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aria montgomery “pretty little liars” makeup tutorial!

aria montgomery “pretty little liars” makeup tutorial!

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’m recreating Aria Montgomery from PLL season 1 I loved this episode because of the dress so when I found it off Poshmark I knew I had to try to recreate it and I’m so excited to be working with Benefit Canada on this video again I’m show you guys a new brow launch so this is their latest brow product it’s called it the brow styler and I’m using this in the shade 5 today because I am wearing a dark wig I tried my best to find a wig that was like Aria asked but hopefully this is good and it’s really great because on one side you have a wax pencil so it’s really easy to define your brow and then on the other side we have a powder so you just shake it up and then rotate it and it’s really great because you can fill in like thicker sections really fast and you’ll see how much this does to my brows because I definitely transform them darker and fuller I’m in a weird location right now so hopefully the lighting was ok and everything I just stepped on glass my foots bleeding I think I’m a bit of a mess up but if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos and yeah let’s get into it got on my dark wig green contacts and I’m gonna go full coverage at bye first prepping with the benefit Porefessional primer I love this one my sister stole mine and now she loves this as well it’s silky smooth and a great base Aria skin tone is very fair and a bit tawny go in with your favorite foundation I’m going pretty high coverage by layering the benefit hello happy in shade too and then I’m brightening up with the new Boeing at Kayla’s concealer in shade 1 so I really like to add a warmer base sometimes and then a cooler highlight and that will neutralize the skin let’s start highlighting Aria has a small forehead prominent cheekbones and chin and then the nose contour in the brow shape will really help to give us an aria vibe blending out and I’m obsessed with this multitasking a full-coverage liquid concealer it’s very high coverage which I’ve really been needing lately at my skin is totally fine here but oh my gosh not right now when I’m editing and this blends out it’s super lightweight and it doesn’t cake or crack this is my new fave a high coverage concealer and my favorite high-end setting powder has to be the hourglass avail I keep going back to it and I usually just tap over a but if you want to really brighten up the skin it you can pack this on for a bit of baking let’s give the face some dimension with the benefit will a light bronzer and I’ve been loving starting my nose contour with this light bronzer before the darker powder to help it seamlessly blend in this nose contour isn’t perfectly Lucy I tried to create more of a distinct nose bridge and then you want to create a lower a button tip if you’re trying to look more like her but of course you can always skip this step I’m mostly trying to recreate this episode because I think the makeup is super wearable and very fall-like but I did want to add some aspects of the intro when the girls look super doll like so I’m adding the Charlotte Tilbury a beauty light wand for again very dull like skin and I’m so obsessed with this product it really polishes off any skin look and Lucy Azaria is super blushy in this screenshot and I loves that so I’m going with the benefit Dallas box blush now for the brows Tyler we are really gonna transform my brows this new brow launch is a two and one wax pencil and powder duo that it’s waterproof 18-hour wear so your brows are really gonna stay put and I’m taking the wax pencil side to sculpt at the Aria shape and to make life easier we’re gonna use the powder to just fill in the arch just give it a shake and then carefully a twist open the powder swirling the precision tip around inside to remove any excess product and this looks super bold with my natural coloring I usually go in with shade 3.

5 on the daily but with this wig it’s perfect especially when the eyes are lightly smokey and then we are gonna bring in some long natural lashes Arya’s eyes and brows are definitely her standout feature and I picked up this do your palate baby for this area look I wanted to find golden eye shadows that weren’t too Capri and bright Gold’s but more muted so this palette worked perfect and I will say there was a little bit of followed in the pan for how expensive these shadows are but they’re so dang easy to blend so I definitely recommend especially if you use like the same shadows everyday and you wanted a nice neutral it first I’m taking the Matt great round adding some depth between the brows with the top middle shade apply all over the lid I love this kind of golden ito it’s gorgeous as an all over the lid shade that picks up the light but again isn’t too bold for an extra pop of sparkle I took the coppery shimmery shadow and tapped on the top of the lid this is perfect for green eyes especially it really makes the eye color pop and some warm brown in the crease and now let’s steep enough with the two deepest shades focused on the inner and outer crease also bring the shadow under the eyes and around its shape Lucy’s eyes are super wide and dull like it’s a really fun step to add a light eyeliner in a peach shade on the outer waterline lining the eye focused on the outer portion and I’m tilting the liner down slightly this gives me a more of an Oreo s chi and deepening up under the waterline and keeping it a bit smudgy to make the lashes pop and also have it a bit more gothic and this is just bringing some subtle drama to the eye line that’s still super wearable mascara time my favorite for long lashes that you can build up to be a bit spidery as the benefit of bad gal bang volumizing mascara when this came out everyone was freaking out about how long you can make your bottom lashes and it’s so true and once again I went in with the liner and connected the bottom eyeliner to the top and I think it really completes the eye look and now we have a subtle smoky eye with drama but it’s not too overdone and finally for the lips I’m using this matte NYX lipstick and I’m smudging in making this look a bit vampy and edgy I kind of like the finish to be more blotted and textured than perfectly lined and filled and I also added a bit more of a plummy blush to tie the look together and I love these bright teal nails with this whole look and let’s take a look at the outfit I recreated thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed another PLL tutorial I remember I started off my channel doing these so it’s really fun to go back and try to do a much better job because check out my first ru video I just had blonde hair I didn’t look like her at all I mean that wasn’t really my goal back then I just would try to find an outfit like if they were wearing bronze eyeshadow so what I kind of think and now I try my best to kind of emulate the character as much as I can but I feel like I kind of looked more like Mila Kunis right now so that was not the intention I really tried to call her and like get it right but this gives me a Jackie from that 70s show vibes which I also have done so if you want to check that one I hope I mean you can do that too and I did want to do her prom look Jackie from that 7a show so let me know if you’d like to see that and I have a vlog channel as well recently I got to go on an amazing trip to Hawaii with benefit so that vlog will be coming soon and I love what you guys have typed me in your recreation photos whether you try it a style that’s just inspired or you want to try a different hairstyle and you tag me because I love featuring you so here’s a couple of my favorite pictures of you guys thanks for tagging me and I’ll see you in my next video


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