the packaging up to the camera because i’m a bit stupid but i will link them in the description below.

After my moisturizer, I use a moisturizing face spray from Dr Belmeur This spray is also great for moistening the brushes you want to use for highlighter or eyeshadow. In the next step I will “color correct” my face and since I’m very red I will use the green, creamy concealer from “Inglot” as a color correction I don’t want the green color to be too obvious So I’ll smudge the paint a little with my finger after applying it, to soften the green a little Next I grab “Tiny Twinkle Base Set” from “Etude House” And I’ll take that warm tone from it and for that I will use “Missha’s Glow Foundation” I mix the 2 colors together to get a pearl-like sheen You can also only use the bases from “Etude House”, however, they were too shiny for me, so I decided to mix them with foundation first The “Glow Foundation” is not too covering, however, therefore I will talk about the places that should be more covered, with the “Glow BB Cushion” from the same brand; “Missha”, go over and to cover my dark circles I will use the concealer “Moist Creamy Concealer” from “A’pieu” in the color “Frozen” Now I’m going to fix the concealer with a transparent powder from “VDL” I will mainly focus on my lower eye area as well as focus on my nose and around it as these are the spots that tend to blur with the foundation Now I’m going to use a blue eyeshadow and as you can see it’s a very light color so i will definitely need a base for the eyeshadow For the very light blue eyeshadow, I’ll use an eyeshadow from the “Kylie Jenner” palette and I went for the blue eyeshadow in the front row As you can see, I started the eyeshadow with very sharp edges But somehow I stopped in the middle that’s why I made the eyeshadow milder and that’s also why the beginning of the video was different from this You will still notice that the shape of the eyeshadow will change over the course of the video Now I grab “Inglot’s Face and Body Highlighter” It’s a very shiny highlighter And I’ll use it in the inner side of my eye With this I give the inner side a nice shine I decided to add a little more color to my eyeshadow That’s why I continued to apply a light, rose-colored eyeshadow The eyeshadow is from a different palette and unfortunately I forgot to look which one, so I’m sorry Then I applied a little blue to the lower part of my eye And it was at this point in the video that I decided to get rid of the sharp edges of the eyeshadow and to make the eyeshadow look appear a little milder Next I use the eyebrow mascara from “NYX” to make my eyebrows appear lighter I also painted them a little longer For the eyeliner I used the “Balm Cosmetics Eyeliner” I love this eyeliner – I like the recipe, but I don’t like the brush that much I feel like the brush should be softer Still, I think it’s worth it as the recipe is good That’s why I try to replenish my supply as soon as it’s on sale For the eyelashes I use a random pair from Aliexpress, but before that I apply the “Worth The Hype Mascara” from “NYX” to my lashes Otherwise my eyelashes won’t blend with the fake eyelashes After I have glued the fake eyelashes on, I also apply my lower eyelashes However, I will now take an additional step that is not necessary; I just wanted to try something new Next I use a white mascara for the already long eyelashes You can also use a white eyeliner or skip this part I just wanted to experiment a little Now I’m going to use a candy doll blush I really love their blushes, they have creamy blushes too however, this time I wanted to use a powder blush because it makes it easier to apply the blush to larger areas I applied the blush to my nose as well as my cheeks; as a line for the upcoming clouds I also used the blush to blend in the outer areas Then I used a white eyeliner from “Inglot” This one was easier to apply than NYX’s eyeliner That’s why I just used this one You may need to trace the clouds for a stronger effect But I liked how they looked like watercolors that’s why I left her like that Likewise, I didn’t paint every cloud the same shape because I wanted them to be different from the others Just like a painting that was painted with watercolors So don’t worry if you can’t quite get the shape of the clouds Together – with the other clouds – it will look great Again I used a “Tiny Twinkle Set” from “Etude House” This time it’s a lipstick set I’m always after their lipstick sets This time I used an almost beige-orange color I wanted it to be the basis for my lips After covering the outer parts of my lower lip with concealer I used the same set again Now I’ve used a darker color and started doing a gradient with a brush I tried to apply the darker color mainly in the middle of my lips until it was right for me As a last step for the lips I use a lip gloss from “Inglot” It’s a transparent lip gloss; to make the lips shine To make my cheeks shine, I used the “Metal Crush” highlighter palette by “Kat von D” And I used the middle highlighter I only applied the highlighter to my cheeks There is a lot of glitter in it, so be careful with that For a second highlighter I used “Goddess of Love” It’s a triple-baked highlighter I used it under my eyebrows Just like on the tip of my nose and the bridge of my nose At the last minute I decided to contour I used the “Cool Brown” eyeshadow from the “Lime Crime Venus Palette” As you can see, I am contouring the top of my nose, as well as the tip in a circular shape If you feel like you’ve outlined too much, you can always use a colored powder to soften the outline color a little I also contoured the jaw area as shown so the jaw part was more visible For the last step I used a curling spray from “Urban Care” to style my wig a bit I just split them up and styled them until I liked it I also changed the shape of the pony with it, because the spray helps to keep things moving It is not like hair gel at all, so it does not harm the wig or the hair After the styling of the wig is finished, our make-up is done I hope you enjoyed the tutorial You can find the links for the things I used (like contact lenses, clothes, wigs, make-up etc.

) in the description of the video So definitely have a look there And finally: Please don’t forget to like the video and follow me! So I’ll see you again in my next video! Bye!


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