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Ariana Grande “positions” makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

Ariana Grande “positions” makeup tutorial | jackie wyers

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my  channel for this ariana grande tutorial   inspired by her new cover art for positions i love  that it’s 60s inspired it’s my favorite decade   so as soon as this came out a bunch of you guys  tagged me and of course i wanted to recreate it   this video is sponsored by perfect diary which  is awesome because i’ve done so many 60s looks   and this time i’m switching it up with a really  unique brand so these are a bunch of products   i don’t think a lot of you will have seen before  and perfect diary packaging is just super cute   like they have um holiday sets right now if you’re  looking for a cute present for the holidays we   have this deer set inspired by christmas elk  there is a eyeshadow palette stardust diamond   highlight powder and a light shimmer water  stain in the shade caramel whiskey and adorable   deer hair pins for christmas and also they have  a black friday sale promotion so all the links to   all the products i’ll be using will be linked down  below so be sure to check it out and if you’re new   to my channel i post pop culture tutorials every  week and while i love to transform a little bit   the goal is just to inspire you to switch up your  style with confidence and if you try out any of   these looks be sure to tag me so i can feature you  in my videos and let’s get started with this look   i already have on foundation and this wig  is a little bit more blonde than aries   and i’m going to start with the perfect diary  flawless glaze silky touch liquid concealer in   the shade c10 i’ve done so many re looks and  whenever i deeply deeply tan i don’t like how   it turns out i feel like i just can’t pull off  that olivey tan so i’m keeping it closer to my   own coloring for this look i’m blending out  with a dreamy golden pink brush and this is   also from a limited edition gift set on screen  and their brushes have super soft fiber hair   i really love this concealer you’ll see it again  in my tutorials it stays put doesn’t crease i’m so   excited about this next product it’s so cute this  is the perfect diary weightless and translucent   powder and it softly diffuses and creates a  matte finish and that’s what i’m going for today   i am obsessed with this lazy egg character  don’t ask me why i guess i just i have an egg   every morning so i collected some stuff with this  character so as soon as i saw it on the site i was   like okay i gotta get it next up we’re using the  perfect diary sculpting face palette and this one   has a bronzer and contour shade a peachy blush and  a highlight but i’m focusing on the bronzer i’m   gonna get that dimension to the face this product  is nice because if you put a tiny bit it does   appear a bit warmer on the skin but if you layer  more it creates more of a deeper contour now i’m   using these black brushes and this is the master  series makeup brush set with 10 brushes super soft   very easy to work with and very affordable so if  you’re looking for new brushes especially on a   budget check these ones out and time for the nose  contour and i’m starting to fade between my brows   to my nose bridge but i’m cheating this to  be a little bit slimmer than it actually is this is called the stardust diamond highlight  powder and i’m using the silvery white   it’s a sparkle highlighter so often i’ll  use like a cream to get that dewy look but   this is more of a sparkle so i added just a  tiny bit of this to the nose tip cheekbone   and i wanted to show you guys the super cute  product it’s great for shimmery eyeshadow   or like a very holographic look but um i’m  keeping it more subtle to match this 60s vibe   and then the main part of this look is the perfect  diary in china aerospace explore eyeshadow palette   with these shadows the inspiration  is china’s space year 2020.

   i’m starting with this peach to plan out the  exaggerated crease shape on an angled brush that   you typically use for brows or eyeliner take a  satin brown shade this is called a horse head and   it looks more brown in the pan but it’s really a  perfect color for this exaggerated crease similar   to ari it has a bit of like a purpley taupe  shift to it especially when you build it up   and a really cool shade in this palette is  called veil i haven’t seen anything like it   um in the palettes i own but it has glitter and  like tiny moons and stars to match the space vibe so i used some of the glitter  for under my lash line because   it has a gold shift similar to the  inspiration photo i’m going off of and as i was saying about the super cute collabs  they do they have the explore eyeshadow palette   series and there’s 10 different palettes with  animals on the cover and perfect diary teamed   up with discovery channel for these so safe to  say i’m obsessed with this packaging i was so   excited opening this up and i haven’t seen makeup  like this like it’s so fun and i keep grabbing for   this tiger eye palette i just love rich warm  shades and something i’ve noticed with asian   beauty brands in general is there’s a lot more  light shimmery holographic type of eyeshadows   so i’m excited to continue to experiment  with them and let’s get back to the re look   i use the tiger eye palette for the matte cream  slash white shade and all you want to do is fill   in the lid and wing and go with a matte shade  for this part i love that i didn’t get followed   everywhere and it wasn’t a patchy matte but my  favorite way to apply this matte shade was just   using my finger and then doing a little touch up  making sure the wing is as bold as aries looks and with this shape i like to flick out that  outer corner lash just with the same brown at   the bottom there and then i’m using the perfect  diary slim long lasting liquid liner in black   and i am really picky about eyeliners but this  is the type of tip that i really like and for the   wing i’m just pressing against my lash line as  close as possible and i’m starting at the inner   corner and then dragging this into a super subtle  wing and usually ariana grande rocks the super   big liner but for this look it was more focused on  the shape of the shadow i also wanted to do three   little twiggy inspired lashes but gathered them  all at the side so mine are not absolutely perfect   but i think they’re super cute it’s a great detail  that opens up the eye and next we have mascara this is the perfect diary classic black wide  angle lengthening mascara and i’m wiggling this   through the lashes and i did three coats here  so you can see my top lashes have been built up here’s a close-up of the lashes you can totally  leave it like this but to match aries i did add   falsies to get that 60s glam and we’re almost done  just applying a lip and for lips i’m using the   perfect diary ultra irresistible light everlasting  lip veil in the shade g11 instead of a heavy lip   liner i applied this straight from the applicator  it’s pointed easy to use love the smell and for   the shape i went a bit rounder with my top lip  on the cupid’s bow this is a long lasting lip   color so think liquid lip but it’s not gritty it  doesn’t cake or dry up so good for under a mask   then i find purple lip shades for me always turn  out reddish so i generally use an eyeshadow to   get the pigment i want so i went back in with  the explore palette and took the pastel purple   really lightly patted this over the lip  to get that cool toned um purple shade i like to start with a lip line that’s more  natural to my coloring so that it all blends   together well and i hope you guys like some of  these techniques hopefully the lighting was okay   i’d like to use natural light but there were some  clouds that passed and then the light completely   went down daylight savings so i used artificial  light for these end clips so let me know if you   prefer the artificial light or at the beginning  the natural light that would be super helpful   got the look and a product that perfect diary  of beauty is known for that i didn’t feature   but i’m gonna know is their  perfect diary rouge intense   velvet slim lipstick i love the sleek  gold case inspired by stiletto heels   they’re super velvety it keeps your lips  hydrated and here are my three fave shades this is such a comfortable and  stunning red and it’s the shade   lo5 this next one i’m swatching is lo7 and here is lo4 so i hope you guys enjoyed this  tutorial and testing out a whole bunch of new   makeup and if you enjoyed it make sure you give  it a thumbs up and if you’re looking to keep on   watching and you want maybe more 60s inspired  looks be sure to check out this iconic 60s ad   it was so fun to recreate or maybe you’re looking  for something a little more modern and if that’s   the case then you might like this kendall jenner  inspired look and i’ll see you in my next video


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