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Aradia Megido Makeup Tutorial

Aradia Megido Makeup Tutorial

hello everyone and welcome to my Aradia megiddo make-up tutorial I’ll have a link for all the products I’m using in the description below let’s go first you’re just gonna want to apply something as a base before your foundation I’m just gonna put this all over my face then we’re gonna play the wig cap just to keep all the hair out of the way while doing the makeup now we’re gonna take some sunscreen and setter spray and mix it with the grey it’s necessary the face paint just apply this all over your face and you might need to put it in layers because it’s not very opaque don’t forget to cover your neck as well you should normally cover your ears too but I decided to skip it since my wig was covering up anyway next you’re gonna take a bunch of baby powder and just dust it all over your face so you don’t stain anyone this will help the makeup set and not smudge now we’re gonna contour I take a black eyeshadow and I contour the cheekbones jawline temple forehead and nose then I highlight the nose forehead cheeks eyebrow arch and jawline I also add some shadow around the eyes and you can define it as much as you’d like I went kind of dark since she’s dead next you’re gonna take some black cream paint and start with eyebrows you can make these any shape you’d like just whatever suits you makes you can apply a bunch of blush in their blood color don’t go too overboard with this though it might look really weird I like to apply some to my nose as well next you’re going to take red face paint and apply that on the outer corner off your eyelid then I cover it in an eyeshadow that is the color of Arabia’s blood which is kind of a rust red then I blend it out with my fingers so you don’t get that harsh line then I apply some lipstick in her blood color then you can do pretty much whatever you’d like with the eyeliner I decided to go for a slight wing then I take a co liner and line my waterline and my upper lash line then I apply two pairs of fake lashes this can get a little bit tricky but just practice it and the old blanket then I take one pair of red eyelashes to give the illusion of red eyelashes since they do have red eyelashes in the comic and we’re almost done we’re just gonna play the wig so this is my first way you can style this whichever way you want to but I’m going for a middle part then I’m gonna play the second week which I like to do for Adia since she has big hair and now it’s time for the horns and then you’re done don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and I’ll see you next time you


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