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Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial!

Angelina Jolie  Makeup Tutorial!

Hello my friends, Today’s look was inspired by the wonderful Angelina Jolie Sometimes I am told that I look like her and take this as a great compliment She is one of the women who would like to wear light makeup And she looks great all the time, her complexion is perfect So today I wanted to show you how to get Angelina Jolie’s light and elegant makeup Her complexion is always looking natural, flawless and always radiant I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pimple on her face Her face is very defined and I think the combination of her cheekbones relieves her of aggressive contouring with makeup Do not wear too much highlighters or blushes, but rather love smooth, natural skin She wears winged eyeliner in a great way as it lifts her eyes It starts very thin at the inner corner and becomes wide at the outer corner This works to raise the eye in a wonderful way.

Her eyebrows are curved and pretty, which is a good fit for her square face shape This eyebrow shape harmonizes with her face and adds balance And of course, Angelina has beautiful, plump lips You can define lips, draw them, add mousses, and you will have lips similar to hers Then I will start now! I’m not going to use a lot, I’ll start with a gentle but great foundation And it’s Tarte’s Rainforest Of the Sea I don’t have the right color for me so I’ll mix 2 colors The first is Light Medium and the second is in the darker colors I will mix the two colors together and make sure I get the perfect one And I’ll apply it with this brush from RMS Beaut I used it for Huda Beauty’s education class and loved it very much And now I’m going to use Maybelline Fit Concealer in Medium I don’t want to add too much highlight under the eyes I’ll blend it in with the brush And now I will set my face with a little powder For that, I’ll be using Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Contour Palette And I’ll take a little bit of the lighter color and apply it lightly under the eyes And little on the chin And a little on the chin line also to highlight this area more Her forehead is wide and this suits her very well Now I’m going to start contouring my face in a very light way I’ll use the palette itself and take the color in the middle I will start with contouring the nose, and I will shake the brush to get rid of the excess I’ll define it starting with the eyebrow Since my nose is thin, I will locate it on the extreme sides and not at the bridge I will also point it at the bottom to make it shorter since my nose is long With a large brush, I will blend the contour well so that the lines do not look clear Now I will define the chin line further with the same color I’ll be fine with the angles to get the square face effect Now I move on to contouring the bottom of the cheeks, so I will start from the ear and down towards the mouth Her face is very specific in this area, usually I think this is a bit masculine but it suits her! Then I will use the Beauty Blender while it is dry, it is okay because I will put a lot of powder on it I’ll take a decent amount of lightening powder and apply it along the chin bone to make it more accentuated.

And on the chin too Now I’m going to shake off the powder I turn to the lips and will contour them with the palette itself And I’ll apply bronzer to this area Then I will simply define the top of the lips This will give a greater effect to the lips Then I will use the light color to highlight these two lines in order to highlight them more I’ll start with the lips to make sure they blend in with the rest of the face I will be using Huda Beauty Trendsetter Lip Liner And I’ll start by defining the top lip I will not define the upper middle of the lips because her lips are not too contoured in this area My lips look very big but will look more natural later when I complete my face makeup I will lighten the color a little with my foundation And finally I’ll add a little more mousse I’ll finish the lips later and start with the eyes I will be using the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty And I’ll define the eyes draw a little I’m using Sandlewood shade, which is a soft bronze I will extend it over the entire eyelid I will combine it well I’ll take more of this shadow and extend it under the eye Then I’ll use Tartiest Pro eyeliner from Tarte And I’ll put a small amount of it on this pallet I will use a very small brush from Bobbi Brown And I’ll draw a gradient eyeliner I chose this eyeliner because I want to define my eyes and at the same time I want to blend it a little at the outer corner If he used liquid eyeliner, the streak would be very sharp I like to blend it a little into the outer corner to get a slightly smoky eyeliner To make this easier, you can apply small dots along the lash line and attach them This is to avoid a sharp line I apply the lotion to the lash line with the tip of the brush Then I’ll merge it on the outside I don’t have any products on this brush which helps me to tone it down I will extend the eyeliner towards the inner corner to lengthen the eyes I’ll put on a little Urban Decay Perversion Mascara And now I will be using these Harmony False Eyelashes from Huda Beauty and they are perfect for this look They are divided into several pieces and are natural looking I will apply the glue to the box and dip the strips of eyelashes into it with tweezers Then I’ll apply it to the outer corner of the eye These eyelashes are easy to use, so you don’t have to measure or loosen the tape It is suitable for everyone because it is cut and works to lift the eyes I’ll add another piece to her side I don’t like applying eyelashes along the lash line I will place one piece yet and place it roughly in the middle and press it down with my finger I’ll let it dry a little before applying mascara again Like to press the inner lashes down and the outer lashes up Finally I’m going to mark my eyebrows, Angelina’s eyebrows are very curved I’ll be using Dior brow liner And I’ll really define the arc to be higher I’ll blend in what is left of the product on the brush To make the color less intense on the interior I’ll take a lip liner again and draw a line on the center of the lips And some fonts here too Now I’m going to use a Victoria Beckham bronzer I will apply a small amount to the cheeks This is the make-up inspired by beautiful Angelina Jolie It’s very soft makeup and I haven’t used a lot of products It is a gradient eyeliner that looks like a cat’s eye And a natural-looking contour I also worked to highlight the chin line more And also define the shape of the lips Hope you liked this video Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and leave a comment if you want more of these videos Bye!


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